Task Force on the Undergraduate Music Major

The College Music Society has formed a Task Force to rethink the music major in higher education. President Patricia Shehan Campbell has enlisted a small group of colleagues to join together in study of the relevance of programs in music and ascertain relationships to the social circumstances of contemporary American society.  This Task Force includes individuals with expertise and interest in thinking through transformations in the content and delivery of music taught/learned in BA/BAM programs of study, and is chaired by David Myers (University of Minnesota).  President Campbell states, "The group will work over this term of my CMS presidency for the purpose of re-thinking the music major in higher education.  They will come up with a set of working principles for music faculty in various large and small schools and departments of music, to pave the way for context-specific curricular transformation that could be shared within CMS and affiliate organizations." 

She continues, "The primary goal is to develop an integrated four-year musical experience in institutions that (a) does not separate mind from body, (b) that is at least as much about innovation as preservation, (c) that considers an integrated approach to the core courses in which performance and composition (and improvisation) run parallel while also supporting the growth of conceptual understanding of the content of our core theory/history/culture courses, (d) that elevates the ear to at least as prominent a position as the eye as a channel of experience, (e) that enfolds the great works of our art, folk/traditional, and popular repertoires, and (f) that considers the manifold ways in which a program of musical study may be resonant with the musical and cultural realities outside our institutions." Look for announcements of preliminary hearings on the undergraduate music major programs, which will eventually lead to preliminary reports and recommendations for principles to be shaped as suitable to the settings in which we teach.