Professional Development

younker betty anneBetty Anne Younker, University of Western Ontario
Chair, Professional Development Committee

A. Introduction
The Professional Development Committee has been quite active over the last year reviewing proposals as they were submitted thus activating the ‘rolling deadline’ process implemented a year ago. Members reviewed the process at the most recent 2012 CMS Annual Meeting in San Diego and will continue to dialogue about the effectiveness of this process.
In line with CMS’s Strategic Vision Plan, the Professional Development Committee was responsible for adhering to the following goals and actions:

1A. Increase access to professional opportunities

5. Ensure that every national conference includes pre-conference workshops.

4E. Integrate community engagement activities more fully into the work of the Society and increase its visibility.

1.Provide workshops and seminars on community engagement during summers and as pre-conference sessions.

B. Approval and endorsements of events for 2013 (not including pre-conference workshops for the 2013 CMS Annual Meeting)

1. At the 2012 CMS meeting, the committee reviewed and discussed multiple proposals and approved the following:
a. 2012 National Cello Institute/Feldenkrais for Musicians: 2013

2. The committee endorsed the following professional development events:
a. Perspectives on “The Magic Flute”: April 27, 2013
b. The Savvy Musician in ACTION: An Experiential Retreat for Developing Music Entrepreneurs & Leaders: June 6–9, 2013S
c. Summer of Song: May/June/July/August/September, 2014

3. Under review:
a. Paris Study Tour: May, 2014

C. Ongoing work
Upon review of reports for Professional Development events that occurred throughout 2012, the committee members discussed continued examination of the process and number of institutes and pre-conference workshops that were offered. While the workshops were diverse and all intriguing, not all could be offered due to low enrollment. Those that were offered were rich and successful, as reflected in participants’ comments throughout the workshop.

Discussion occurred about the current process for reviewing proposals, which was implemented a year ago. It was agreed that it was challenging in terms of organization in that committee members were consistently reviewing and adhering to deadlines. A second challenge was the inability to conduct a comparative analysis across proposals while determining an appropriate number of pre-conference workshops and institutes that should occur per year. A comparative analysis can be a more fair way to assess the proposals because of each being in a context as opposed to a vacuum.

The initial reason for implementing a rolling deadline was to increase the number of proposals; the number was healthy, however with increased reminders to the membership, and talking with colleagues at the conference about submitting proposals, it was thought that the numbers could continue to be healthy.

Therefore, it was unanimously approved to set deadlines for pre-conference workshops. Institutes, and study tours. In addition, it was unanimously approved that proposals for pre-conference workshop, including the technology pre-conference workshop, would require an administrative fee as a budget line item.

D. Deadlines
a. For pre-conference workshops
For the 2013 CMS Annual Meeting, the deadline for pre-conference workshop proposals to be held at the 2013 CMS Annual Meeting, deadline is March 1st, 2013.

b. For spring and summer institutes, and study tours
For spring and summer institutes, and study tours for 2014, the deadline is September 10th, 2013. These proposals will be reviewed at the 2013 CMS Annual meeting to be held in Boston, MA.

E. Involvement of the membership
We encourage the membership to continue to submit proposals that are disciplinary-based as well as cross disciplinary-based. The committee looks forward to hearing from the membership about proposals that will engage the membership in rich and meaningful ways.