The State of the Society - Page 2

Initiative: Historically Discriminated Populations

The précis on Historically Discriminated Populations was advanced in summer 2013, with its intention to give greater attention to welcoming graduate students and young professionals of African American, Hispanic American, and Native American heritage into the activities of our Society.  We are developing a concerted effort to attract into our midst students and colleagues from these populations who have historically experienced discrimination, such that by the close of 2014 we hope to have in place at least one travel grant to support an individual of one of these diverse backgrounds and experiences to participation at a regional, national and international conference.  

International Affairs: Ambassadors and Music-Nation Files

As CMS ambassadors were nominated (including self-nominations) for liaison work in designated countries, we moved forward in 2013 with the organizing of “Music-Nation Files” on the music and education (especially at the tertiary level) of these countries.  CMS members can now tap into these files, should they wish to learn more of these nations and their musical cultures for their own personal-professional travel or for information relevant to their teaching of the music of these places. At present, there are 18 nation-files.

Participatory Musicking

The Cambridge 2013 meeting was the scene of participatory musicking events which, in addition to composers concerts, lecture-recitals, and lunchtime concerts, offered opportunities for CMS members to join in the making of music (in the Honk! session) or responding to music through the dance (in the contradance session).  The Board is delighted that these events are welcoming members to play, or dance, or sing together in conference gatherings of the Society.

CMS-NAMM Partnership

The relationship-building between CMS and the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) is in full development, with many substantive exchange between the executives and officers of the two societies.  The annual NAMM Show every January in Anaheim, California, is the site of the Generation Next program, a manifestation of this partnership through joint sessions.  The designs of the January 2014 meeting are the most elaborate thus far, in which two days of sessions for music majors were offered by members of CMS and NAMM as means for offering perspective and skills for future work across a spectrum of specializations in the music industry.


Webinars on a grand variety of topics were introduced to the membership in 2013.  Running on Fridays, members are clicking in to 30-minute seminars via webex formatting for topical presentations and dialoguing opportunities.  Topics have include talks with CMS authors on recent publications and discussions on the content of national (Cambridge) and international (Buenos Aires) meetings. Additional webinars are set for 2014: a series of six webinars on Latin American music and musicians, four webinars on Community engagement, and four webinars on the issues of the Task Force on the Undergraduate Music Major