Student Advisory Council - Page 4

Established CMS Student Chapter:
Appalachian State University
State University of Potsdam
University of Delaware
Washington College
University of Washington
University of Colorado

In the process of forming a CMS Student Chapter:
(Brenden McConville), University of Tennessee-Knoxville
(Maud Hickey, faculty contact), Northwestern University
(Chris Swanson, faculty contact), Longwood University

Annual Meeting of the Student Advisory Council

At the SAC meeting in San Diego, both faculty and student members provided feedback on a proposal for the 2013 meeting. The proposals were a direct result of conversations from the student forum mentioned above. The result of this conversation were two proposals:

1. The Future of the Society :A National Perspective on CMS Student Chapters
2. Lightning Answers to Burning Questions, Round 2

The questions included in the second proposal seek to address current issues facing graduate students and those searching for graduate programs.

1. How much, if any, teaching experience ought a music educator obtain after completing undergraduate studies before pursuing graduate studies?
2. What has your experience been with on online music classes. What has worked, what hasn't worked? What are some effective strategies for getting the most out of an online class? How might one build an effective online class?)
3. What are some effective ways to juggle teaching, studying, and other responsibilities?

In the discussion, it was also suggested that the program committee consider a separate call for the Student Presentation Session so that students can submit proposals specifically for mentoring. This call can be posted after the final notifications are sent from the original call for papers. We would like to see this proposal put forth to the board and program committee as we believe it would be an exciting experience for those students seeking a mentoring experience.

We are appreciative of Francesca Arnone, chair of the Committee on Academic Careers, for attending our SAC meeting and promoting continuous communication between the Student Advisory Council and the Committee on Academic Careers .

It is the continued desire for the SAC to help provide answers to our student members, and we continue to ask our student members what questions CMS should address for them. As we strive to develop student chapters and provide valuable professional development to our student members, the SAC will continue to expand its offerings to our valuable student members.