Books and Monographs

sullivan todd rightTodd Sullivan, Northern Arizona University
Chair, Books & Monographs Committee

As Chair Editor of the Books & Monographs Committee, I would like to thank committee members for their dedicated work on behalf of College Music Society authors: Michael Budds (series editor, Monographs and Bibliographies in American Music and CMS Source Books in American Music), Sang-Hie Lee (series editor, Cultural Expressions in Music), Robert J. Frank, John Koegel, and Natalie Sarrazin along with supportive College Music Society leadership, Robby Gunstream, Executive Director, ex officio.

Three outstanding books have appeared in print since our last report: 

Over the past year, the committee and CMS staff adopted a multidimensional approach to the promotion of Society publications:

  • CMS staff member Thomas H. Cook identified new avenues for marketing CMS books and, subsequently, increased sales.
  • Six CMS webinars featured authors and their published or in-progress books. Society members enjoyed opportunities to learn more about the research of James Briscoe, Kathy Brown, Matthew Cooper, Oscar Macchioni, John Robison, and Wayne Wentzel directly from the authors. Thomas H. Cook served as CMS Webinars Host. 

Several activities at the Fifty-Sixth National Conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts, further increased awareness of CMS publications:

  • A table display featuring attractively designed books from all three publication series was positioned strategically across from the CMS registration table throughout the conference so that attendees could casually peruse individual volumes.
  • The Committee on Books & Monographs sponsored two sessions at the conference. “Meet the Editors” offered a forum for potential CMS authors to gain an historical overview of the publication series, to learn about proposal, review, and editing processes, to glean words of wisdom from past authors (several of whom were in attendance), and to pose questions about the publication potential of their research. “Meet the Authors" offered an in-depth examination of one book publication and an informal conversation about the future of CMS books and monographs. Franco Sciannameo graciously provided an overview of Phil Trajetta (1777-1854): Patriot, Immigrant, Musician and an update on Trajetta research in the years since its publication. The subsequent brainstorming session generated considerable support for the expansion of CMS publication series as well as the creation of “The CMS Press” as the umbrella initiative for all books and monographs.