Sourcebooks in American Music

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The mission of The College Music Society's Books and Monographs is to publish carefully prepared and reasonably priced volumes of timely interest to musicians and the general public.

Sourcebooks in American Music addresses landmark or representative compositions and performances that reflect the compelling spectrum of musical expression in the United States. These texts present summaries of published scholarship as well as fresh and original assessments by authors; many are accompanied by a companion compact disc.

Your proposals are welcome at any time. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Professor Michael J. Budds, Editor
Sourcebooks in American Music
University of Missouri, Columbia
School of Music
140 Fine Arts Building
Columbia MO 65211
telephone: (813) 974-2311 

Editorial Board, Sourcebooks in American Music

Michael J. Budds, Chair 
University of Missouri, Columbia

Gene Anderson
University of Richmond

Marva Carter
Georgia State University

William Kearns
University of Colorado, Boulder