CMS Mentoring Services

mentorThe College Music Society offers mentoring services for those in, considering, or needing professional advice concerning Academic Careers, Academic Leadership and Administration, and Careers Outside the Academy.

The CMS Mentoring Service matches individuals desiring professional advice with experienced CMS colleagues who will review materials, answer questions, and provide guidance. Correspondence between mentor and mentee is via the preferred means of both parties (e.g., phone, email, Skype), and all communication remains confidential.  Mentoring discussions may cover a wide range of topics, from the simple to the complex. Common issues include:

  • employment search strategies
  • tenure and promotion
  • part-time positions
  • career options — in administration, in the academy, and outside the academy
  • academic freedom
  • teaching strategies
  • facilities and equipment
  • professional relationships
  • music business and industry

For an idea of the scope of mentoring programs and how the mentoring program can enrich your professional life, enjoy "On the Mentoring Program for Careers Outside the Academy" by Mark Rabideau (University of Kentucky-Lexington).

Need a Mentor? - Visit this link to request a mentor whenever you need advice or have questions concerning any professional issue.

Volunteer as a CMS Mentor - Visit this link to enroll as a CMS mentor and share your experience and advice with others.