New Foundations for CMS - Page 6


I have been a member of CMS since the early 1980s. As I've shared many times, of all of the professional groups I've been a member of during my 50-year career, CMS holds a special place in my professional life. This is a place where I feel a strong sense of colleagueship and friendship that I will forever value.

I am most grateful to the Society's membership for the honor of serving as your president for the past two years. The time is fleeting—the last few months have had the tempo of the conclusion to a Rossini overture! In hindsight the succession of CMS presidents is more akin to a marathon where we each have a two-year lap picking up the baton from our predecessor and handing it off without dropping it to our successor. Cynthia Taggart and I managed a successfully hand off of the baton. Patricia Shehan Campbell as the incoming CMS president and I will do so come the first of the New Year. It's been an action filled, rewarding, and enjoyable two years working with so many wonderful colleagues and friends among the membership. I wish Pat every success as we continue the presidential marathon that has helped write the success story of The College Music Society for fifty years and beyond.

My thanks to all of you in so many ways for your time, talents, and many contributions during my tenure. As my grandson's favorite hero, Buzz Lightyear, says, "to infinity and beyond" in our hopes and dreams for the Society and its unique place in our profession.