In Conversation with President Keith Ward

Keith Ward

Last month the Board of Directors, joined by the CMS professional staff and a number of past presidents, posted a statement to the membership expressing our principles of openness and inclusion, two of the defining elements of this outstanding organization. If you have not seen it, I invite you to read it here. CMS remains committed to sustaining many important dialogues including those on the challenges that bloomed this summer in our country. Our common annual topic for 2018, in fact, will be diversity and inclusion, as selected by the Board of Directors at its meeting last year in Fall 2016. Look for more information about the common topic in my monthly message this coming January.

CMS occupies a large tent. Inside it one hears and can contribute to many conversations. Nowhere is that more evident than at our conferences, and this year’s promises to continue that tradition. Led by Donna Emmanuel, the program committee (Paul Dickinson, Susan Helfter, Bonnie S. Jacobi, Pamela Pike, and Jennifer L. Snow) has fashioned a tremendously appealing three-day national conference in San Antonio. Will you be there? I hope so!

The program for our sixtieth national conference captures the breadth of our work in music impressively. It includes sessions on technology (within the creative process, tools in teaching and performance, research, social media), music from the Renaissance through today, jazz history and practices, rock history, theory and analysis, pedagogy (in the studio, classroom, and rehearsal hall), entrepreneurship, music promotion, community engagement, music and society, curriculum development, and musicians’ health. Additional events explore issues of gender in our profession, diversity and inclusion, shared governance and academic citizenship, the place of music in our schools, and career development. Maintaining our long-standing tradition, attendees will hear performances of music from the region and beyond as well as concerts featuring CMS composers.

Lightning talks, poster sessions, panels, forums, papers, concerts, mentoring sessions, and keynotes; opportunities to network and meet colleagues pursuing work similar to your own; outreach events beyond the conference hotel: the list is long! I hope you are looking forward to the conference as much as I am. See you in San Antonio!