The CMS Fund

harding tayloeC. Tayloe Harding, Jr., President
The CMS Fund

As we celebrate the twelfth anniversary of The CMS Fund, I am glad to report that The Fund had a very productive year in 2014.   We have a superb Board and its members have devoted an extraordinary amount of time to further the efforts of The Fund in its ability to provide support to CMS and its many projects. The 2014 CMS Fund Board membership was as follows:

President:  C. Tayloe Harding, Jr.
Treasurer:  Diane Follet and James C. Scott
Secretary:  David G. Woods
Board Member:  Ellen Gregorie
Executive Director, ex officio:  Mary Anne Rees
Chief Operating Officer, ex officio:  Robby D.v Gunstream

 Diane Follet resigned from the Board mid-year.  James Scott served as Interim Treasurer until December 2014.

New board members as of January 2015 are Kathy Lamkin and Cynthia Taggart.

The Chief Operating Officer position was added January 1, 2014, to the organizational structure to handle operating responsibilities (budgeting and finance, payroll, award process, and other duties). As a result, the Executive Director is now able to devote all of her time to fund-raising. This structure has worked well and has resulted in a new monthly communicationdevoted entirely to The CMS Fund to donors and CMS members.  Gifts in 2014 totaled $17,360 which nearly doubled the total gifts of 2013.


The CMS Fund Awards for 2014 are as follows:

Gunstream Award for Education in Music
Robert Rosen:  “Very Young Composers of Central Wisconsin”

CMS Instructional Technology Initiative Award
Art Brownlow:  “'Flipping' the Traditional Undergraduate Music History Sequence Utilizing Emerging Technologies”

Yamaha In-Residence Fellowships 
Theresa Camilli:  “Discovering the Ivories 2014"
Joshua DeVries:  “The People's Brass Project”

Community Engagement Project:  Seed Grant Support Award
Shawna Dooley:  “Music Incubation Center in Downtown Macon”
Bethany Grant-Rodriguez:  “Zim-Music”
Kyle Gullings:  “Piney Woods Young Musicians Collaborative”
Daniel Johnson:  “Chamber Music in the 21st Century”
Andy Lagrimas:  “Learn to Play:  A Group Piano Course for Adults”< br />Sun Min Yoon:  “Performing China in Northeast Ohio”


For the 2015 awards, all application processes were posted as of December 31.  (Application deadline is June 15, 2015.)  Please encourage your colleagues to apply for these excellent opportunities.

The Fund Board looks forward to continuing its collaboration with the Society's Board of Directors to determine specific programs and projects to emphasize in our development efforts. Having specific programs to present to prospective donors can only enhance our efforts. As you know, an individual from historically underrepresented populations (HUP) was selected to receive travel awards to offset some of the costs of attending the 2014 national meeting. This award was  the result of a special fund-raising effort during August and September.

In order to provide for more structure and organization as we plan our fund-raising projects, the Board created two new policies:

  • Policy for the Prioritazation and Coordination of Fundraising Activities, and
  • Policy for Identifying and Establishing Fundraising Priorities.

 These two policies will be used when considering potential (and perhaps immediate) fund-raising projects

For 2105, the CMS Fund Board has asked that we focus part of our efforts to increasing the Gunstream and Technology endowments because the economy since 2008 has not allowed these endowment to grow.  We also hope to raise additional funds for the Seed Grants and for the Travel Awards (HUP and CMS Student Members). Research has shown that fund-raising efforts for specific purposes results in higher contributions. Plans for this year are to continue to promote the annual fund and to increase marketing efforts, building on the efforts of the past years. 

With the assistance of new software, The CMS Fund Board has improved its gift tracking and is able to provide transparent reports to endowment and other contributors. As the economy improves, we are cautiously optimistic about fund-raising in 2015. During 2014, gifts from 40 donors totaled $17,359.48. This total includes a major gift of $10,000 from the NAMM Foundation to support the May, 2014 Summit on Music, Cognition, and Society.  We hope to increase participation in giving and especially hope to have 100% participation in donations from CMS members this year.   

  The CMS Fund greatly appreciates the support it receives from CMS. We look forward to a successful year in 2015.