International Initiatives

William Everett, University of Missouri and everett williamzacharella alexandraAlexandra Zacharella, University of Arkansas-Fort Smith
C0-Chairs, Committee on International Initiatives



The International Initiatives Committee expanded its membership in 2014 to include two members from South America, Ingrid Barancoski from Brazil and Andres Gomez Bravo from Colombia, in support of CMS’s Latin American Music/Musicians Initiative. Both participated in a webinar in May on teaching music at the university level in South America.

Work took place over the summer on the CMS Ambassadors project. Those that are currently posted on the CMS website were reviewed, and people who had expressed interest in submitting Nation Files but have not yet done so were contacted.  We are hoping to expand the number of Nation Files.

The committee had a poster at the National Conference in St. Louis to generate interest in the 2015 International Conference in Stockholm and Helsinki, and proposed a session for the 2016 National Conference in Indianapolis.

The committee met during the National Conference to review and endorse proposals for future CMS international activities in Cuba and Australia.  We are working toward having the 2017 CMS International Conference Australia and a 2018 Professional Development workshop in Havana.