Prof. Robert Winter, MITA's co-founder and principal author, using MITA during a lecture

Prof. Robert Winter, MITA's co-founder and principal author, using MITA during a lecture

6 Tools for Deepening Understanding

From the Digital Un-Textbook for Appreciation & History Courses

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Dear Shannon:

The digital age demands more than the well-written, well-researched textbooks that have served us—well—well enough for the past eighty years. How can digital tools not simply tweak but transform the ways we teach and learn about music and culture? Award-winning Distinguished Professor Robert Winter (UCLA) and designer-programmer Peter Bogdanoff founded MITA a decade ago to address this question. A happy marriage of serious scholarship, joyous music-making, and a bouquet of groundbreaking tools, MITA is far more than just another tech gimmick. It’s an all-in-one alternative to traditional appreciation and history texts, meant to inspire your students through empowering them (and you). Here are six ways how:

1. a fully integrated, all-in-one package

Page from MITA’s history text about Bellini’s “Casta Diva”, with buttons circled for “Play”, “Listening Guide”, “Score”, and “Web Video”

2. an inclusive historical account drenched in media

Video showing a MITA page on Charlie Parker, with images getting enlarged, sound playing live on the page, and “Web Video” button taking user to Parker/Gillespie performance on YouTube

3. 130 Interactive Scores that play world-class recordings

MITA’s trademark bouncing block moves across a page of the score to Mozart’s “Marriage of Figaro”

4. 160 dual-layer (novice or expert) Listening Guides

Listening guide to “Nixon in China” with commentary toggling between level 1 and level 2

5. 600 terms explained in synchronized sounds & words

Deep Glossary entry on Dominant Seventh Chord, with pop-up blocks appearing to show where the chord is heard in an excerpt from Rossini

6. powerful Sort & Search functions

Screenshots of one of the eight ways to sort MITA’s history (here, by Genres & Categories) and a search of the program for “Mahler”

And much, much more. Visit the MITA website to learn about these and other tools and download the totally free, easy-to-install MITA Sampler.

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