Engagement with Higher Education

kaptain laurenceLaurence Kaptain, Louisiana State University
Chair, Committee on Engagement with Higher Education

The mission of the College Music Society’s (CMS) Committee on Music in Higher Education (MIHE) is to; (1) provide liaison between music associations with higher education associations, (2) convey the essential need for a communications plan that demonstrates the success of music programs in higher education, (3) articulate the changing roles of music units, and (4) advocate for maintaining the artistic and educational integrity of music programs.

The MIHE Committee used the CMS 2011 National Meeting as opportunity to move forward on both mission and activities. The original vision of embedding the committee’s activities into the national conversation of higher education seems to be less realistic or practical than originally imagined. Since this committee was formed in 2006 AAHE has folded, travel expenses have increased exponentially, and the culture of assessment has accelerated.

The committee membership decided to collectively take a fresh look at the organizational direction and form a plan that will allow forward movement while contributing to the organization and the profession.

Committee Members:

Laurence Kaptain, Louisiana State University, Chair
Sara Adams, Madisonville Community College
Nancy Cochran, Lamont School of Music University of Denver
David Myers, University of Minnesota
Pamela Pike, LSU
James Shrader, Valdosta State University
Jennifer Snow, UCLA
Aimé Sposato, Shenandoah Conservatory Jeffrey Stannard, Lawrence Conservatory Betty Anne Younker, University of Michigan