Books and Monographs

sullivan todd rightTodd Sullivan, Northern Arizona University
Chair, Books & Monographs Committee

The Committee on Books & Monographs, leadership within the College Music Society, and Society members who attended open sessions at the Fifty-Sixth National Conference (2013) in Cambridge, Massachusetts, have discussed the enormous scholarly and economic potential of the Society’s book-length publications and have explored ways of expanding beyond the current scope of operations.

The College Music Society presently supports three successful book publication series: (1) Monographs & Bibliographies in American Music (Michael J. Budds, Series Editor), (2) CMS Sourcebooks in American Music (Michael J. Budds, Series Editor), and (3) Cultural Expressions in Music (Sang-Hie Lee, Series Editor). These operate independent of one another in terms of calls for proposals, editorial procedures, editorial style, and frequency of publication. The existing series fulfill two core elements of the Society’s mission: research and dialogue, and diversity and interdisciplinary interaction.

The Committee on Books & Monographs proposed, and the Board of Directors approved, two actions that will transform the Society’s book publication enterprise and will illustrate and celebrate, in a more comprehensive fashion than currently, the scholarly accomplishments within the Society.

To establish “The CMS Press” as a blanket organization for all CMS book and monograph publications.

The CMS Press logoFunctioning as a single “press” will encourage more uniformity of practice in the selection, editing, and publishing of CMS books. The current Committee on Books & Monographs will now serve as a Board of Editors with a General Editor as chairperson. Each series will retain its own Series Editor and Editorial Board.“The CMS Press” also will provide a concise brand identity upon which marketing and promotional efforts can build.

To expand The CMS Press publications through the addition of two series: (1) Pedagogies and Innovations in Music, and (2) Emerging Fields in Music.

Returning to the Society’s mission, two core elements are not adequately served by the current publication series: “music teaching and learning” and “musical creativity and expression.” Expressed differently, there are several sub-disciplines in music that have no publication outlet within the Society: higher education teaching, technology, creativity, community engagements, and technology, to name a few. The two new series close those gaps in CMS book publications (see diagram below).

Pedagogies & Innovation in Music will include short books/manuals in a variety of disciplines engaged in pedagogical discovery and innovative approaches to learning, creativity, performance, and scholarship.

Emerging Fields in Music will include short books/manuals capturing current research or perspectives on community outreach, music industry, advocacy, academic citizenship, music entrepreneurship, or other pressing issues for musicians in higher education.

Each series will require the appointment of its own Series Editor and Editorial Board.

Several CMS members—already aware of the Books & Monographs discussions—have suggested topics for the proposed series. David Brian Williams and Peter R. Webster have offered their monograph The Role of Technology in the Undergraduate Music Curriculum: An Historical Perspective, Four-Years Study, and Recommendations for the Pedagogies & Innovations in Music series. Aspects of the forthcoming proposal by the Task Force on the Undergraduate Music Major, spearheaded by Patricia Sheehan Campbell and David Myers, also might be configured into a volume for Pedagogies & Innovations.