College Music Symposium: Overview

urkevich lisaCollege Music Symposium, the premier journal of The College Music Society, was published in printed form for 50 years, 1961-2010. The journal included scholarly and historical articles, reviews of publications and recordings, reports of musical events, and discussion of curricula and teaching methods of interest to the music and higher education community.

Symposium is now a refereed, Web-based service through which The College Music Society will present the work of its members for use by the public and professional musicians. The name "College Music Symposium" honors the achievements of the past while using new technologies to meet the continuing need of the public and all working in the music field.

College Music Symposium includes ten major service areas:

  • Scholarship and Research – refereed scholarly articles 
  • CMS Forums – opinions, editorials, commentary, and essays
  • Reviews – reviews of books, textbooks, periodicals, and instructional materials 
  • Instructional Technologies and Methodologies – review and discussion of technologies and methods useful for teaching in the classroom and studio
  • CMS Reports – in-depth reports concerning important topics, events, or issues
  • Music Business-Industry – presentation of reports and discussion of topics relevant to music business-industry education
  • Audio Performance Archive – work of the finest composers and performers in the field of music
  • CMS Conference Archive – abstracts of international, national, and regional conferences
  • Events in Music – information concerning events in and outside academe, including international music conferences
  • Video Lectures, Performances, and Lecture-Recitals – a video archive of refereed music lectures, performances, and lecture-recitals

By clicking on the links to the left you may for each area explore what it entails, enjoy a message from the Editor, review the Call for Contributions, and submit your work for consideration.

We invite all members of the Society to submit their best work for consideration by Symposium. By sharing our best work through the global reach of Symposium, we can serve music teaching and learning throughout the world.

Lisa Urkevich, General Editor
College Music Symposium