1994 Regional Chapter Conference Programs

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Great Lakes

Session I: New Repertoire for Piano

"Expanding the Repertoire for Duo Keyboardists: Two New Pieces for Synthesizer and Piano"
Daniel Koppelman and Ruth Neville (Central Michigan University)

"Expanding Mottos"
Tayloe Harding, Jr. (Georgia State University), composer
Performed by Beverly Soll (Wayne State College)

Session IIa: Woodwind Repertoire

"New Music for Saxophone"
Jonathan Helton (Northwestern University)

"Instrumental Music in the Age of Grand Opera: Music for Flute and Piano by Eugene Walckiers"
Susanna Watling (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Session IIb: Music Theory Pedagogy

"The Use of Binary Logic and Processing to Enhance Instruction and Learning in the Undergraduate Theory Classroom"
Rudy T. Marcozzi (Chicago Musical College of Roosevelt University)

"The Study of Melody: An Introduction to Narmour's Implication-Realization Model"
Bruce F. Taggart (Michigan State University Community Music School)

Session III: Interdisciplinary Studies

"History and the Arts"
K Marie Stolba (Indiana University-Purdue University at Fort Wayne)

"Removing Barriers: The Arts Across the Curriculum: A Case for Interdisciplinary Studies"
Deborah A. Smith (Wayne State University)

Session IV: Twentieth-Century American Art Song Lecture/Recitals

"The Other Side of Sousa: Tracing the Composer's Struggle with Cultural Gender Bias in His Vocal Music"
Michael R. Jorgensen (Gustavus Adolphus College), Baritone
Bonnie Jorgensen, Accompanist

"Diversity in Early Twentieth-Century American Arts Songs"
Sarah Meredith, Linda Halloin, and David Galaty (University of Wisconsin-Green Bay)

Great Plains

Session I: Pedagogy—Innovative Strategies and Approaches

"Stalking the German Augmented Sixth Chord, or 'You Want Me to Do What?': Active Learning Strategies in Music Theory Pedagogy"
Warren Gooch (Northeast Missouri State University)

"Approaches to Teaching and Developing Courses in Native American Music"
Kenton Bales and Denise Henning (University of Nebraska,Omaha)

Session II: Composer's Recital

Alone for Tenor and Piano by Warren Gooch,
Expanding Mottos for Piano by Tayloe Harding,
Aubade for Solo Flute by Libby Larsen,
Sonata for Flute and Piano by Randall Snyder

Session III: Composer's Forum

"Perspectives on the Function of Composers Within American Colleges and Universities"
Moderator: Beverly Soll (Wayne State College)
Warren Gooch (Northeast Missouri State University), Tayloe Harding (Georgia State University), Randall Snyder (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

Faculty Recital: "A Program of English Music—Stanford, Vaughan Williams, and Finzi
Stephen Town, baritone and Richard Bobo, piano
Northwest Missouri State University

Session IV: Historical Musicology and Structural Analysis

"Autograph Manuscripts of Ralph Vaughan Williams' Sea Symphony".
Stephen Town (Northwest Missouri State University)

"Temporal Organization in Bach's Goldberg Variations".
Cory Hall (University of Kansas)

"The Film Music of Aaron Copland"
Alfred Cochran (Kansas State University)

Session V: Music, Literature, and Related Arts

"Three Cubist Portraits: An Examination of the Temporal Relationships in Gertrude Stein's Word Portrait 'Picasso,' Pablo Picasso's "Portrait of Daniel Henry Kahnweiler," and Igor Stravinsky's 'Portrait of a Peasant Bride' in theFirst Tableau of Les Noces"
Shirley McKamie (Northeast Missouri State University)

"Knoxville: Summer of 1915—Symphonic Poems of James Agee and Samuel Barber"
Janeanne Rockwell (Wayne State College)

"The Magic Flute: A Myth for All Times"
Peggy A. Horracks (University of Nebraska, Lincoln)

Session VI: Ethnic and Popular Influences on Piano Music of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries—Lecture/Recitals

"Creole and Ragtime Inspired Concert Works"
Raymond Songayllo (Indianola, IA)

"Unique Stylistic Characteristics of Francisco Mignone's 24 Valsas Brasileiras"
Alexandra Mascolo-David (Iowa State University)

"Music for a Culturally Pluralistic Society"
Shiao-Li Ding (Washburn University)


Session I:

"The Songs of Margaret Ruthven Lang: A New England Classicist"
Judith Cline (Hollins College)

"Discovering Charles Gilfert"
James Hines (Christopher-Newport University)

"The Piano Sonatas of Roger Sessions"
Barry Salwen (University of North Carolina at Wilmington)

Works by CMS Composers

Session II:

"Beethoven's Double Recapitulation and the Integrity of Op. 132"
Renee McCachren (Catawba College)

"Claude Debussy's Prelude to 'The Afternoon of a Faun': A Centennial Year Look at Analytical Techniques Appropriate for the Undergraduate Student"
Matt Whitfield (Gardner-Webb)

"Thor M. Johnson (1913-1975), Conductor, Teacher, Scholar: Influence in Ever-Expanding Circles"
Nola Reed Knouse (The Moravian Music Foundation)

Plenary Session: The Role of College Music Educators in the Training of Musicians and General Students

Session III:

"The Early Violin Concertos of Charles-Auguste de Bériot: Forgotten Treasures"
Nicole Hammill (West Virginia University)

"A Moment's Notice"
Jon Grier, director

Lecture/Demonstration: "Festival Jubilate—The First Major Commission of Amy Cheney Beach"
Randy C. Brittain (University of North Carolina, Greensboro


Session I: 19th-Century Topics

"The Coordinate Technique: A Pianist's Self-examination"
Maureen Volk (Memorial University of Newfoundland)

"The Functional Chromatic Scale as a tool for the Pedagogy of Chromatic Tonality"
James Marra (Newington, Connecticut)

"Chopin's Nocturne in D? Major: A Masterpiece in the Italian Operatic Style"
Edward C. Bedner (Berklee College of Music)

"Cyclic Form in Schumann's Carnaval"
Annemarie Schuessler (Ball State University)

CMS Composers Concert

Works by Louis Angelini, Peter Armstrong, Elissa Brill, C. Taylor Harding, Stefania de Kenessey, Ronald Weidenaar

Session IIa: 20th-Century Topics

"Jolivet's Musical Techniques as a Window onto Varése's Thought"
Bridget Conrad (Williams College)

"20th-Century American Piano Music"
Sylvia Parker (University of Vermont)

"Issues of Form and Style in Imbrie's Fourth String Quartet"
Douglas Durant (Northeastern University)

"The Limits of Analysis: An Eclectic Approach to the Music of Arvo Pärt"
Gary Washington (Southampton, New York)

Session IIb: Miscellaneous Topics

"Jewish Song and Dance in the Works of Jewish Composers"
Alison Bert (Syracuse University)

"Chromatic Harmony in Scott Joplin's Waltzes"
James E. Perone (Villa Maria College of Buffalo)

"The Anatomy of Mozart's Late Piano Concertos: A Multimedia Approach Analysis"
David Sonnenschein (Northeastern University)

Session III: Music of Spain and Latin America

"México: 100 Years of Piano Music"
Max Lifchitz (State University of New York, Albany)

"The Segovia Manuscripts: Franco-Flemish Polyphony in Late 15th-Century Spain"
Emilio Ros-Fabregas (Boston University)

"Songs of Spain and Latin America"
Anna Bartos (New York University)

"20th-Century Latin American Solo Songs"
Kathleen Wilson Spillane (University of New Hampshire)

Session IVa: 20th-Century Topics II

"Mysticism and Formal Structure in Three 20th-Century Masterpieces for Chamber Ensemble"
Mark A. Radice (Ithaca College)

"Poulenc's Portraits: Les Soirées de Nazalles"
Nanette Kaplan Solomon (Slippery Rock State University)

Session IVb: 20th-Century Topics III

"Idiomatic Characteristics of the Wind Synthesizer"
Bruce Ronkin (Northeastern University)

"The Flute and its Electronic Transformations"
Nathaniel Bobbitt

"Composing with Xenakis' UPIC"
Randall Neal (Bennington College

Session I

"The Sexual Politics of Nixon in China"
Matthew Daines (University of California at Davis)

"The Harmonic Major Scale in Jazz"
Paul Rinzler (University of California, Santa Cruz)

"A Tonal-Metric Reduction of Stravinsky's Requiem Canticles"
Richard Festinger (San Francisco State University)

Concert of Music by CMS Composers

Works by Theodore Dollarhide, Joann Feldman, Janice Mercer and Charles Sepos

Session II

Panel Discussion: "The Higher Education Music Program and its Relationship to the Community"

Coordinator: Susan Lamb Cook (California State University, Sacramento)
Panelists: D. Kern Holoman, Patricia Taylor Lee, and Rollin Potter

Lecture-Performance: "The Latin American Music for Solo Piano by Paul Bowles"
Irene Herrmann (University of California, Santa Cruz)

Pacific Northwest

Session I

"Italian Free Ornamentation and Beyond: Formal Design and Motivic Continuity in the Music of J. S. Bach"
Gary Lewis (Eugene, Oregon)

"The Drama and Handelian Opera Seria"
Reid Spencer (University of British Columbia)

"Art, the Box Office, and Compromise: a Comparison of Les Huguenots and Benvenuto Cellini"
Keith Norris (University of Oregon)

"From Debauched Nuns to Dancing Virgins: The Connection between Giselle and Robert le Diable"
Linda Sato (University of Oregon)

Session II

"Step Collections: Cognition, Analysis, and Pedagogy"
Robert Hurwitz and Steve Larson (University of Oregon)

"Relationships between the Publishing Industry and Norwegian Nationalist Composers in the Nineteenth Century"
Jill Michelle Cosart (University of Oregon)

"Register Switching: A Pedagogical Device for Register Unification of the Singing Voice, or In Search of the Vocal Holy Grail"
Christopher Lyle (University of Oregon)

"Ernst Gernot Klussmann: His life, His Times, His Music"
Eric Hanson (Seattle Pacific University)

Plenary Session

"Teaching Music History: Is a Drastic Overhaul Required?"
Tharald Borgir (Seattle, Washington)

Session III:

"An Interdisciplinary Approach to Performance: It's Strictly for the Birds"
Ruthanna Metzgar (Seattle Pacific University)

"A Critical Look at Film Music: Research in Progress"
Richard Trombley (University of Oregon)

Session IV: CMS Composers

Empathy Atrophied by David P. Johnson (University of Oregon)

Relativistic Etudes by Andrew M. Sauerwein (University of Oregon)

Session V: Concert

The Dream of Gerontius, Op. 38 by Edward Elgar

The University of Victoria Chorus and Orchestra
George Corwin, Conductor

Pacific Southern

Session I

"Carissimi's Tonal System: The Expansion of Tonality in the Seventeenth Century"
Beverly Stein (Brandeis University)

Performance: CMS Composers
Simple Motion (1993) by Daniel Kessner
Pulsations (1988) by Dolly Eugenio Kessner

"The Mosaic Texture in Mahler's Fourth Symphony"
Edward J. Bostley (California State University)

"Customized Music Software through CD-ROM and Hyper MIDI"
David W. Nelson (Cerritos College)

Session II

"Set Theoretic Analysis of Polifemo de Oro by Reginald Smith Brindle"
Mark Hertica (San Diego University)

"Lawrence Tibbett and the Americanization of the Metropolitan Opera"
Jerome S. Kleinsasser (California State University, Bakersfield)

Performance: CMS Composer

Flute Sonata (for Sheridon Stokes) by Russell Steinberg (Former Visiting Professor, University of California, Los Angeles

"Incorporating Twentieth-Century Materials into the Undergraduate Musicianship Curriculum Part I"
John M. Kennedy (California State University, Northridge)

Rocky Mountain

Session I: Vocal Performance and Pedagogy

"Chinese Opera Before and During the Communist Era"
Zoe Erisman (University of Colorado at Denver)

"Flow Phonation and Breath Control"
Barbara M. Doscher (University of Colorado at Boulder)

Lecture/Performance: "Cabaret Performance in Relation to Prima Prattica and Seconda Prattica"
Patricia Wright, soprano (Denver, Colorado)
Peggy Lyon, piano

Session II: American Music in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

"The Invisible Fire by Cecil Effinger; The Religious Oratorio in Mid-Twentieth Century America"
Larry Worster (University of Colorado at Boulder)

"Did American Women Who Were Born in the Nineteenth Century Write Operas?"
Linda M. Swedensky (University of Denver)

"Charles Hommann and the Beginnings of String Chamber Music Composed in America"
Joanne E. Swenson-Eldridge (University of Colorado at Boulder)

Session III: Concert of Music by Zoltán Gárdonyi and Zsolt Gárdonyi

Session IV: Special Lecture

"Access to the Readability of Olivier Messiaen's Notation"
Zsolt Gárdonyi, Dean of Composition and Music Theory at Würzburg Musikhochschule, Germany

Session V: Music in Nineteenth-Century Europe

"Nocturne in D?, Opus 27, No. 2 by Frederick Chopin: Chopin's Masterpiece in the Italian Operatic Style"
Edward C. Bedner (Berklee College of Music)

"An Analysis of three Songs from Mendelssohn's Opus 63"
Anna Hamre (University of Colorado at Boulder)

Lecture/Performance: "Putting Out to Sea—A Fusion of Classical From with the Intensity of Romantic Temperament in the Lieder of Josephine Lang (1815-1880)"
Judith A. Coe, soprano (Colorado State University)
Charlene Loomis, piano

Session VI: Performance/Presentation

"Roots of Hispania: Iberian Dance Music"
The Mei Duo (Fort Lewis College, Durango, Colorado)
Rachel Vetter Huang, violin
Hao Huang, piano

Session VII: Concert of Music by CMS Composers

Sundog Evensong by Gary Smart (University of Wyoming),
Expanding Mottos(1990) for solo piano by Tayloe Harding (Georgia State University),
Within the Seasons by Richard Corbett,
Resound by Linda M. Swedensky (University of Denver)
Maybrook Fancy by Gary Smart (University of Wyoming)
Climb the Wall for Violin and Tape by George Arasimowicz (University of Colorado at Denver)

South Central

Session I

"The Quatre Chansons de Ronsard of Darius Milhaud"
Anne Patterson (University of Central Arkansas)

"The Way to Carnegie Hall: Advice from 20th-Century Brass Soloists"
Michael Meckna (Texas Christian University)

"Frankenstein in the Lecture Hall"
Richard K. Fiese (University of Houston)

Session II

"The Art Songs of Samuel Coleridge-Taylor"
Rosephanye Dunn Powell and William C. Powell

Performance: Spectrum Ensemble
Barbara Fast, Ronda Mains, Theresa Delaplain

Session III

"Polyphonic Textures as Structural Determinants in Unaccompanied Snare Drum Solos"
Daniel Adams (Texas Southern University)

"Despite Prejudice: The Mendelssohn Dilemma"
Cynthia Barrington

Performance: Edmond Quartet

"Music by Teenagers"
Sam Magrill, Doris Morris, Ralph Morris, Jim Shelley

"Private and Class Piano Instruction in Sight-Reading Utilizing CAI"
Mary Ann Craige (Southeastern Oklahoma State University)

Session IV

"Messiaen: A Theoretical Analysis of the End of Time"
R. Michael Head

"Simultaneous Paraphrase in Leonel Power's 'Beata Progenies'"
Timothy R. McKinney (University of Texas, Arlington)

Performance: Recent Works for Clarinet and Piano
Tayloe Harding, Tom Muncy

Performance: The Nanola Performing Arts Ensemble

"Music for Diverse Instrumentation"
Joe Alexander, Dennis Boe, Mark Hollingsworth


Session I: Contemporary Issues

"The Musical Plagiarism Case Against Billy Ray Cyrus' She's Not Cryin' Anymore"
J. Michael Harrington (Belmont College)

"T. S. Elliot's Four Quartets: Literature and Music"
Diane Brown (Valencia Community College)

"The Use and Abuse of the Graduate Teaching Assistant"
Lyn Schenbeck (Georgia State University)

"Karaoke in the Classroom: Practical Applications for Music Education at the University Level"
John Brick (Miami, Florida)

Session II: Lecture/Recitals

"Nocturne in D?, Opus 27, #2 by Frederick Chopin"
Edward Bedner (Berklee College of Music)

"Plot and Symbols in Alexander Skryabin's Ninth Sonata"
Susanna Garcia (University of Southwestern Louisiana)

"A Concert Version of Mozart's Keyboard Suite K. 339"
Bonny Miller (Norfolk, Virginia)

Concert: Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

Session III: New Computer Technology

"New Software and Hardware for Music Applications"
Mark Lange (Micro Music, Atlanta, Georgia)

Session IV: Musical America

"Don Gillis' 'Atlanta: A Choreographic Impression of a Southern City'"
William Fry (Columbus College)

"Charles Ives: Happy Anniversary!"
Thomas King (Austin Peay State University)

Session V: Lecture/Recitals

"The Flute Compositions of Jindrich Field"
Lana Johns (Mississippi State University)

"The Baroque Clarinet at the Crossroads: Two Mid-Eighteenth Century Concerti"
William Nichols (Northeast Louisiana University)

Session VI: Keynote Address

"A View Beyond . . ."
Richard Koehler (Georgia State University)

Session VII: Composer's Concert

Sand Castles by Ken Jacobs (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
Gesang II by Bernd Franke (Universitat Leipzig)
voiceWall by Ron Parks (University of Florida)
Noctis by Mark Francis (Northwestern State University, LA)
Peregrination by Gary Smoke (Tuscaloosa, Alabama)
Fairhope by Mike Coleman (Fairhope, Alabama)

Session VIII: Panel Discussion

"Surviving a Budget Crisis"

Moderator: Gerald J. Farmer (West Georgia College)

Panelists: James Fairleigh (Jacksonville State University), Charles Harrington (West Georgia College), Daniel Taddie (Maryville College)

Session IX: CMS Composer's Concert

Episode for Woodwind Quintet by Jerry Seig (University of New Orleans),
Quiet Waters by Rick Montalto (Mississippi University for Women),
Three Songs by Daniel Taddie (Maryville College),
Blue Ridge Frescos by Lawrence Sherr (Chamblee, Georgia),
Etude for Two Marimbas by Thomas Grassano (Cleveland, Tennessee),
A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings by Fred DeSena (University of Miami),
Pamlico Legacy by Tayloe Harding (Georgia State University),
One Flesh by Roger Vogel (University of Georgia)

Session X: Musical Americana

"The Florida Federal Music Project: 1935-1942"
Penny Thomas (Ocala, Florida)

"'You Can't Make a Monkey Out of Me' or Forgotten Voices from the Sticks"
Mel Wilhoit (Bryan College)

Session XI: Afro-American Roots

"Camille Lucy Nickerson, 'The Louisiana Lady'"
Presenter: Anne Simpson (Lafayette, Louisiana)
Respondent: Marva Carter (Georgia State University)

"Afro-American Grand Opera Companies in American Culture—A Survey"
Presenter: Ellistine Holly (Jackson State University)
Respondent: Fred Taylor (Georgia State University)

Session XII: Collegiate Concerns

"Music Education in a Diverse and Changing Society: Implications for College Music Faculty"
Presenter: Nancy Barry (Auburn University)
Respondent: Robert Placek (University of Georgia)

"Transforming Textbooks: Reconsidering the Musical Canon and Music Curriculum"
Presenter: Juanita Karpf (University of Georgia)
Respondents: Ed LeRoy and Bill Gallo (Rollins College)

Session XIII: Contemporary Issues

"Multiculturalism: Imperatives for Music Teacher Education"
Presenters: Edward Bouie and Hoyt LeCroy (DeKalb County School System, Georgia)
Respondent: David Myers (Georgia State University)

"Teaching Music Students to Think as Composers Compose"
Presenter: Susan Cohn Lackman (Rollins College)
Respondent: Brent Weaver (Clayton State College)

"Temporal Displacement in Postmodern Music"
Presenter: Stephen Miles (New College of the University of South Florida)
Respondent: Thomas McKinley (Tulane University)

Session XIV: Early Music

"Leipzig and the Legacy of Bach"
Presenter: Gerald J. Farmer (West Georgia College)
Respondent: Bernd Franke (University of Leipzig)

"The Fantasies of John Dowland: Thematic and Structural Relationships"
Presenter: Ken Keaton (Florida Atlantic University)
Respondent: Lee Orr (Georgia State University)

Session XV: Lecture/Recital

"A Look at Two Twentieth Century Works by Women Composers for Soprano, Clarinet and Piano"
Julia Heinen (Valdosta State University)