At Large

myers davidDavid Myers, University of Minnesota
CMS Board Member At Large


This report lists activities for the calendar year 2014. I continue to appreciate the opportunity to serve The College Music Society as the first at-large board member, and to participate in helping to define this position. I am pleased that the board supported an additional year in the first term of this position, which gave time for further conversation and review re: the role of the at-large board member.

Board Meeting and Conference Attendance

I attended a virtual board meeting discussion in March 2014. Something of a pattern has emerged with regard to my activities in this position. I endeavor to look across committees and ad hoc groups that have no linear board representative and to make myself available to those groups as they may wish to carry concerns and interests to the board in general.  Depending on membership and attendees, some of these constituents don’t feel a particular need for board attention; others feel that the board is less visibly engaged with their concerns than it should be. In addition, I consult from time to time with my advisory group, asking them to suggest possible conference sessions and seeking their feedback on the work of CMS.  

In October 2014, I attended the national conference in St. Louis, where I chaired a pre-conference workshop on the Task Force on the Undergraduate Music Major, chaired a plenary session on the Task Force report, and chaired a post-plenary discussion about the report. Because of scheduling challenges, I was able to meet with only two constituent groups this year: (a) the Community Engagement committee and (b) the administrators’ committee. Diversity and music industry are the other two major areas with which I have engaged, and both of these areas feel that more conference activity and interest could be devoted to their concerns. Community Engagement and the Administrators group both seem to feel that they have sufficient opportunities for input to conference programs and that they have generally good discussions in their small-group meetings at conference. Personally, I would like to see CMS develop more programming related to health and wellness; diversity issues that include disabilities and learning problems in higher education as well as racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity; and curricular considerations generated by the recent task force report on the undergraduate major.

Chair, Task Force on the Undergraduate Music Major

Although it was not specifically in my capacity as at-large board member, my chairmanship of the Task force on the Undergraduate Music Major was very much an extension of my efforts to demonstrate concern for, and to advocate for, the society as a whole. As is clear from many responses from many constituents, the task force report has been catalytic in energizing dialogue about the undergraduate curriculum and has tapped into important issues that have quietly been percolating in higher music education for some time, both in the U.S. and internationally. I believe this chairmanship was an important component of my work as at-large board member, and I am pleased with and grateful for the commitment and dedication of task force members as well as the society’s general response.