New Foundations for CMS - Page 3

The sequence of Trotter lectures beginning in 2010 is a wonderful reflection on our "advocacy foundation" both from within and without. We began with our own David Myers in Minneapolis to lay the ground work; followed by Ben Cameron last year in Richmond with his broad and persuasive arts view of the "artist citizen;" then this year, Joe Lamond, signified a new and exciting relationship with NAMM and the music industry; and next year, in Cambridge/Boston, I am pleased to announce, our Trotter speaker will be Dr. Joan Tower, noted woman composer, performer, and academic—a excellent speaker in fitting with our national topic of "inclusivity and invention." Inclusiveness from within and without the Society is also a key component to advocacy and likewise reflected in a Quick Start for this year.


The third "new foundation" is the "technology foundation." As Robby Gunstream describes it, our old technology foundation--built in 1995 by the way--was like an old wood-framed house. We could add onto it laterally, but if we added new stories above the structure it would quickly collapse! So enter the new and improved "titanium" CMS technology foundation. Actually, the super structure stuff of the new technology foundation is called "Joomla."
We've a long way to go but the first few floors built on this new foundation are exciting. Key is the ability to deliver CMS content in many ways to fit your personal preference in how you want to access the organizations' publications, news, resources and more. A few of the new resources to note:

  • CMS Website: In case you haven't noticed there is a total new look and navigation to the website and built so that it is content independent and infinitely flexible—write once and publish in many ways. That Joomla super stuff really works!
  • E-Publications: The new e-publication framework based on this foundation is already in use for the monthly "updates" and the CMS "reports," and soon in use for the new Symposium ensemble of publications. The Symposium is ready to accept submissions so feel free to go to its new home on the CMS website and select "Call for Contributions."
  • GooglePlayStoreScreenShotTablet and smartphone apps: We announced the first CMS iPhone app last year at the national conference, the iPad update was released the first of the year, and now we are pleased to announce the availability of an Android version. We have also made use of the Guidebook app and provided conference session management from your smartphone or tablet. The Android app is available through the Google Play Store and all the apps are free of charge.