International Initiatives

William Everett, University of Missouri and everett williamzacharella alexandraAlexandra Zacharella, University of Arkansas-Fort Smith
C0-Chairs, Committee on International Initiatives


 2013 Activities

CMS’s most notable international activity in 2013 was a highly successful International Conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Special thanks to Juan Chattah and Peter Park and their committees for making this meeting such an extraordinary experience.  Participants heard from not only other colleagues from North America and Europe but also from specialists in the music of Argentina.  We were enriched through lectures, performances, and other cultural experiences.  

The Committee met during the CMS National Conference in Cambridge on November 2.  We had solid discussions about the committee’s charge and ongoing projects, including site selection for the 2017 International Conference and the CMS Ambassadors/Nation Files program.

As of December 2013, 17 Nation Files appear on the CMS Website.  

Initiatives for 2014 and Beyond

International Conferences - The 2015 International Conference will take place in Stockholm, Sweden, and Helsinki, Finland.  Don Bowyer is program chair.  The Committee submitted a proposal to the 2014 National Conference related to the conference and what attendees can expect. A committee is exploring the possibility of a CMS International Conference in Cuba for 2017.  Art Gottschalk is chairing the committee, which also includes Carlos Abril, Patricia Shehan Campbell, and William Everett.  The committee is visiting Havana in March 2014 and will be meeting with colleagues there.  They will also be consulting the Performing Arts Medicine Association (PAMA), a professional organization that is having a conference in Cuba in early 2014.

Pan-Am Connections/Latin American Initiative - CMS members working in Latin America have been and are being invited to join the International Initiatives Committee.  Once we have this area represented on the committee, we will determine possible areas of cooperation and collaboration, including webinars, publications, and other realizable projects.

Other Area Initiatives - The Committee would like to focus on a different region of the world each year.  For 2014, this will be Latin America.  The Committee would organize webinars and other activities to focus on a particular geographic area.

CMS Ambassadors/Nation Files - The committee co-chairs will be following up with CMS members who graciously offered to write Nation Files and have not yet submitted them.  We will be working on a preamble to the Nation Files section on the CMS website to contextualize how members can use Nation Files, especially in their teaching (finding new repertory, learning about the backgrounds of international students, etc.).  The committee noticed that the existing nation files are extremely difficult to locate on the CMS website, and once we have a good preamble for the files, we would like to make them more visible.