The State of the Society - Page 4

CMS Committees

Much appreciated are the many bright ideas and energies that derive from the various CMS committees, working independently and collectively to forge pathways for better understandings of the wide-ranging interests and issues relative to music in higher education.  These ideas of the committees appear on regional, national, and international programs, and sometimes in print within feature of the Symposium.  Their splendid contributions are all voluntary and enriching of who we are as a diverse professional group.

CMS Board of Directors

My heartfelt thanks are extended to Board member colleagues for their service to the good of the Society.  Many thanks to departing members Bill Everett, Vice-President; Carol Babiracki, Board Member for Ethnomusicology; Claire Boge, Board Member for Music Theory; and John Koegel, Board Member for Musicology.  We welcome new members to the Board: Betty Anne Younkers, President-Elect; Jennifer Snodgrass, Vice-President; Sharon Graf, Board Member for Ethnomusicology, Juan Chattah, Board Member for Music Theory, and Craig Parker, Board Member for Musicology.  We met twice in person over the course of 2013, in Dallas for a two-day meeting in February and in Cambridge on the Sunday following the conference.  We are introducing cyber-meetings to the mix of our work for 2014, running multiple 90-minute sessions via video conferencing.  We have also instituted the “month-of-giving” project for Board members to encourage contributions to The CMS Fund for various approved projects.

CMS Staff

We are  fortunate to have Robby D. Gunstream as CMS Executive Director, and are grateful for his continuing vision and skill-set (and a whole lot of history on good works of the Society over the years).  Thanks also to assistance of CMS staff members Peter Park, Julie Johnson, Beth Mast, and others on the fine Missoula-located staff.  We are grateful for their expertise and continuing work over the years, from membership services and conference details to all of the electronic media that go into making the Society functional on a daily basis.

I’m looking forward to what 2014 will bring, and to the many-splendored ways of our fine Society.