In Conversation with President Keith Ward

Keith Ward

March is a busy month for CMS. Six of our nine regional chapters will hold meetings; a seventh regional conference will be held in April. Visit the Calendar of Events on the CMS website and consider attending one to hear your colleagues present research, compositions, and performances. You will have the opportunity to network with faculty pursuing similar interests, make connections with new colleagues, hear new compositions, and be part of the conversation. All of the Society’s conferences – regional, national, international – are events that contribute to the dialogue in our profession. Scroll down the Events Calendar and consider attending upcoming national and international events scheduled between May and July as well.

Recently the CMS Board of Directors approved committee chairs for national committees. Please join me in thanking our colleagues who have agreed to serve in these leadership positions. Those chairpersons will finish forming their committees this month, and I hope you will consider serving if you are approached. Having been a member of national committees in the past, I can attest to how fulfilling it is to work with colleagues across the country equally passionate and engaged in the important questions we are asking in our profession. These committees are in a sense laboratories, places where a myriad of topics germane to our work, profession, and careers are explored and discussed, ultimately taking shape through pre-conference workshops, sessions at conferences, articles or essays in the Symposium, or through webinars. In future columns I look forward to highlighting work by these committees.

Speaking of national service, the Nominations Committee, headed by Jennifer Snodgrass from Appalachian State University (and former CMS Vice President), will be presenting a slate of nominees for national office later this Spring. Look for the call for nominations. Is there someone you think should run for a position? Might you nominate yourself?

There is an underlying theme to last month’s and this month’s column. It is that The College Music Society is not an abstract entity. We are CMS. What we do and what we contribute lie at the root of defining the organization and to CMS contributing to the national dialogue. In doing so, there is no single narrative to sustain but instead threads of narratives that weave the fabric whole. What role do you want to play in weaving it? Your participation will contribute to defining the organization and sustaining its important work.