Session I: Music in the United States

"The Genesis and Early History of Carnegie Hall as a Mirror of Fin de Siècle Culture"
Mark A. Radice (Ithaca College)

"The Robert Elmore Collection at the University of Pennsylvania"
Pauline Fox

"Rarely Heard Piano Works by Women Composers"
Priscilla Fullerton (Edinboro State University)

Session II: 19th-Century Studies

"Charting the Future of Zukunftsmusik: Wagner, Liszt, and the Weimar Orchesterschule"
E. Douglas Bomberger (Ithaca College)

"Nocturne in C-sharp minor, Op. 27, 1: Chopin's Finest Nocturne? "
Edward C. Bedner

Session III: Latin American Studies

"Incorporating Latin American Music and Composers into the Introduction to Music Course"
Max Lifchitz (State University of New York-Albany)

"Heitor Villa-Lobos' Piano Works: The Indigenous and Ethnic Influences"
Martha Marchena

Session IV: New Approaches to Teaching

"Graph Analysis for Music Appreciation"
Michael R. Dilthey (Bridgewater State College)

"An Approach to Teaching 20th-Century Melodic Dictation and Sightsinging"
Craig Cummings (Ithaca College)

"A Chronological Approach to Teaching the Elements of Music in an Interdisciplinary Context"
Charles G. Price (West Chester University)

Keynote Address
Barbara Reeder Lundquist, President, The College Music Society

CMS Composers' Concert
Fantasia by Jan Krzywicki,
Apparitions from Experience by L. Logrande,
Rain, Reflections and a Song by Randall Neal,
Improvisation I by Douglas Ovens,
Mordent by Ronald Surak,
Simple Songs by Beth Wiemann,
Oyako by Kojiro Umezaki

Session V: New Instructional Media

"The Anatomy of Music: A Multimedia Interactive Learning Tool for Listening"
David Sonnenschein (Northeastern University)

"HyperMusic: How to Develop Instructional Materials on the Macintosh Computer"
Terry L. Zippay (State University of New York-Potsdam)

Session I

"The Physics of Brass Musical Instruments"
Brian Holmes (San Jose State University)

"Structure and Process in the Analysis of Improvisation
Paul Rinzler (University of California-Santa Cruz)

"The Chamber Music of Philippe Gaubert (1879-1941)"
Sally C. Terris (Community School of Music and Art, Mountain View)

Panel: "Fiscal Crisis in Higher Education Today"
Moderator: William Hopkins (San Francisco State University)
Panelists: Ted Blair, Patricia Taylor Lee, Carolynn Lindeman

Session II: Concert of Music by CMS Composers

Works by Siegfried Benkman, Herbert Bielawa, Jim Hearon, Jim McManus, Janice Mercer

Session III

"Minimal Music: Is the Needle Stuck in the Groove?"
Dean Suzuki (San Francisco State University)

Panel: "How Ought Composition Be Taught in the University?"
Moderator: Herbert Bielewa (San Francisco State University)
Panelists: Elinor Armer, David Cope, Alvin Curran, Andrew Frank, John Thow

Pacific Northwest

Session I

Lecture/Recital: "Zemlinsky—Is It Time Yet?"
Kurt Alexander Zeller (Portland, Oregon)

Performance: Toru Takemitsu—For Away and Other Works
Steven Truelove (Southern Oregon State College)

Session II

"Rhythmic Training for Music Majors: A Curricular Proposal"
Elizabeth Benjamin Tomasetti (University of Oregon)

"Should We Be Teaching Tertian Harmony?"
Robert I. Hurwitz (University of Oregon)

Session III: CMS Composers Concert

Mosaic Constellations by Stephen Truelove,
Three Love Songs by Jason Heald

Session IV

"The Poetry of Alexander Pushkin: A Thread Through the Russian Art Song"
Ann Tedards (University of Oregon)

"A Textural Analysis of Psalm 90 by Charles Ives"
E. Benjamin Tomassetti (University of Oregon)

Session V

"America Sings: Our History Reflected in Song"
Michael Connolly (University of Portland)

Lecture/Recital: "Organ Music of Our American Heritage"
Jeannine A. Cansler (University of Portland)

Session VI

"Excellence in Arts Education: The Hellsgate Project"
Zoe A. Kelley (University of Montana)

"Stylistic Guidelines for the Conductor Preparing Performance Groups"
Philip T. Cansler (University of Portland)

Session VII: Performance

Terra Nova Consort
Patricia O'Scannell, director
Susan E. Carney, assistant director

Pacific Southern

Session I

"Carissimi's Tonal System: The Expansion of Tonality in the Seventeenth Century"
Beverly Stein

"Alberto Ginastera's Sonata for Cello and Piano: Sonic Fusion of His Native Culture"
Janice Foy, cello; Zita Carno, piano

"Mahler's Symphony No. 2: Perspectives on Nineteenth Century Music Criticism and Romantic Aesthetics"
Lois Musmann (University of Redlands)

"Lamentations: Hyesdan"
John M. Kennedy (University of California-Irvine)

"Panel: Assessment Practices for Music--Tools, Skills, and Practicality!"

Session II

"Currently for Educators: An Overview of Computer and Electronic Equipment Available for all Facets of Music Education"
Larry Harms (Roland Corporation)

Rocky Mountain

Session I

"Hugo Wolf's Setting of Kennst du das Land and the Character of Mignon in Goethe's Wilhelm Meister"
David N. Claman (University of Colorado at Boulder)

"Songs as a Tool for Language Acquisition"
Stephanie M. Berg (Red Rocks Community College)

"Mad Woman in the Attic: A Comparative Analysis of Text Setting Techniques by Selected 20th-Century American Composers of the Poetry of Emily Dickinson"
Judith A. Coe (Denver School of the Arts)

Session II

"Descriptive Notation of the Sonic Artifact: Appropriating the Sonogram "
George Arasimowicz (University of Colorado at Denver)

"Who is Eugene Narmour and Why is He Saying Those Terrible Things About Melody?"
William G. Elliott (University of Colorado at Boulder)

Session III: Lecture/Performance

Act I of The Haunted Tower by Stephen Storace
Janet Morrow King (Colorado State University) and David A. King (Front Range Community College-Larimer Campus)

Session IV: Works by CMS Composers

Series Two(1976) for clarinet
by Thomas D. Brosh (Community College of Aurora)

Crazy Horse Monument (1992) for baritone and piano
by Richard Corbett (Greeley)

Lecture/Presentation: "Motive and Text in Benjamin Britten's Serenade for Tenor, Horn and Strings, Op. 31"
Steven M. Bruns (University of Colorado at Boulder)

Session V:

"Vocal Technique and Balance Problems in the Performance of Wagner's Siegfried, Act III, Scene 3"
Richard O'Brien (University of Colorado at Boulder)

"Why American Music Research?"
Thomas L. Riis (University of Colorado at Boulder)

"Erotic Symbolism: An Analysis of Alma Mahler's Song Waldseligkeit"
Mary Kay Geston (University of Colorado at Boulder)

Session VI

"The Integration of Tonality and Religion in Western Culture"
Thomas L. Durham (Brigham Young University)

"What a College Graduate Should Know and Do About Music: Symposium"
William Kearns (University of Colorado at Boulder)

Session VII

"Sonny's Blues: Blues as Cultural Communication--An Interdisciplinary Approach to General Studies Music Teaching"
Larry Worster (University of Colorado at Boulder)

"Carleen Hutchins and the Violin Octet"
Paul R. Laird (University of Denver)

"Tonality by Unclear Example: Pedagogical Uses of Zemlinsky's Second String Quartet"
Frank C. Riddick (University of Colorado at Boulder)

Session VIII

"The Revision Repertoire of Antonio Vivaldi"
Joan Whittemore (Regis University)

"Xavier Montsalvatge's Pianistic Tributes"
Martha Watson Violett (Western State College)

"And the Band Played On: The Army Band in Europe during World War II"
Julia C. Combs (University of Wyoming)

Session IX

"An Introduction to Motivic Symbolism in the Organ Works of Johann Sebastian Bach"
Robert Cavarra (Colorado State University)

South Central

Session I

"Hints on Singing the Negro Spiritual: A Lecture/Recital in Performance Practices"
Bernadine Oliphint (Texas Southern University)

Lecture/Recital: "Amy Beach, An American Original--Music for Violin and Piano"
Derry Dean, violin; Anna Norberg, piano (University of Tulsa)

"Thomas Attwood in the Harmonicon"
Anne L. Patterson (University of Central Arkansas)

"The Spanish Connection--A New Look at the Hispanic Musical Heritage"
Kay Kraeft (University of Central Arkansas)

Session II

"Documentation of an Emerging Wind Band Repertoire"
Richard K. Fiese (University of Houston)

Lecture/Recital: "The Importance of Chamber Music in Our Schools"
Lamar Trio (Lamar University)
Kurt Gilman, violin; Kim Ellis, clarinet; Melanie Foster Taylor, piano

"Ten Keys to the Success of the Suzuki Piano Method"
Robert McFadden (Southeastern Oklahoma State University)

Session III

Lecture/Recital: "Currents of Mysticism and Impressionism in Liszt's Anneés de Pelérinage, Vol. II"
Roger Price (University of Tulsa)

Lecture/Recital: "Mixing Mediums: Imagery and Form in Intermedia Composition"
Thomas Clark (University of North Texas)

"Readings from a Musician's Library: Ludwig van Beethoven and Jean-Jacques Rousseau"
Carol Oliver (University of Central Arkansas)

Session IV

Lecture/Recital: "Fantasy and Toccata for Solo Piano"
Joseph Rivers (University of Tulsa)

Lecture/Recital: "Shostakovitch Piano Trio in E minor"
Trio Southwest (Cameron University)
John Thomas, violin; Kirsten Underwood, cello; Virginia Sircy, piano

Concert: The Oklahoma Arts Quintet with the American Spirit Dance Company

Session V

Lecture/Recital: "Spoken Text as a Compositional Element in Unaccompanied Snare Drum Solos"
Daniel Adams (Texas Southern University)

Lecture/Recital: "Interpretive and Stylistic Analysis of Chamber Music VII for Trumpet and Piano by Robert Suderburg"
Michael Miles, trumpet (Southeastern Oklahoma State University)
Robert Suderburg, piano (Williams College-Williamstown, Massachusetts

Lecture/Recital: "Darius Milhaud's Ronsard Songs"
Suzanne Banister, soprano; Brian Conaster, piano
Anne Patterson, commentary (University of Central Arkansas

Session VI: Student Papers

"Mysteries of Ancient Harmony"
Tenesa Rasmussen (Southern Methodist University)

"The Chevalier de Saint-Georges"
Shaunda Butler (University of Central Arkansas)

Session VII

Panel: "Surviving the Final Decade--Learners and Teachers in the 90s"
Mary Jo Ruggles (University of Oklahoma); Alice Lanning (Journal of Music Theory Pedagogy); Virginia Giglio (University of Oklahoma)

Session VIII

Lecture/Recital: "Programming for Piano Recitals in the 21st Century"
Andrew Cooperstock (University of Oklahoma)

Lecture/Recital: "Two Sides of a Circle"
Carolyn Bremer (University of Oklahoma)

Session IX: A Recital of Works by CMS Composers

Der Virtuos (1987) by Timothy A. Kramer (Trinity University),
Tuba Talk (1988) by Sam McGrill (University of Central Oklahoma),
Sonata for Clarinet and Piano (1991) by Mark Hollingsworth (East Central University),
Concerto for Clarinet (1992) by Jerome Hatley (Oral Roberts University),
Madolo (1992) by Joe L. Alexander (East Central University),
Fantasy for Piano Trio (1979) by Roger Price (University of Tulsa), and
Trio in Seven Movements by William C. Heinrichs (University of Tulsa)


Papers and Lecture/Recitals

"Incorporating Multicultural Ideas into an Existing College Curriculum"
Howard Brahmstedt and Alicia Brahmstedt-Mueller (Tennessee Tech University)

"The Student Teaching Experience: A Comprehensive Approach"
John S. Brick and Joseph P. Conte (Florida International University)

"The Adult Beginner and the College Music Program"
Richard Compton (East Tennessee State University)

"Quatre Grandes Compositrices Celebres--Trois Pays"
Margaret Daniel and Susan A. Steck-Turner (University of Southwestern Louisiana)

"The Art Songs of William Grant Still"
Rosephanye Dunn-Powell (Tallahassee, Florida)

"Revealing Bond"
Joan O. Epstein (Eckerd College)

"Instrumental Arrangements of Sacred Harp Music"
Gerald Farmer (West Georgia College)

"Robert Muczynski and his Preludes"
Karen Garrison (Auburn University)

"Richard Heuberger and Johannes Brahms"
Holly Hughes (University of Florida)

"Vocal-Music Appreciation, An Inter-disciplinary Approach"
Carl King (East Tennessee State University)

"Performance Anxiety on the Young Singer"
Thomas King (Austin Peay State University)

"Women Composers for the Harpsichord"
Vicki King (Austin Peay State University)

"Selected American Chamber Music for the Clarinet, 1900-1945"
Keith Koons (University of Central Florida)

"Teaching Jazz Piano: Recurrent Student Problems and Prescriptions for Improvement"
Robert W. Placek (University of Georgia)

"Feeling in the Musical Experience: A Langerian Perspective"
Mary Reichling (University of Southwestern Louisiana)

"Towards Familiar Noise"
Paul Sain (University of Florida)

"Thoughts on `Re-thinking American Music'-- Boston, 1992"
Robert F. Schmaltz (University of Southwestern Louisiana)

"The Nathaniel Dett-Percy Grainger Connection"
Anne Simpson (Lafayette, Louisiana)

"The Ecstatic and Didactic in American Music: The Pattern Continues"
Penny Thomas (Ocala, Florida)

"Discussion and Performance of Max Reger's Variations and Fugue on a Theme of J. S. Bach, Opus 81"
Gary Wolf (University of Central Florida)


Bivalent by David Z. Durant (University of Alabama),
Velocite by Dennis Gutherie (University of Southwestern Louisiana),
Night Covers All by Kenneth A. Jacobs (University of Tennessee),
About Green by Dennis Kam (University of Miami),
Trialogue by Thomas McKinley (Tulane University),
Etude for Three by Richard Montalto (Mississippi University for Women),
Bauxite Dreams by Jon Christopher Nelson (Florida International University),
"...when he breathed, the wind rose" by Ron Parks (University of Florida),
Dimensions Two by Stella Sung (University of Central Florida),
The Devil's Songbook by Roger Vogel (University of Georgia)

Panel Discussions

"Crisis Management Strategies"
Chairs: E. Michael Harrington (Belmont University) and Barbara Reeder Lundquist, President, The College Music Society

"Opportunities for Composers"

"Finding That First Job"