Music Entrepreneurship Education

beckman_garyGary Beckman, North Carolina State University
Chair, Committee on Entrepreneurship Education


2013 was a year of gathering strength and outlining next steps for The College Music Society’s Committee on Music Entrepreneurship Education. At the 2013 conference in Boston, the Committee met to discuss plans and set the ground work for 2014. As articulated below, the Committee has significant work to accomplish - all in the context of a fast moving, growing and increasingly diverse field.

For 2014, the Committee focuses on collaboration and leadership. After hearing reports from attendees at the 2013 International Council of Fine Arts Deans (ICFAD) meeting concerning presentations on the topic of Arts Entrepreneurship, the Committee is taking steps to address concerns expressed at the gathering. Particularly, basic questions such as definitions, curricula and outcomes were not adequately addressed. The Committee sees this as a leadership opportunity for the field, the Committee and for CMS.

Engaging in the difficult work of answering foundational questions posited above from arts higher education decision makers, the Committee will collectively address these concerns in a proposed session at the 2014 ICFAD conference in St. Louis. The Committee has secured a liaison to the ICFAD program committee and will submit a proposal by February 15, 2014.

Additionally, the Committee proposed a panel session at the 2014 CMS national meeting. Since the 2014 ICFAD conference is the week previous to the 2014 CMS conference, the Committee will not only report on its work, but also the results of the proposed ICFAD session. We intend this proposed session as more of a report on the field’s development / growth and to bring the CMS membership up to date on not only the 2014 Committee activities but also recent and significant changes in the field.

For CMS, we hope that our presence at ICFAD demonstrates the organization’s leadership in this area. Additionally, the Committee feels that communication of this sort not only advances the field, but can lay the foundation for further collaborative opportunities between CMS and ICFAD. This follows the example set by CMS and other organizations such as ATMI, Generation Next, etc.

Related to the Committee’s work will be the formation of an as-yet-unnamed academic society for Arts Entrepreneurship educators outside of the CMS orbit. This organization will hold its inaugural meeting on June 6-7, 2014 at Southern Methodist University. At this meeting, it has been suggested that a cross-disciplinary contingent of Arts Entrepreneurship educators -- not affiliated with CMS  and outside the music disciplines -- collaborate with the Committee in their efforts. This cooperation possess significant impact for CMS as this proposed “super committee” may provide a crucial, cross-disciplinary view on the important questions posed by the 2013 ICFAD attendees. The potential for significant forward motion in the field and the establishment of a partnership with this un-named society -- at its inception -- sets the stage for CMS becoming the first and primary collaborative partner.