Music Entrepreneurship Education

beckman_garyGary Beckman, North Carolina State University
Chair, Committee on Entrepreneurship Education

For 2012, the College Music Society's Committee on Music Entrepreneurship Education focused on the successful development of the nation's first "Outcomes for Arts Entrepreneurship Education." This work has been posted on the CMS website. Note that this is the first attempt at developing outcomes for this emerging field and we hope that this work will serve not only the Society's membership but all music educators as well. The committee is proud of the work accomplished and intends the document to be a starting place for further discussions on the topic.

We spent much of 2012 attempting to receive similar endorsements from the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE) and the Association for Arts Administration Educators (AAAE). Unfortunately, the USASBE Entrepreneurship in the Arts subcommittee leadership remained non-responsive to our overtures. After speaking with colleagues in the field, it was clear that the leadership in this specific sub-committee was similarly non-responsive to their requests as well. It was the decision of the Committee to secure USASBE Board of Directors endorsement before attempting the AAAE endorsement as there is some leadership crossover between the two groups. It was felt that the AAAE endorsement would be harder to achieve without prior USASBE support. In short, we were unsuccessful in 2012 to receive the endorsement of USASBE because of an unresponsive
sub-committee leadership but with new leadership in place at that level, we hope to overcome this "speed bump" in 2013.

The Committee proposed a pre-conference workshop on Music Entrepreneurship Pedagogy for the 2012 conference, but was denied due to the submission of a similar proposal. We were disappointed that our proposal was not accepted by the CMS Professional Development Committee at it would have been the nation's first session on the topic. The Committee will likely resubmit the proposal for the CMS 2014 national conference.

As Chair, I thank the Committee members for their help in advancing the field. We look forward to further advancing the field through the Society.