Professional Development

younker betty anneBetty Anne Younker, University of Western Ontario
Chair, Professional Development Committee

A. Introduction

The Professional Development Committee has experienced another active and productive year; the committee members are indeed committed to the professional activities of CMS.  The committee members reviewed and discussed deadlines as posted on the web and listed in previous meetings. The decision was to proceed with the following deadlines for the various activities. The decisions are as follows: 

1. Deadline for pre-conference workshops
For 2015 Annual Meeting of the CMS and beyond, the deadline will be January 31st. These proposals would have to be reviewed electronically with a meeting online in February for discussion and vote. The deadline will allow members to discuss possible proposals while networking at the fall Annual Meeting as well as allow data to be collected and reviewed for any pre-conference workshops that are evaluated via a survey.

2. Deadline for spring and summer institutes, and study tours
For spring and summer institutes, and study tours, September 10th, 2013 would serve as the deadline and study tours for 2014.  These proposals would be reviewed at the fall CMS Annual meeting.

B. Pre-conference workshops for the 2013 CMS Annual Meeting)

1. Teaching music history and allied courses for non-specialists and graduate students. 

2. Developing the Artist Citizen: Putting Ideas into Action 

3. The Design of Technologies for Music Making, Learning, and Engagement

C. Spring and Summer events (Endorsed or approved at the 2013 Annual Meeting)

1. The Savvy Musician in action: An experiential workshop on music & arts entrepreneurship, (Endorsed)

2.  Paris Study Tour: May 2014 (Approved)

D. Handbook for Professional Development Activities

Considerable discussion occurred during the January 16th meeting (via Webinar) about the current handbook. Decisions were made to ensure that the intent of and audience for the handbook were made clear. Work will continue on streamlining the content.   Begin discussion of the development of a policy regarding instructors for PD events (e.g., how their registrations are handled for Pre- and Post-conference workshops

E. Professional Development placement on the Webpage

Considerable discussion revolved around the placement and accessibility (particularly for non-members) of materials and documents related to Professional Development on the CMS website. The committee members will continue to review possibilities in consultation with the CMS office.

F. Involvement of the membership

We will encourage the membership to continue to submit proposals that are disciplinary-based as well as cross disciplinary-based.  The committee looks forward to hearing from the membership about proposals that will engage the membership in rich and meaningful ways.  One way to invite dialogue is to propose an open forum at the 2014 Annual Meeting. During the meeting those who have had successful proposals could discuss what contributed to the success. 

All in all, the committee members are committed to the Society and its work.