2015 CMS International Conference · June 17—24, 2015 · Stockholm, Sweden & Helsinki, Finland

CMS International Conference


The 2013 International Conference of The College Music Society will be held June 18–24, 2013 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Considered the capital of the Tango, Argentina has produced numerous world-renowned composers, performers, and conductors. Its fascinating history, spectacular geography, and cosmopolitan culture will provide participants with the perfect setting to awaken the themes of Inclusivity and Invention by rethinking musical multiculturalism in/for the 21st century, learning about evolving musical traditions, and establishing transnational initiatives.

There are many good reasons to attend a CMS International Conference.  A few of them are:

  • the opportunity to learn first-hand (and up close) the music, heritage, and contemporary culture of a country and region
  • to enjoy new, creative means of musical expression
  • the total immersion into the country and its music
  • enjoyment of fresh, new, and creative means of musical expression via performances, professional presentations, down-time dialoguing, and excursions to historic sites, natural wonders, and culture-specific rarities
  • joyful experiences with CMS colleagues and local-regional musicians
  • occasions for professional (international) networking, sharing ideas on music as it is performed, created-composed, learned and taught
  • rewarding people-top-people contact with each country's citizens
  • opportunities to meet people from other countries with common interests
  • the opportunity to meet CMS members who only come to the international conferences

The program will include scholarly discourse and the presentation of new music by CMS members, interaction with Argentinean scholars and performers, and guided sightseeing opportunities.  Program highlights include:

  • Orchestra of Indigenous Instruments & New Technologies, Alejandro Iglesias Rossi, conductor
  • Ana Lucia Frega (Departamento de Artes Sonoras/IUNA)
  • Sonia Possetti, Damian Bolotin, & Nicolás Enrich (tango specialists)
  • Georgina Ginastera (daughter of Alberto Ginastera)
  • Luis Ascot (world-renowned pianist)

We encourage you to explore funding support opportunities on your campus. Your campus international office or alumni group might offer financial help through grants or assistance programs.

We look forward to seeing you in Argentina in June!