New Foundations for CMS - Page 5

Quick Starts For 2012-2013

The CMS Board at its winter meeting in Dallas 2012 reviewed our progress and revisited our strategic vision plan and developed a new set of Quick Starts for this year. We are carrying on the new strategic planning foundation! In this Report to Members you will find a article updating progress toward those goals. Please feel free to offer to get involved with any and all of these initiatives. Don't be bashful!


My work with so many of you over the past year confirms that the five intangible assets of this organization are key to the continued success of The College Music Society. I'm especially appreciative of the fifth asset, "the strength of our spirit of volunteerism and leadership." The Society and I, personally, thank all of you who have served in so many ways and responded to calls for support, participation, and leadership. I will thank each of your personally when we have the opportunity. On behalf of The Society, a heartfelt "thank you" to the Board, the chairs of our committees and task forces, the incredible and dedicated staff in the CMS Executive Office, and to those of you who offered your support in so many other roles as CMS members.

Program planning. The San Diego conference continued our good attendance records. We had some 500 plus in attendance. A special note of thanks to Terry Lynn Hudson for her role as program chair for this highly successful conference in San Diego and the program committees also deserve our thanks for all of their time and talents: John Brobeck, Keith E. Clifton, Constance Cook Glen, Arthur Gottschalk, Michael Millar, Betty Anne Younker, and Rick Schmunk. The Composition Review Committee also deserves our thanks for an incredible series of new music concerts: Arthur Gottschalk, Zae Munn, Robert Deemer.
Looking ahead to Cambridge and Boston, Keith Clifton is our program chair. Our national topic is "Inclusivity and Invention." Our conference in 2014 will be in St. Louis. James Perone has agreed to be our program chair and has assembled an excellent program committee. Our thanks in advance for the leadership Keith and Jim have generously offered as we plan for Cambridge and St. Louis.

CMS Board. I would like to thank the departing members of the CMS Board for their service to the organization: Mary Anne Rees, Treasurer; Susan Conkling, Board Member for Music Education; and Deborah Nemko, completing the unexpired term of Christine Beard as Board Member for Performance.  We welcome new members to the Board: Larry Kaptain, Treasurer; Cathy Benedict, Board Member for Music Education; and Deborah Nemko, Board Member for Performance

CMS Executive Office. And finally, thanks go out to the CMS staff (Peter, Julie, Beth, Robby, and those working behind the scenes in Missoula). They each in their own way provide incredible support roles, not only for the annual conference, but also for CMS activity and support year round. A resounding round of applause and "Thank You" to everyone.