College Music Symposium

woods_davidDavid G. Woods, University of Connecticut
General Editor, College Music Symposium

The College Music Symposium was launched during the 2013 calendar year as a web-based service for members of The College Music Society, the music in higher education community, and the general public. The new Symposium provides a forum through which all musicians and the general public can interact and communicate. As a part of its Mission, Symposium recognizes the richness of musical diversity and the challenge of balancing the traditions of the past with the possibilities of the future, and shares the fruits of music research and creative activity, develops and enhances music instruction, celebrates the importance of teaching, and fosters the continuing education and renewal of the public and all musicians and scholars.

This Report summarizes the amazing growth and development of eight constituent parts of the new structure of College Music Symposium

C. Victor Fung, Editor
University of South Florida

There were 26 submissions in 2013, 4 published papers, 2 papers accepted that are in the final editing process, 9 papers under review, and 9 papers not accepted.

Eight of the twenty members of the Editorial Board met on November 1, 2013, and established the following high priority and short term suggestions:

  • Consolidate a clear mission statement for the component.
  • Consider adding a niche in the title of the publication. For example, College Music Symposium: Journal Across Music Fields in Higher Education.
  • Expand on publicity avenues, especially those outside of CMS, such as list serves of colleague organizations.
  • Ensure indexing in JSTOR and other data bases.

Peter Webster, Editor
Northwestern University

New manuscripts on technology are being solicited and three are currently under review.  The Review Board is being refined and charged to solicit articles and manuscripts form the ATMI members.

David Thurmaier, Editor
University of Missouri, Kansas City

The Reviews component of Symposium was quite active this year with five published reviews in Volume 53 covering a diverse group of musical topics and written by a cross-section of the CMS membership (piano, composition, music technology and choral studies).   Six reviews have been selected and scheduled for publication in 2014-2015.

Chris Rutkowski, Editor
Indiana University Purdue University, Fort Wayne

Three articles were published in 2013 and one is in the process of being published. The incorporation of advanced multi-media into MBI articles continues. The UNT profile included embedded video and numerous large photos and illustrations.  The successful streaming of video was a challenge for this component of Symposium. Original plans were to stream from the CMS server, but this proved to be unsuccessful. The solution was to have YouTube host the videos. Streaming the HD video is much quicker, due to YouTube’s streaming from many servers and its industry leading technology in this area.

“Crossing Over with Integrity” was a further step in the integration of multimedia. Several videos of jazz/classical trumpeter Marvin Stamm were embedded to provide evidence of Mr. Stamm’s artistic stature. Audio was also embedded, along with analysis demonstrated by score examples.

The MBI component has been a major source of technical innovation for Symposium.  

Susan M. Filler, Editor

 Two major publication projects have been submitted for consideration:

  • Developing the Artist Citizen - This project includes the following spoken presentations:
    • CMS Summit (January 2013,) ten speakers
    • CMS Summit Report (October 2013), two speakers
    • CMS Pre-Convention Workshop (October 2013), five speakers
  •  Task Force on the Undergraduate Music Major - Recommendations of the Task Force will be published on line and ready for discussion at the 2014 CMS National Conference in St. Louis.

Matthew Shevitz, Editor
Harold Washington College 

The CMS Forums have expanded and developed during 2013.  Early in 2013, "The Changing Face of Music as a Career" by Christy Talbott was published and to date has been viewed over 2,600 times. At the same time, the CMS Advisory Council for Music Education published "Thinking Beyond Curriculum and Pedagogy" and has been viewed over 1,300 times. Three additional articles were published in CMS FORUMS. The Editorial Board will host an online forum allowing members to discuss topics and ideas with mentors and friends.

Matthew Shaftel, Editor
Florida State University

The video component of Symposium was launched with a trial submission in the early summer of 2013 and now has received a total of five submissions (including one revised submission) since that time. Two videos were published and two more are being reviewed. One publication includes two separate videos: a performance of a new composition by a choir at Florida State University and an interview with the conductor of the work.

The Video component is an exciting move in the world of publications. The Board is currently developing criteria for the review of Videos that are submitted. 

Nanette Kaplan Solomon, Editor
Slippery Rock University

The Audio Performance Archive was launched in the summer of 2013.  Seven submissions have been accepted ranging from piano music of Ravel and Poulenc to recent solo, chamber and electroacoustic works by CMS composers.

The review criteria for the acceptance of Audio submissions in now being developed by the Editorial Board to establish standards for the Audio submissions.


 The list of all articles published in Volume 53 (2013) of College Music Symposium will be found here