Student Advisory Council - Page 2

  1. The procedure to establish a student chapter

  2. The advantages/disadvantages of attending graduate school directly after undergraduate degree (specifically in terms of music education)

  3. Options for collaborative research (with students and faculty)


Those attending the student forum included:

Keegan T. Watson, Butler University

TK Vu, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Meredith Anderson, Appalachian State University

Justin Glosson, Texas State University

Peter J. Learn, University of Miami

Katherine Burkhalter, Appalachian State University

Matthew Simon Wilson, University of Colorado-Boulder
Reeves Shulstad, Appalachian State University

Drew Griffin, Appalachian State University

Maria Knieste, University of Delaware

Carys Kunze, Appalachian State University

Bill Pelto, Appalachian State University

Barbara Weedleen,

Hannah Price, Appalachian State University

Robert Jones, North Dakota State University

Kevin W. Gerrity, Ball State University

Jena Root, Youngstown State University

Gregory D. Carroll, Univ. of North Carolina-Greensboro

Jennifer Sterling Snodgrass, Appalachian State University

Gene S. Trantham, Bowling Green State University

Melissa E. Hoag, Oakland University

Jenna Knaster, University of Delaware

Sarah Kutash, University of Delaware

Gillian Irwin, Muhlenberg College


Students were encouraged to attend a pizza lunch on Friday afternoon. The cost of the lunch was $8.00 and the 15 students who attended the luncheon were engaged in discussion about graduate school placement, research, and teaching philosophies. Students requested that the location for the lunch, away from the conference hotel, be an annual event. Due to the lower cost of the lunch, more students were able to register and participate in this social and informative event. Pictures from the event are included below.