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23 August 2019


IX Carlos Prieto International Cello Competition

You’re invited to the Ninth Carlos Prieto International Cello Competition, August 5th – 9th, 2019 in Mexico. This triennial event’s mission is to stimulate interest in the cello, promote the enrichment of the cello repertoire, and to attract the attention of cellists to Ibero American compositions.


First Prize 
• $ 10,000 US dollars 
• Recording of a CD. It’s program will be agreed with the competition organizers. 
• Participation in the Miguel Bernal Jiménez International Music Festival. 
• Presentation with the National Simphony Orchestra of Mexico, as well as other concerts and recitals in Mexico and in other countries. 

Second Prize 
• $ 5,000 US dollars 

Third Prize 
• $ 2 500 US dollars 


Jesús Castro-Balbi (Peru - USA) 
Mario Lavista (Mexico) 
William Molina (Venezuela) 
Philippe Muller (France) 
Namula (China) 
Asier Polo (Spain) 
Carlos Prieto (Mexico)