The State of the Society - Page 3

Summit 2013 After-Effects: Artist as Citizen

The Summit meeting in January 2013 on the Artist as Citizen, chaired by Bill Everett of the University of Missouri-Kansas City, was a sparkling testimony to ways in which we can enable undergraduate students of music to connect as artists to the community. Joseph Polisi of the Julliard School of Music, Robert Blocker of Yale University, and Eric Booth (The Teaching Artists Bible) were headliners at the meeting.  An important development of the Summit were several courses now in place at universities across the country on the subject, and a pre-conference session at the Cambridge 2013 meeting. 

Summit 2014 Ahead: Music Science and Society

Planning is ongoing for the 2014 Summit on Music Science and Society, to be held in Seattle on May 16-17 2014, on the University of Washington and at the Watertown Inn.  The Summit aim is articulation of research-based understandings of what humanly transpires in the processes of performing (and participating) in music, within deep listening experiences and the expressive practices of performing and compositing-improvising, and within all experiences that call upon the integral and holistic involvements of the ear, the brain, and the body in musicking acts. Keynotes are Ian Cross (Cambridge University, on social and cognitive processes, and music and biocultural evolution), Laurel Trainor (McMaster University, on plasticity of the developing brain through experiences in music, and Steven Friedson (University of North Texas, on music and altered states of consciousness).  Q/A, “making sense of the science” sessions, and research posters by participants are featured components of the Summit.

New Conference Sessions

Please note that we are offering two new sessions at the St. Louis 2014 CMS meeting. Bruno Nettl is our “elder” and Bob Weirich is our “master pedagogue”.  The Board discussed and approved these sessions in winter 2013.  Members of the Board and the Program Committee contributed ideas as to the development of these sessions, and all are anticipating the St. Louis meeting for what unique perspectives these sessions will offer members.

Student Chapters

By the end of 2013, there were eight CMS student chapters on university campuses.  Some of these chapters are enormously active, with monthly meetings on matters of teaching music in higher education settings and on presentations of student research projects.  These students, many of them advanced graduate students, are making appearances at regional and national meetings of the Society, and some are active participants as presenters and performers.  We have always learned lots from our own students, and it’s quite rich to be learning from some of the nation’s top students (a few of whom may become our professional colleagues in the very near future).