Books and Monographs

sullivan todd rightTodd Sullivan, Northern Arizona University
Chair, Books and Monographs Committee

The Committee on Books and Monographs is a newly constituted body stemming from the Board’s reorganization of the former Publications Committee. Members are: Todd E. Sullivan (chair), Michael Budds (series editor, Source Books and Monographs and Monographs and Bibliographies in American Music), Sang-Hie Lee (series editor, Cultural Expressions), Robert J. Frank, John Koegel, Natalie Sarrazin, Robby Gunstream (ex officio), and Thomas H. Cook (ex officio).

In the near term, the Committee will address aspects of Goal 5 in the Strategic Vision Plan 2016: “Raise the quality, profile and visibility of the Society’s scholarly publications.” The scholarly pursuits of Society members have been well served by three existing book series: Monographs & Bibliographies in American Music, CMS Sourcebooks in American Music, and Cultural Expressions in Music. Recent volumes such as The Amores of John Cage; Vitalizing Music History Teaching; Phil Trajetta (1777-1854): Patriot, Immigrant, Musician; Korean Women Composers and Their Music; and Lotte Lehmann in America: Her Legacy as Artist Teacher illustrate the inspiring array of research interests held by CMS authors. The Directory of Music Faculties also falls under the purview of this committee.

Formerly issued by Pendragon Press, CMS books and monographs are now published and promoted directly through The College Music Society. Thomas H. Cook has joined the Society’s executive office staff as books and monographs specialist.

Two strategic imperatives embedded in the Strategic Vision Plan 2016 presently occupy the Committee: (1) “Raise the quality and relevancy of the Society’s publications to ensure that they are current and inclusive” and (2) “Develop publications in innovative and flexible formats that make best use of current technologies and changing needs.”

The former has prompted a reexamination of the Society’s mission statement in relation to current and potential books and monograph series. All three existing series fulfill the “research and dialogue” mission. Additionally, Cultural Expressions in Music realizes the objective of “diversity and interdisciplinary interaction.” The Committee has engaged in thoughtful discussion of potential new publication series that might address the “music teaching and learning” and “musical creativity and expression” components of the CMS mission. Hypothetical configurations such as “pedagogies and innovations” and “emergent fields in music” hold much promise.

As for the latter imperative, the committee intends to capitalize on the potential of digital publication as a complement to traditional print, a shift in publication format responsive to consumer demand and library acquisition and collection building. Tom Cook will conduct much of the market research necessary to develop an informed, responsive publication strategy.

Finally, the Committee on Books and Monographs invites the full CMS membership to peruse the Society’s publication series and investigate in depth one (or more) of the many fascinating topics.