International Initiatives

zacharella alexandraAlexandra Zacharella, University of Arkansas-Fort Smith
Chair, Committee on International Initiatives

The IIC Committee met on Saturday, November 17, 2012, San Diego, Calif.

Members Present: Alexandra Zacharella, Don Bowyer, William Everett, John Robison, Juan Chattah, Peter Park, Dave Williams, Craig Parker

The committee discussed upcoming events with Juan Chattah, the program chair for Argentina. Dr. Chattah gave us an over view of the conference and highlights of some of the events and cultural excursions planned for June 2013.

The IIC clarified that in the beginning we wanted people to be encouraged to sign up to be an Ambassador for the CMS Ambassador program. Later on we would then collect data to make it more formal and create online directory of CMS Ambassadors as well as a directory/listing of International schools that had ties to either CMS or to the Ambassador that listed their affiliation. We stated that we would continue to work on and draft long-term goals for the Ambassador program.

We briefly discussed that there was a slight decline in attendance for the International Conference in South Korea and CMS expected that Argentina would be slightly more expensive. However we wanted to encourage CMS members to attend the conference in Argentina.

Dr. Don Bowyer presented the committee with a proposal for the location of the 2015 International conference. Dr. Bowyer discussed that the conference can perhaps to be a two-city event first beginning in Stockholm, Sweden tied to possibly the Royal Academy Conservatory. Dr. Bowyer currently has a friend that has a tour company that hosts Scandinavian tours and he was going to further check into cost and facility fees. The second location would be in Helisinki, Finland and focus around the Sibelius Academy. The two-city conference would include an overnight cruise from Sweden and Finland, the cruises are equipped with conference centers to hold CMS events. There could also be post conference excursions to Estonia. Dr. Bowyer and Peter Park where going to further collaborate together on this information.

The committee decided to submit two proposals to the National Conference in Massachusetts: One was to annually hold an IIC Concert, much like the one in San Diego, that represented and featured highlighted International performers from past CMS conferences and perhaps future CMS conferences. The other proposal included a panel discussion with past CMS International Conference hosts. The members of the panel would discuss how they built International relations and an include an informational guide to how to build International relations and get involved in CMS International Conferences.