The CMS Fund

harding tayloeC. Tayloe Harding, Jr., President
The CMS Fund

As we celebrate the eleventh anniversary of The CMS Fund, I am glad to report that The Fund had a very productive year in 2013.   Gifts for 2013 totaled $10,035.00. We have a superb Board and its members have devoted an extraordinary amount of time to further the efforts of The Fund in its ability to provide support to CMS and its many projects. The 2013 (and 2014) CMS Fund Board membership is as follows:

President:  C. Tayloe Harding, Jr.
Treasurer:  Diane Follet
Secretary:  David G. Woods
Board Member:  James C. Scott
Board Member:  Ellen Gregorie
Executive Director, ex officio:  Mary Anne Rees


2013 Awards

The CMS Fund awarded four awards for 2013 and the recipients are as follows:

Community Engagement Project:  Seed Grant Support Award – $200

Gail Levinsky, Susquehanna University: “Selinsgrove Collaborative Chamber Music Program: A Partnership Between Junior Music Education Majors (Susquehanna University) and Instrumental Music Students, Grades 6-12, (Selinsgrove Area School District)”

CMS-Yamaha In-Residence Fellowships - $1,000

Marylin Giusti and Sheri Luevano, San Jose State University, School of Music and Dance: “SJSU Young Musicians’ Project” 

Robby D. Gunstream Award in Music 2012 - $1,000

Kimberly Carballo, Indiana University: Roundabout Opera for Kids

CMS Music Technology Initiative Award - $500

Richard Sussman, New York University Steinhardt School of Music & Performance Arts: “Establishing a 2-year Masters Degree Program in Music Technology and Contemporary Media”


2013 Accomplishments

Increased oversight and management of the application and review process was obtained for the existing grants and awards programs.  All 2014 award application processes have been streamlined and posted as of February 7.  (Application deadline will be June 15, 2014.)  Please encourage your colleagues to apply for these excellent opportunities.

The Fund Board looks forward to continue its collaboration with the Society's Board to determine specific programs and projects to emphasize in our development efforts. Having specific programs to present to prospective donors can only enhance our efforts. 

The CMS Fund Board has improved its gift tracking and will be providing transparent reports to endowment and other contributors.  In order to achieve complete reporting transparency, the Board explored a number of reporting options used by universities and other non-profit organizations. New formats have been developed and will be used in the endowment reporting this year.

Currently, the Gunstream and Technology Initiative award accounts do not have adequate principal or earnings to cover intended annual award amounts. As a result, the 2013 awards were paid by the Fund's operating budget.  The Seed Grants are paid by the operating budget as well as with funds from the CMS Visa card. The Yamaha In-Residence Fellowship is covered by Yamaha contributions.  As the economy improves, we are cautiously optimistic about fund-raising in 2014.  

The Executive Director's part-time job description has been slightly changed. Because all payroll and accounting will now be completed by the CMS Executive Office, the Executive Director will be able to devote additional time to pursuing prospective donors. Plans for this year are to continue to promote the annual fund and to increase marketing efforts, building on the efforts of the last two years.

The CMS Fund greatly appreciates the support it receives from CMS. We look forward to our ongoing collaboration with the CMS Board of Directors and we look forward to a successful 2014.