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Our Mission

The College Music Society promotes music teaching and learning, musical creativity and expression, research and dialogue, and diversity and interdisciplinary interaction. A consortium of college, conservatory, university, and independent musicians and scholars interested in all disciplines of music, the Society provides leadership and serves as an agent of change by addressing concerns facing music in higher education.

Services for Businesses and Institutions FAQs

In general, what services does CMS make available to businesses and institutions?

CMS makes available a wealth of information concerning the field of music, as well as the music and higher education community.  All individuals are welcome to join CMS and take advantage of its services.  Businesses and institutions may find several CMS services extremely useful:


Information Concerning Institutions and Faculty

Can CMS help locate institutions and faculty?
Yes. CMS makes available the published Directory of Music Faculties in Colleges and Universities, U.S. and Canada. CMS members can access this information online.

Is this Directory well-established in the music community?
Yes. The first edition was published in 1966, compiled with punch cards on a large mainframe computer. Today the data is housed on a computer server in the Society's Executive Office and prepared for publication via a simple desk-top publishing system. The data is updated each new academic year.

Our faculty listing in the Directory of Music Faculties is out of date. What do I do?
Send the administrative contact person for your institution to [email protected]. We will send you information on how to update your listing.

Our institution is not included in the Directory of Music Faculties. How do we add it?
Send the administrative contact person for your institution to [email protected]. We will send you information on how to establish your listing.

What about institutions outside North America?
CMS is building a database of institutions in countries outside North America which is availabe to CMS members.


Reaching Institutions and Faculty

I have information on a competition/scholarship/event/conference that I would like to share with the college, conservatory, and university music community. How do I do that?
Three options are available:

  • Events in Music - CMS offers to its members a listing of events in the music profession. A listing in this database is free. 
  • Direct Mail - CMS offers mailing labels of individual faculty for direct mail projects.
  • E-Notices - CMS will send your announcement in an email note to individuals in the CMS database. 

Please email [email protected]. We will discuss with you various options of disseminating your information to CMS members.

How much are mailing labels for direct mail?
$190.00 per thousand (pro-rated) for laser or electronic. A shipping fee is charged for laser labels.

What is the minimum order for mailing labels?
$190.00 for electronic labels and $75.00 for laser-printed labels.

Can we use the labels we purchase more than once?
No, it is a one-time use agreement.

Is there an extra fee for merge/purging of lists?

What is the turn-around time for ordering labels?
Usually 24 hours from time of payment.

How do you ship labels?
Fed Ex or USPS Priority Mail

Can I send notices to e-mail addresses?
Yes! CMS Professional E-Notices service is quick and efficient. CMS does not release e-mail addresses but offers a service whereby your information of professional interest is sent via e-mail to targeted persons in the CMS database who wish to receive it.

How much are e-notices?
Under 1000: .30 per address.
1000-1999: .25 per address.
2000+: .20 per address.

What is the turn-around time for e-notices?
It is recommended that you contact CMS at least three days before you would like your e-notice distributed.


Help with Your Project

When did CMS first move to electronic distribution of its publications and databases?

At the dawn of public use of the Internet system in the mid 1990s, CMS began distributing its publications and offering access to its data.  CMS can help you make effective use of electronic delivery. Get in touch with CMS to discuss your project by sending email to [email protected] or by calling (406) 721-9616.