Great Lakes

Session Ia: Music of Great Lakes Composers

"A Performance and Discussion of Selected Solo and Chamber Works by Libby Larsen"
Mary Scanlan (Grand Rapids Community College)

"A Performance of Steven Heitzig's Knota"
Mark Lammers (Gustavus Adolphus College)

"A Performance of Jefferson Todd Frazier's An American Quintet"
The Sonneries Quintet (Faculty Wind Quintet of Illinois State University)

Session Ib: Music of Great Lakes Composers

Panel Presentation: "A New Twist on Traditional Theory for Pedagogy, Performance, and Analysis"
Jamie Henke-Paustian (University of Wisconsin); Marilyn Saker (Eastern Michigan University); and Gene Trantham (Bowling Green State University)

Session IIa: College Music Pedagogy

"The Effects of Multisensory Reinforces on Selected Musical Tasks with Pre-service Classroom Teachers: Two Related Studies"
Louise Patrick (Eastern Michigan University)

"Alternative Methods of Presenting Music Concepts in Undergraduate Non-Music Major Courses"
Mark-Daniel Schmid and Jody Kerchner

"Toward Diversity of Materials in Aural Skills Dictation"
Kevin Holm-Hudson (Northwestern University)

Session IIb: Technology and Education

"Hypercard and CD-ROM in the Music History/Appreciation Classroom"
Mark Harbold (Elmhurst College)

"Desktop Multimedia: A New Platform for Musical Expression and Education"
Anna-Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

"Soft: Use of Max"
Don Malone (Chicago Musical College of Roosevelt University)

Session III: Multidisciplinary Studies

"Music in the Art of Marc Chagall"
K Marie Stolba (Indiana-Purdue University)

"Expressionism: An Outward Expression of Inner Exploration"
John E. Taylor (Indiana-Purdue University)

Great Plains

Session I: Historical Topics

"John Knowles Paines' Mass in D and Universality in Music"
Jonathan Knight (Grinnell College)

"Pacificism in the Works of Benjamin Britten"
Barbara Cole (University of Missouri, Columbia)

"Music of Distinction: The Choral Works of Gail Kubik Written for the Robert Shaw Choral"
Alfred W. Cochran (Kansas State University)

"Vocal and Stage Works by Robert Beadell (1925-1994): Great Plains Composer"
Margaret Kennedy (University of Nebraska, Lincoln)

"Cheerleading and Hollywood Westerns: Stereotyping of the Native American Music"
Joseph L. Brumbeloe and David M. Royse (Kansas State University, Manhattan)

"Glasnost & Perestroika; Comparing the Music of Zhanna Kolodub and Sophia Gubaidulina"
Cynthia Green Libby (Southwest Missouri State University, Springfield)

Session II: Plenary Session with Jazz & The Germans Conference

"The New World Enriches the Old"
Michael J. Budds (University of Missouri, Columbia)

"Jazz Leaves Home: The Dissemination of `Hot' Music to Central Europe"
Frank Tirro (Yale University)

"The Evolution of Jaz Culture in Frankfurt: A Memoir"
Carlo Bohländer (Frankfurt, Germany)

"The Influence of American Music on a German Composer"
Hans Werner Zimmermann (Hochschule für Musik, Frankfurt, Germany)

"Jazz and Composition in My Works"
Hans Ulrich Engelmann (Darmstadt, Germany)

Response: T.J. Anderson (Professor Emeritus, Tufts University)

Panel Discussion

Session III: Pedagogical and Professional Topics

"Odd Man Out: J.S. Bach's Invention No. 6"
Guy Wuellner (Drake University)

"The Importance and Function of Keyboard Preluding in the Early Romantic Context"
Jane Lohr (University of Iowa)

"Job Satisfaction Levels among University Music Faculty"
Robert Aubrey (University of Missouri, Columbia)

"Lessons from New Zealand: Re-Thinking the Private Voice Studio"
Nancy Thompson Jones (Central Methodist College)

"The Implications of Concert Commentary on Audience Perceptions"
Glen Gillis (University of Missouri, Columbia)


Session I:

"Korea and the Canonization of Cultures in the World Music Canon: What's at Stake?"
Jonathan Kramer (North Carolina State University)

"Debussy: Doorway to the East"
Renee McCachren (Catawaba College)

"André Caplet and the Lyrical Style of his Cinq Ballades Françaises"
Aurelius Gori (Doctoral Candidate at University of Maryland)

Session II:

"A History of Her Own: Remembering the Women in Music History"
Sharon Shafer (Trinity College)

"Applying Feminist Pedagogy to the College Music Curriculum"
Barbara Coeyman (West Virginia University)

Session III:

"The Expansion of Tonality: A View from Momigny"
Glenn Caldwell (Western Maryland College)

"Rzewski's Blues"
Lynne Mackey (Bluefield College)

Session IV:

"Experimenting with Collaborative Learning Strategies in an Advanced Music History Course: A Chornological Account"
Christopher Wilkinson (West Virginia University)

"Using Computer Technology in Innovative Instructional Techniques for General College Students and Music Majors"
Robert Petters (North Carolina State University)

"Teaching Music Composition, Harmonization, and Analysis with Lead Sheets in Music Theory Class"
Gilbert Trythall (West Virgina University)

Session V:

"The Early 19th Century Repertory for Guitar and Fortepiano: Virtuoso and Amateur Scores and Performance"
Robert Trent (Radford University)

"Private Concerts: A Study of the Nineteenth Century Music Salon"
Meg Freeman Whalen (Queens College

"Two Hundred Years of Music in American Household Periodicals"
Bonny H. Miller (College of William and Mary)

Session VI: A Concert of New Music by CMS Composers

Three Songs by Daniel Crozier (Radford University),
Suite by Kevin McCarter (University of Maryland),
Tikkun by Sherry Martin Woods,
Vibrant Sunrise by Matt Whitfield (Gardner-Webb),
Fantasy on Wexford Carol by Bruce Thompson (Winthrop University), and
Panda Dances (I. Festivo, II. Gentilmente, III. Giochevele, IV. Piacevole, V. Gaio) by Walter Ross (University of Virginia)

Session VII: Pedagogical Issues in Higher Education in Music

"Higher Education Pedagogy: Reflections upon a Career"
George Parish (Radford University)

"Panel Discussion: Four Pedagogical Issues"
Barbara Coeyman (West Virginia University), Jonathan Kramer (North Carolina State University), and Robert Petters (North Carolina State University)


Session I: Griffes Presentations

"Orientalism and the Music of Charles Griffes"
Ellen Lang (Westminster Choir College) and Nancy Theeman (The Masters School)

"Charles Griffes and `The White Peacock:' A Symbolic View of the Bird and the Music"
Cindy Roden Goodloe (Utica College of Syracuse University)

"Arthur Tomlinson, The Other Griffes: Charles T. Griffes as Piano Teacher"
M. Hishan Aghababian

CMS Composers Concert
Compositions by Nicholas D'Angelo, James E. Brown, Paul Dorsam, David Korevaar, Richard Nelson, David Patterson and Peter M. Susser

Panel Discussion: Composer's Intent, Scholar's Image: Informing Approaches to Performance
William Conable, Chair

Session II CMS Presentations

"Teresa Carreño: Her Contributions as Pianist and Composer"
Carmen Rodriguez-Peralta (Middlesex Community College)

"Multi-Cultural Balance in a Western Arts Course: A Native American Strategy"
Charles Gower Price (West Chester University of Pennsylvania)

"Tradition and the Individual Woman: A Lecture-Recital of Piano Works by Schonthal and Silver"
Nanette Kaplan Solomon (Slippery Rock University)

"Paul Hindemith's First Piano Sonata and Hölderlin's `Der Main:' The Artist as Political and Emotional Exile"
David Korevaar

Session I

Lecture-Demonstration: "Music of Bali: Bamboo Folk Music from the Ubud Area"
Julia Hansen (College of Notre Dame)

"Beethoven: Dramatury of the Golden Proportion-A Vehicle into Darkness"
Joan Stubbe (San Jose State University/West Valley College)

Concert of Music by CMS Composers
Works by mark Allburger, S.R. Beckler, Brian Belet, Theodore Dollarhide, Daniel Kingman, James McManus, Rene Ochoa, Robert Strizich

Session II

"Building a Sense of Community in the University Classroom"
Matthew Daines (University of California at Davis)

Panel Discussion: "Teaching Music Theory in California in 1995: Where We are Going and Why"
Coordinator: Brian Belet (San Jose State University)
Panel: Antonio Barata (CalPoly State University), Brent Heisinger (San Jose State University), Jim McManus (Ohlone Community College), and Janis Mercer (Independent Teacher)

Pacific Northwest

Session I

"Instructor/Student Attitudes Toward Computerized Keyboard Teaching"
Susan Chan (Washington State University)

"Performing Paltas to Promote Proficiency"
Robert Hurwitz and Ray Morse (University of Oregon)

"The Effect of Movement-based Instruction on the Melodic Perception of Primary-Age General Music Students"
Alicia Mueller (Washington State University)

Session II

"Contributions of 19th Century Women Musicians in Norway"
Jill Michelle Cosart (University of Oregon)

"The Jondo Art of Maurice Ohana"
Gil Seeley (Lewis and Clark College)

"Generic Mixture/Modulation in Debussy's Images Books I and II"
Arnie Cox (University of Oregon)

Panel Discussion: Diversity in the Curriculum
Panel members: Nora Beck, Gil Seeley, and Steve Valdez

Session III: CMS Composers Recital

Fantasia on a Jacobite Song by Terry McQuilken (University of Oregon),
Pictures at an Exhibition for Tape and Slides by Vincent McDermott (Lewis & Clark College),
Phantasie and Phugue (1995) by Barbara Harbach (Washington State University),
Sonata #4 for Piano by Walter B. Saul II (Warner Pacific College),
I Can Dance (1995) by Jeffrey Stolet (University of Oregon),
These Sins Will Not Be Forgiven for Tape (1994) by David Paul Johnson (University of Oregon),
Piano Sonata (1992-1994) by Steven Hegarty (University of Oregon),
Masks of Eternity for Tape (1994) by Diane Thome (University of Washington), and
Magical Dances (1993) by Tom Bergeron (Western Oregon State College)

Pacific Southern

Session I

"Viennese pasticcio practice in Mozart's Vienna: context, reform and Josephinian opera buffa"
Kay Lipton

"The Rhetoric of Symmetry: Multiple Levels of Structure in Carissimi's Jephte"
Beverly Stein

Session II

"Introduction to Music Courses: The New Paradigm"
Hao Huang

Lecture/Performance: "Ruth Crawford Seeger: Diaphonic Suite No. 1 (1930)"
Daniel Kessner

Session III

"Shades of Pastel by Daniel Kessner "

Lecture/Performance: "William Grant Still's Suite for Violin and Piano: A Meeting of Worlds in Sight and Sound"
Mei Duo; Rachel Vetter Huang, violin and Hao Huang, piano

Session IV

"New Frontiers in Electronic Publishing: Authoring for the Internet"
Robert Parker

"Technology in Music Instruction: hardware and software requirements for programs in Midi, recording, ear training, notation and listening"
David W. Nelson

Rocky Mountain

Session I: Music in Ancient Israel and End of the 20th Century

"Music in Ancient Israel: A Unique Contribution to Ethnomusicology"
Allen Schantz (Colorado Christian University)

"Music at the Millenium"
Franz L. Roehmann (University of Colorado at Denver)

"Toward a Unified Theory of Music Esthetics at the End of the 20th Century"
William Kearns (University of Colorado at Boulder)

Session II: Music Pedagogy and Criticism

"The Discipline of Music Criticism in a World of Diversity and Multiculturalism"
Anne Culver (University of Denver)

"Music Technology and Music Teacher Preparation: A Necessary Partnership"
Robert A. Harding (Colorado State University)

"Teaching the Whole Person: Gestalt Principles and the Inner Game of Music"
Harvey Paul Thurmer (Colorado Christian University)

Session III: Evening Concert

Piano Sonata (1986) by Thomas Brosh (Community College of Aurora),
Medley of Irish Music Traditional, arr. John Pennington,
Duettino Concertante for Flute and Percussion by Ingolf Dahl,
Dual Excursions for Flute and Marimba by Mark Watters,
Summer Songs for Maura by David King (Front Range Community College)
Shadows (1994- ) for prepared tape (premiere by Thomas Brosh), and
The Sun Also Rises by George Arasimowicz (University of Colorado at Denver)

Session IV:

"History and the Arts"
Dr. K Marie Stolba, Professor of Music Emerita (Indiana University-Purdue University at Fort Wayne)

Session V: Theory and Analysis

"What Key Are We In Here???"
Paul W. Metz (Colorado State University)

"Aspects of Time, Symmetry, and Unity in Classic Music"
John Douglas Gray (University of Colorado at Boulder)

Session VI: Lecture/Performance of Compositions

Five Songs by Sergius Kagen: Never More Will the Wind, Three Satires, Persons of Intelligence and Culture, Yonder See the Morning Blink, How Pleasant It is to Have Money
Frederick Gersten (University of Wyoming), voice with Theresa Bogard (University of Wyoming), piano

"Nocturne in E Major, Opus 62, No. 2 by Frederic Chopin: Chopin's Last Nocturne"
Edward C. Bedner (Berklee College of Music)

"Women's Voices/Values in Nineteenth-Century Music: The Art Songs of Pauline Viardot-Garcia and Clara Schumann"
Janet Morrow King (Colorado State University) with David King, piano

Session VII: Theory and Analysis II and Jazz Music

"Temporality and Formal Balance in Elliott Carter's Eight Pieces for Four Timpani"
Yayoi Uno (University of Colorado at Boulder)

"The Liturgical Music of Jazz Pianist Mary Lou Williams"
Donna Bogard (University of Colorado at Denver)

South Central

Session I: The Study of Music

"We all are music educators"
Richard Fiese

"The Development of Vocal Pedagogy to 1700"
Rebecca Norton Helm

"A Systematic Approach to Performance Analysis"
Blaise Ferrandino

"Using Keyboard Ensembles to Enrich and Develop the ????"
Dawn Costello Miller

"Performance of the Young Instrumentalist"
Diane Boyd

Session II: History and Analysis of Music

"Patterns of the Sublime and the Classical Symphony: Haydn's Farewell Symphony Reconsidered"
Deanna Bush

"The Two and the Three of Brahms' C-Major Intermezzo Op.119 No.3"
Daniel Carson Berry

"Jean Charles Francois' Fragments II for prepared snare drum (or solo multiple percussion?)"
Daniel Adams

"Surrealism in the Piano Music of Representative Twentieth-Century American Composers"
Kathryn Fouse

Session III: Performance, Lecture-recitals

"Selected Elementary and Intermediate Piano Teaching Repertoire by Brazilian Composers"
Maritza Mascarenhas

"Why Not Play a Transcription?"
Robert McFadden

"Pythagoras of Samos"
John D. White with David Johansen

Session IV: Modern music

"The Method Behind the Madness: Schoenberg's Erwartung"
Diane Penney

"Elegies for Clarinet and Piano: Motivations and Stylistic Influences Upon Form and Tonality"
Mark Hollingsworth with Dennis Boe

"Performance Practice and the Aesthetics of Indeterminacy"
Gary Feltner

"Music Written for 'Cello in the 20th Century"
Elizabeth Morrow

Session V: Concert

Sonata No.1 for Violin and Piano (1994) by Elisenda Fabregas,
The saddest noise, the sweetest noise . . . (1994) by William Heinrichs,
Tintinnabulations! (1994) by Roger Price,
STRIKE! (1994) (premiere) by George B. Chave, and
SYNCLARISM (1994) by Tim Crowley


Session I: American Women Composers

"The Music of Katherine K. Beard"
Terry McRoberts (Union University)

"In Retrospect: Ruby Elzy - 1910-1943"
Ellistine Perkins Holly (Jackson State University)

Session II: Lecture Recitals

"Mauro Giuliani and Opera: Le Rossiniane, Op. 119"
Ken Keaton (Florida Atlantic University)

"A Brass Phoenix: the Rebirth of the Alto Trombone"
Robert F. Schmalz (University of Southwestern Louisiana)

"A Survey of Recital Literature for Soprano and Clarinet"
Margaret Daniel (University of Southwestern Louisiana)

Session III: Music Education

"On the Phenomena of the Auditory Image or What Does One Hold in Mind When Imagining Music?"
Mary J. Reichling (University of Southwestern Louisiana)

"Distance Learning and Information Technology: Applications for the Classroom"
Allen Henderson (Austin Peay State University)

Session IV: World Music/Collegiate Course Concerns

"Traditional and Contemporary Music in China Today"
Howard Brahmstedt (Tennessee Technological University)

"Including Extramusical Topics in Music Courses"
Susan Cohn Lackman (Rollins College)

Session V: Lecture-Recitals

"Telemann Excerpts in the Solfeggi of J.J. Quantz"
Amy Edmondson (Brenau University) and Nancy Barry (Auburn University)

"European-American Music for Clarinet and Piano: A Jazzical/Classical Performance Demonstration"
Gerald Farmer (West Georgia College) and James Fairleigh (Jacksonville State University)

Session VI: CMS Composers' Concert I

Works by Stella Sung, Mark Prince Lee, Joe Alexander, Allen Molineux, and Frank Clark

Session VII: Music Education

"Computer-Aided Listening: Good or Bad?"
Ann L. Silverberg (Austin Peay State University)

"Implication of the National Voluntary Standards for the Elementary Classroom Teacher and Music Education"
Carl D. King (East Tennessee State University)

"Dentistry and the Musician"
Nancy A. Staples (Auburn University)

Session VIII: CMS Composers' Concert II

Works by Mark Francis, Ken Jacobs, Dinos Constantinides, Richard Montalto, and Al Benner

Session IX: Theory

"Harmonic Progression in Milhaud"
Roger C. Vogel (The University of Georgia)

"Solmization, Scale, and Key in Nineteenth-Century Four-Shape Tune-Books: Theory and Practice"
Daniel Taddie (Maryville College)

Session X: CMS Composers' Concert III

Works by Robert Donahue, Kari Jussela, Robert Placek, James Paul Sain, and Roger Vogel

Session XI: Twentieth Century Music

"Motivic Transformation and Tonal Implication in Three Compositions by Prince"
E. Michael Harrington (University of Alabama, Birmingham)

"Various Aspects of Presenting an Opera"
Dinos Constantinides (Louisiana State University)

"The Versatile Richard Hageman: Conductor, Composer, and Accompanist"
Anne K. Simpson (University of Southwestern Louisiana, retired) and Ann Taddie (Maryville College)