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The CMS Press

sullivan todd right The College Music Society is pleased to announce the reorganization of its books and monographs intiative and the inauguration of The CMS Press. The Board of Editors invites the CMS membership to peruse the Society’s publication series and investigate in depth one (or more) of the many fascinating topics. 

Mission of The CMS Press

The mission of The CMS Press is to provide books and monographs that address relevant issues and interests of professional musicians, especially those working in the field of music and higher education. The CMS Press supports four core elements of the mission of The College Music Society:

  • research and dialogue,
  • diversity and interdisciplinary interaction,
  • music teaching and learning, and
  • musical creativity and expression.

General Description

The CMS Press continues The College Music Society’s long tradition of service in print format. The CMS Press will continue to raise the quality, profile, and visibility of the Society’s scholarly publications. 

Existing Series

The scholarly pursuits of the Society's members have been well served by three existing book series:

Cultural Expressions in Music – book-length studies reflecting the diversity of perspectives, cultures, experiences, philosophies 

Monographs and Bibliographies in American Music – books and bibliographic resources on music in and of the Americas

Sourcebooks in American Music – books addressing landmark or representative compositions and performances that reflect the compelling spectrum of musical expression in the United States

New Series

The College Music Society will inaugurate two new series:

Pedagogies & Innovation in Music - short books/manuals from a variety of music disciplines engaged in pedagogical discovery and innovative approaches to learning, creativity, performance, and scholarship.

Emerging Fields in Music - short books/manuals capturing current research or perspectives on community engagement, outreach, music industry, advocacy, academic citizenship, music entrepreneurship, or other pressing issues for musicians in higher education.

In keeping with the practices and procedures of The CMS Press, each series will require the appointment of its own Series Editor and Editorial Board.

Future Publication Formats

The CMS Press seeks to develop publications in innovative and flexible formats that make best use of current technologies and changing needs. In the future, the Press hopes to capitalize on the potential of digital publication as a complement to traditional print, a shift in publication format responsive to consumer demand and library acquisition and collection building. The CMS website is available for dynamic audio, video, and other multi-media documents to accompany the monographs.

The CMS Press Online

The CMS Press will cultivate appropriate Internet and social media presence in support of its series and the work of their authors.  Information concerning The CMS Press, its series, and books available within its series will be available on the website of The College Music Society. Supporting materials released as components of individual books will be available through the website http://books.music.org. The CMS Press will issue information via social media channels when new books are released.

Inquires and Questions?

We invite all members of the Society to submit their best work for consideration by for the CMS series. Proposals to the series editors are always welcome. By clicking on the links to the left you may for each series explore what it entails, enjoy a message from the Editor, review the Call for Propoasl, and submit your proposal for consideration.

By sharing our best work, we we can serve music teaching and learning throughout the world.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., General Editor
The CMS Press
Northern Arizona University
School of Music
PO Box 6040
Flagstaff AZ 86011-6040
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 Board of Editors of The CMS Press

Todd Sullivan, Chair 
Northern Arizona University

Michael J. Budds
University of Missouri, Columbia

Robert J. Frank
Southern Methodist University

John Koegel
California State University, Fullerton

Natalie Sarrazin
The College of Brockport

Franco Sciannameo
Carnegie Mellon University