The CMS Fund

harding tayloeC. Tayloe Harding, Jr., President
The CMS Fund

As we celebrate the tenth anniversary of The CMS Fund, I am glad to report that The Fund had a very productive year in 2012.  We have a superb Board of Directors and its members have devoted an extraordinary amount of time to further the efforts of The Fund in its ability to provide support to CMS and its many projects.  The 2012 (and 2013) CMS Fund Board membership is as follows:

President:  C. Tayloe Harding, Jr.
Treasurer:  Diane Follet
Secretary:  David G. Woods
Board Member:  James C. Scott
Board Member:  Ellen Gregorie
Executive Director, ex officio:  Mary Anne Rees


2012 Awards

During 2012 The CMS Fund gave eleven awards for outstanding engagement programs. The 2012 Awardees were announced last November at the National Conference in San Diego. Congratulations are extended to all! 

Community Engagement Seed Grants, 2012-2013

Michael Corzine & Jonathan Hehn, Florida State University: Tallahassee Church Music Conference
Mary Jo Grenfell, Salem State University: Salem State Chamber Orchestra
Rebecca Gruber: Des Moines Gay Men's Chorus
Marilyn D. Winkle, San Jose State University: San Jose State University Young Musicians' Project 

CMS-Yamaha In-Residence Fellowships, 2012-2013

Noa Even & Philip Pierick: Hot Off the Press!
Staci Spring, University of North Texas: Abilene Bassoon Society

Robby D. Gunstream Award in Music 2012

Kimberly Carballo, Indiana University: Roundabout Opera for Kids

CMS Music Technology Initiative Award 2012

Jennifer Snodgrass, Appalachian State University: Collaboration in the 21st Century - How the Tablet PC Creates an Engaging Classroom Experience


2012 Accomplishments

Following CMS Beyond Fifty, the successful Anniverary Campaign, as well as the creation of a part-time Executive Director position, The Fund has a strong potential for development of excellent funding sources.

Last year at this time, you received an annual report that listed a number of goals for the coming year.  Those goals are listed below in bold along with the progress we have made in the last twelve months.

I. Management of the application and review process for existing grant programs

During 2012, the Board reviewed all award criteria, applications as well as the  application procedures.   All award applications have been streamlined and posted as of February 1.  Complete information is now posted on the new CMS Fund website.   We are not offering the McGraw Hill award this year as the firm has been sold and our individual contact has left McGraw Hill.  We look forward to making a new McGraw Hill contact to explore future grant opportunities.

II. Collaborating with the Society's Board as we obtain additional resources to further the mission of CMS

The Fund Board looks forward to working with the Society's Board to determine specific programs and projects to emphasize in our development efforts.  Having specific programs to present to prospective donors can only enhance our efforts.  The Presidents of each Board intend to meet in Dallas in Feb 2013 to discuss these programs and projects.

III. Providing regular communication with the Society's Board of Directors

The Fund has appreciated its communication opportunities with the Society's Board as well as with the CMS Finance Committee.  We look forward to ongoing communications with both the Board, Finance committee, and Executive Committee.

IV. Delivering transparent reports to endowment and other contributors

In order to achieve complete reporting transparency, the Board explored a number of reporting options used by universities and other non-profit organizations.  New formats have been developed and will be used in the endowment reporting this year.
The Board also reviewed the complete CMS Investment Policy.  The relatively small amount of Fund assets makes it difficult to locate investment opportunities with high returns.  Additional investment possibilities continue to be pursued.
Currently, the Gunstream Education in Music and Technology Initiative award accounts do not have adequate earnings to cover intended annual award amounts.  As a result, the 2012 awards were paid by the Fund's operating budget.  This is obviously not an ideal situation, but one that is being carefully monitored.  The Seed Grants are paid by the operating budget as well as with funds from the CMS Visa card.  The Yamaha In-Residence Fellowship is covered by Yamaha contributions.
We are pleased to report that the 2012 Awards were announced at the November, 2012, Annual Meeting of The CMS Membership.  Please see the list of awardees below.

V. Strategize on plans to approach additional major corporate and foundation donors

While research shows that a large portion of contributions tend to come from individual donors, The Fund does continue to explore possible corporate and foundation funding sources.

VII. Implementing donor software to assist in marketing and future gift solicitations; Updating and maintaining The CMS Fund website to increase the Society's and the Fund's visibility. 

This will allow us to publicize the available awards and their application processes.  The CMS Fund has engaged a software/website company to create its new website (  The website provides all giving information as well as timely information on the Fund's awards. This website also provides easy options for contacting donors with occasional updates as well as complete royalty-free fund-raising literature which is printed on demand.  The Fund appreciated having a display table at the national conference as well as a separate session to showcase the excellent projects completed by The CMS Fund awardees.

Other 2012 accomplishments include:

  • Complete review of the Fund By-Laws
  • Complete review of the Gift-Acceptance Policy
  • Complete review of the Fund Handbook
  • Creation of budget and financial policies that are compliant with Oregon State employment and tax laws
  • Creation of an Excel spreadsheet of major donors; Campaign and 2012 donors were included, resulting in a list of about 400 individuals.  These individuals will be pursued over the next year.


Goals for 2013

  • Continued progress on all items reported above,
  • Creation of a cloud-based donor database that would be accessible by The Fund as well as the Executive Office in Missoula, and
  • Creation of an ongoing annual fund with increased donations.