Academic Leadership and Administration

scott jamesJames C. Scott, University of North Texas
Chair, Committee on Academic Leadership and Administration

After directing its attention to the CMS advocacy initiative that spanned over two years, the Committee on Academic Leadership and Administration responded this past year to the request to assume a primary role in mentoring for CMS members when their areas of concern had to do with leadership and administration, particularly with reference to career development.  The committee members held a number of individual mentoring sessions at the national conference, each session providing two mentors for a half-hour session for each member who requested one. While the conference provides a time of focus on careers for many members, issues certainly arise at all times of the year, and it is part of the plan to receive such requests and respond to them in a timely manner.  The absence of recent requests suggests that perhaps the membership is not aware of this opportunity, and the mechanism for making such requests needs to be more formally announced. The decision concerning intake of requests was that the Committee Chair would receive and manage the requests as they came in. The Academic Leadership and Administration Committee stands ready to help as it can.

If you would like to obtain the services of a mentor in the area of Academic Leadership and Administration, please visit this link.