koegel_johnJohn Koegel, California State University, Fullerton
CMS Board Member for Musicology

The CMS Musicology Advisory Committee, along with the Pedagogy Study Group of the American Musicological Society, sponsored a pre-conference workshop on teaching music history for non-specialists in advance of the 2013 national conference of the College Music Society in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This workshop was quite successful and attendees and participants made very positive comments on the usefulness of the event. Colin Roust and Nathan Platte gave a joint presentation on how to teach film music today, especially with rapidly changing media and forums for and definitions of music and the moving image. They demonstrated how we can encourage students to understand the form and function of film music, no matter the age, style, nationality, or purpose of the film. Carol Hess shared her insights and gave practical advice on how to help undergraduate and graduate music students (and non majors) improve their writing skills in academic music classes. Mary Natvig and Steven Cornelius showed workshop attendees how they can better place music of all types into a multitude of social contexts, western and non western, within an academic music curriculum that also stresses listening and the understanding of music as sound as well as representative of culture. And Jessica Sternfeld concluded the workshop by demonstrating how to teach the American musical theater, both the history of the traditional musical and new emerging types of musicals, for television and evolving media, such as YouTube.