The State of the Society


Avanti! to 2015!

Naturally, an outgoing president would wish for her professional society to want to continue the good works of the passing term.  I have no doubt that the principles of the Task Force document will continue to spread far and wide, and that other organizations are awakening to CMS as an activist organization that develops dialogue and influences practice in music as it is taught and learned at the tertiary level.  I have a vested interest in CMS activity as an organization that honors and supports thoughtful neuromusical research as per music’s impact on education, health and well-being.  I am keen to know how our LAM/M and HUP initiatives will grow and shape, and am on call to help develop them. Meanwhile, my work will continue in ethnomusicology and education at the University of Washington, and in meeting the deadlines on three book contracts, serving as board chair of Smithsonian Folkways, and co-editing the Global Music Series. Still, I am grateful for the good of the 2013-14 term.

As we look towards 2015, I’m delighted that we will have the strong and solid leadership of Betty Anne Younker to steer the way forward.  She brings a wealth of experience inside and outside CMS, in institutions stateside and in Canada.  We know Betty Anne as having that critical balance of inventive yet grounded thought and action.  She’s got that high-positive can-do spirit that motivates faculty colleagues to work collectively and in community, and she will be important to us as we move into our next chapter.

Patricia Shehan Campbell (University of Washington), President
The College Music Society