Academic Careers

arnone_francescaFrancesca Arnone, Baylor University
Chair, Committee on Academic Careers

The Committee on Academic Careers presented at the 2013 Cambridge Conference, as part of the action point request to promote mentoring for administrators, a panel on approaching and exiting into a variety of forms of academic administration. The content was well-­‐received.  

Our committee has also submitted two proposals for our 2014 National Conference: (1) Lightning Mentoring Sessions and (2) 21st Century Recruiting Strategies. Our committee felt these two topics clearly represented areas for a wide spectrum of our membership, from receiving a short session akin to speed-­‐dating to meet with a variety of skilled mentors, to a highly relevant topic in today’s ever-­‐changing society and view of the arts.  

 At the 2013 conference we conducted twelve mock interviews and general mentoring sessions. While our committee is grateful to receive participation from our counterparts of the Career Development umbrella of CMS, namely Administration and Entrepreneurship, the ACC would like more direct organization of the mentoring sessions. For example, one committee offered just 30­‐minute sessions, while we typically offer 50-60 minute offerings. After meeting with the Student Advisory Council, they would also like to conduct their own mentoring sessions.  Without communication of all committees it seems a bit like reinventing the wheel, and we, as a committee, feel we would like a bit more hands­‐on for all mentoring aspects of CMS, if possible.  

Our committee will continue to work for the various stages, levels, and interests of our membership. We would enjoy collaborating with other committees to consider how CMS can better serve the membership. One topic that emerged during conference discussions was how we can help CMS provide members a resource for not only making a compelling case to preserve what they do (essentially, the efficacy of the music -­‐or art-­‐ degree) but also gaining increased support. It seems that the essence of music entrepreneurship, or career development, is actually career maintenance and sustenance! 

 We continue to offer distance‐mentoring sessions, yet we do plan to host one or more webinars over the year. 

 Thank you again for supporting the ACC. We look forward to our continued service to CMS.