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Sandra YangAs the Editor of CMS Forums, it is my pleasure to welcome you to this component of the College Music Symposium. CMS Forums is a place for members to discuss and, if they so choose, editorialize about issues concerning the profession, current or past. All members are encouraged to submit essays related to this. Ongoing dialogues that process relevant topics are vital to the development of our profession. CMS Forums is the place for these discussions to take place. To submit an article, please use our online submission form in the right column.

As the profession develops over the coming months and years, it is my hope that the topics covered in this section will lead to engaging discussions both online and off. Some of the issues raised will likely become the substance of scholarly research down the road, while others may be more of a passing trend. Regardless of their permanence, I am looking forward to working with all of my colleagues to bring these issues to light.  

Sandra S Yang
Cedarville University
Department of Music and Worship
251 North Main Street
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