nemko deborahDeborah Nemko, Bridgewater State University
CMS Board Member for Performance

The work of the Advisory Council for Performance this year was highlighted by a very successful national conference in Cambridge.  Two Performances of New Music on the program highlighted chamber music ensembles selected by the council in consultation with the Art Gottschalk  and the composer’s committee.   These ensembles include Trio Florida, the Strung Out Trio, The Scott /Garrison Duo with Rajung Yang and  the Juventas New Music Ensemble.

The Council’s presented a panel entitled “Assessment in Applied Music Courses: When to Jury or Not to Jury is Just the Tip of the Iceberg” at the CMS Cambridge National Conference featuring Francesca Arnone, Heather MacLaughling Garbes and Deborah Nemko  was very well attended and provoked a lively dialogue.  This panel explored potential new and old ways to assess achievement in performance-based courses.  Is it possible to alleviate a tendency towards grading subjectively in a jury-based system?  Can the creation of assessment rubrics by department areas, clear learning goals and student-based self-assessment portfolios help to reduce the self-described discomfort felt by faculty serving on juries.  By taking a look at the “system” in light of educational assessment theory as well as how new tools for assessment work in practice, this panel invoked the foundation for a lively interactive discussion.

Because of the enthusiasm regarding the panel on Assessment in in Applied Music (there were around 25 people in the room), the PAC would work on creating a web link on the CMS website to connect people interested in sharing ideas. 

The advisory council would like to see a performer selected for a future keynote speaker at the CMS national conference.  Ideas for potential speakers include Marin Alsop, Alex Ross, Peter Schickele, Yo Yo Ma or Evelyn Glennie.  

The APC have begun to work with MTNA and Chamber Music America on potential areas for collaboration.  In a recent meeting via Skype members were enthusiastic about innovative programming for future conferences as well as continuing to meet regularly with the help of electronic technology.

New member, Manabu Takesawa of the University of Rhode Island, was recently appointed to the ACP.  We look forward to his energy and creative inpu.