College Music Symposium

woods_davidDavid G. Woods, University of Connecticut
General Editor, College Music Symposium

During 2012, significant progress was made in the transition of CMS Publications into a new structure for the College Music Symposium. From 1961 to 2010, Symposium, the premier journal of The College Music Society, was published in printed form. The journal, during that fifty year period, included scholarly and historical articles, reviews of publications and recordings, reports of musical events, and discussions of curricula and teaching methods of interest to the music and higher education community.

College Music Symposium will debut as a referred, web service through which The College Music Society will present the work of its members for use by the public and by the profession. The title College Music Symposium honors the achievements of the past, while using new technologies to meet the continuing need of the public as well as those working in the field of music.

Constituent components of the new College Music Symposium include:

Susan M. Filler, Editor

C. Victor Fung, Editor
University of South Florida

Chris Rutkowski, Editor
Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne

Matthew Shaftel, Editor
Florida State University

Matthew Shevitz, Editor
Harold Washington College

David Thurmaier, Editor
Florida Gulf Coast University

Peter Webster, Editor
Northwestern University

The Board of Editors met in Chicago on December 1, 2012, to discuss the new electronic structure of Symposium, to review the history of CMS publications, to discuss the development of editorial boards and to discuss the submission processes for each component area of Symposium. The Board of Editors also discussed marketing and advertising and future possibilities for a richer media content.

The new College Music Symposium will also include a CMS Conference Archive, Events in Music (formerly News of the Profession), and an Audio Archive.  

A new Mission Statement has been adopted by the Board of Editors of Symposium:

Through College Music Symposium, a Web-based service, The College Music Society gathers, considers, and disseminates ideas on the philosophy and practice of music. Symposium provides a forum through which all musicians and the public can interact and communicate. Recognizing the richness of musical diversity and the challenge of balancing the traditions of the past with the possibilities of the future, Symposium shares the fruits of music research and creative activity, develops and enhances music instruction, celebrates the importance of teaching, and fosters the continuing education and renewal of the public and all musicians and scholars.

The goal ia to develop College Music Symposium into the premier resource of professional information for musicians in higher education.

The Board of Editors greatly appreciates the work of Robby Gunstream, Executive Director; David Williams, Past-President, and the CMS staff for all of the support, vision and encouragement provided during this important transitional period for the CMS publications.