Great Lakes

Session I: Musicians from Indiana and Ohio

"Gayle Ingraham Smith: Of Violins and Voile"
Ed Duling (Bowling Green State University)

"'Better Music for Rural Indiana': The Development and Significance of the Indiana Home Demonstration Chorus"
Linda Pohly (Ball State University)

"Emerson Whithorne: Introducing a Forgotten Impressionist"
John Kozar, Emerson Whithorne Project

Session II: Pedagogy and Research

"Research for Performers: Is It Really an Oxymoron?"
Richard Kennell (Bowling Green State University)

"Utilizing Group Project Presentations as a Means of Teaching Music Appreciation"
Dorothy J. Ling (Walsh University)

"Include a Study of Multiculturalism in Music Education Methods Classes"
Constance J. Speake (Northeastern Illinois University)

Session III: 20th-Century Music

"Text Setting in the Musical Compositions of Brian Wilson"
James E. Perone (Mount Union College)

"'What Else Would You Call a Work on the Months of the Year?': A Lecture-Recital based on Fanny Hensel's piano cycle Das Jahr and Judith Lang Zaimont's A Calendar Set"
Katharine Boyes (University of Cincinnati)

Great Plains

Session I:

"Grand Opera in Kansas in the 19th Century"
Harlan Jennings (Michigan State University)

"Leonard Bernstein, Eclecticism, and Vernacular Music"
Paul Laird (University of Kansas)

"Twentieth Century Music for Clarinet and Piano"
Jane Carl (University of Missouri-Kansas City)

Session II:

"Literal Accuracy or Poetic License? Speculation Concerning the Winchester Cathedral Organ"
Charles J. Barland (University of Kansas)

"Measurement of Performance Response Differences Using Aluminum and Brass Marimba Resonators"
Barry Larkin (Iowa State University)

"William Bolcom and the Ragtime Revival"
Linda Featherston (Kansas State University)

"Goethe, Zelter and Strophic Form in Kennst du das Land"
Stephanie Campbell (Washington University)

Session III: Composer's Recital

The Phoenix by Andrew Bonacci (University of Kansas),
Six Songs for Voice and Clarinetby Donald Callen Freed (Hastings College),
Five Movements for Trumpet in C, Flute and Percussion by Sterling P. Cossaboom (Southeast Missouri State University),
Rhodora: A Song Cycle on Texts by Ralph Waldo Emerson by Thomas Ediger (Peru State College),
Sonata for Soprano Sax and Piano by Warren P. Gooch (Truman State University),
Two Etudes from Twelve Etudes by Maurice Ohana.

Session IV:

"Bach the Architect: Durational Unity in The B-Minor Mass and The Art of Fugue"
Cory Hall (Lawrence, KS)

"The Unification of Sonata Form in Alban Berg's String Quartet, Op. 3"
Jay C Batzner (University of Kansas)

"Stylistic Diversity in Selected Songs of Frederic Goossen"
Robert Jones, (North Dakota State University)

Session V:

"Faculty Roles and Rewards: Current Views of Our Profession"
Nohema Fernández (Immediate Past-President of The College Music Society)

"Reaching a Synthesis-A Practical Outworking of Middle Listening Level Strategies using Vaughan Williams' Eighth Symphony First Movement: Variazioni senza Tema"
Ian Coleman (University of Kansas)

"An Aural-Skills Supplement: Harmonic Reading"
Mark L. Holmberg (University of Kansas)

"Performance-Based Analysis: A Practical Approach to Music Theory"
Warren P. Gooch (Truman State University)


Session I: Lecture/Recitals

"The Songs of Karol Szymanowski: A Lecture-Recital"
Laura Grazyna Kafka (Greenbelt, Maryland)

"Chasm or Contiunuum? The Applicability of Classical Vocal Techniques to Popular Vocalism"
Laura A. Mann (George Mason University)

"Yrj? Kilpinen: Lieder um den Tod, Op. 62. Unearthing Unusual Starkness, Spaciousness, Coldness and Subtlety in Post-Romantic Lieder"
Aurelius Gori (Frederick Community College)

Session II: Lecture/Recitals

"Re-imagining Schubert: Two 20th-century Song Cycles: A Lecture-Recital"
Stephen Brown (George Washington University)

"Sound and Color: Olivier Messiaen's Expression of Faith"
Jean Marie Wu (Peabody Institute of the JHU)

"Anton Philip Heinrich and 'The Dawning of Music in Kentucky'"
Andrew Willis (University of North Carolina at Greensboro)

Session III: Technology, Research and Aural Skills

"Using the Net for Teaching and Research"
Cho-Chuen Wong (St. Louis Public Library) and Hon-Lun Yang (Washing ton University in St. Louis)

"The Blues, Jazz, and Developing Listening Skills: One Musician's Approach"
David H. Evans (Queens College)

"Collaborative Research Program"
Judy F. Hutton (Wingate College)

"Technology and the Conducting Class"
Joe Hickman (University of North Carolina at Wilmington)

Session IV: Concert of Works by CMS Composers

Sonata, by David Heinick,
Five Mir? Bagatelles by John Hilliard,
Windows by Donna Kelly, Eastman,
Triettes by Byron Petty,
Cello Sonata #1 by Ryan Garber,
Ballade for Piano by Gordon Marsh, and
A Past Persistence by Mark Kilstofte

Session V: Toward the Future-Teaching Music in the 21st Century

"Curriculum Reform in Music in the 1990s? Don't Leave Pedagogy Reform Behind"
Barbara Coeyman (Austin, TX)

"Goals 2000: Implications for College Music Educators and Applied Teachers"
Norma Kirkland (Anderson College) and Sandra Stewart (Jacksonville University)

"A New Look at Minor Curricula: E Pluribus Unum ('From Many, One')"
Linda Cockey (Salisbury State University)

"The New Music Curriculum"
Roger Johnson (New York, NY)

"Wake Up! It's the 21st Century"
Marc Irwin (Frederick College, Peabody Institute)


Session I: Topics in 20th Century Music I

"The Icelandic LILJA Melody and Its Use By Contemporary Composers"
Kenneth J. Peacock (New York University)

"The Gang's All Here: Order and Expectation in Pre-Serial Works of Anton Webern"
Les Black (Yale University)

"Schoenberg's Modern Theory: A State of Research Report"
Charlotte Cross (New York, NY)

"Pianismus: Another Facet of Diane Thome's Musical Personality"
Nelly Maude-Case (Crane School of Music)

Session II: Music of the Americas I

"Abbe Niles, Blues Advocate"
Elliott Hurwitt (CUNY)

"Latin American Piano Music"
Estela Olevsky (University of Massachusetts at Amherst)

"Alan Hovhaness: American Composer of Exquisite Piano Music"
Marvin Rosen

"Piano Music by African American Composers"
Richard Alston

Session III: Topics in 20th Century Music II

"Nadia Boulanger: Americans in Paris and laissez-faire Pedagogy"
Mark Radice (Ithaca College)

"Rhythmic Aspects of Messiaen's Musical Language"
Ivo Kaltchev (Westminster Conservatory)

"Vernacular Forms in Alban Berg's Wozzeck"
David Moore (Rochester, NY)

Session IV: Issues in Pedagogy

"Incorporating Non-Western Music in Introductory Music Courses"
Marianne Murawski (Richard Stockton College)

"21st Century Music Curriculum"
Roger Johnson (Ramapo College)

Session V: Composers' Concert I

Music by Paul Steinberg, Douglas Johnson (Trinity College), Jan Krzywicki, William Ryan, and Arthur Welwood

Session VI: Music and Technology

"Using Technology to Teach the Long Middle Ages"
Russell E. Murray (University of Delaware)

"Gradus ad Contrapunctus: CD-ROM and WWW Approaches to Teaching Counterpoint"
Irene M. Girton (Bowdoin College)

"Designing Effective Multimedia Music Classroom Presentations"
Thomas Smialek (Penn State, Hazleton Campus)

"Improvising with Computers"
Robert Miller (Ph.D. Candidate, University of Pittsburgh)

Session VII:

"J.S. Bach and Lutheranism: The Theology of Bach's Cantatas"
Betsy Joyce (Trinity College '98)

"Go Back Where You Belong: Religion, Politics and the Beatles"
Charles Gower Price (West Chester University)

Session VIII:Music of the Americas II

"Emerson Whithorne: Introducing a Forgotten Impressionist"
John Kozar (Emerson Whithorne Project, Cherry Hill, NJ)

"Women Song Composers of Latin America"
Kathleen Wilson-Spillane (University of New Hampshire)

"20th Century Cuban Music for Guitar"
Anton Machelder

"Toward Universality in the Americas: Composition Without Borders"
The Wetherill/Cameron-Wolfe Duo (CUNY Staten Island and CUNY Purchase)

"Bel Canto Vocal Music From the Americas"
Gooywon Elissa Kim (Philadelphia, PA)

Session IX:Composers' Concert II

Music by Elizabeth Alston, Robert Carl, Andrew Keiser, Harold Meltzer, and David Patterson

Session I

"The Ira F. Brilliant Center for Beethoven Studies: An Overview of Resources and Services to Researchers"
Patricia Elliott, Curator (The Ira F. Brilliant Center for Beethoven Studies, San Jose State University)

Session II

"Caprice a deux: Musical Notation in the Vocal Works of Betsy Jolas"
Laura D. Stanfield (California State University-Hayward)

Session III: Composers' Concert

Browsing at the Video Store by Theodore Dollarhide,
Mice Suite No. 2: Seven Vocables for English Horn, Clarinet, Soprano, and Piano by Mark Alburger,
Soon Will Our Handful of Days . . . by Barbara Christmarin,
and Extensions #1 for Electric Guitar & Tape by Doug Michael

Pacific Southern

Session I:

"Bebop Counterpoint: New Perspectives on the Pedagogy of Jazz Improvisation"
Barry Pohlmann Moellendorf

"Wittgenstein's Net and Schubert's Mass in G: Asking the Right Questions Regarding Performance Practice"
Robert W. Parker

Session II: Works by CMS composers performed by Kaleidoscope and Peter Gach

In Search Of by Barbara Bennett,
Chase Play I-IV by William Bradbury,
and Northwest Miniatures by James Wintle

Session III:

"A Foundation for Defining Southern Shape-note Hymnody from 1800 to 1860 as a Learned Compositional Style"
David A. Brock

"The Second Piano Sonata by Dmitrii Shostakovich: A Style Analysis"
Alexander Tentser

Session IV:

"The Quartal System: The Evolution of the Two-Dimentsional Keyboard"
Geary S. Thompson

"Hanson's Sinfonia Sacra and HAL: A Study of Harmonic Devices in Hanson's Fifth Symphony-Analyzed using an Original Adaptation of Finale Software"
Robert C. Berr)

Session V: Works by CMS Composers

Prisms and Reflections (Third Piano Sonata) by David Ward-Steinman,
Duo for Viola and Cello on Jewish Folk Tunes by Marshall Bialosky,
Dueling by Daniel Kessner

Session VI:

"Gorecki's Success: The Selling of a Symphony"
David F. Kopplin

"Firstness and Originality: About Taste There Can Be No Discussion"
Peter Yates

Rocky Mountain

Session I: Music Theory

"An Investigation into the Relationship of Instrumental Density and Dynamics of the Fourth Movement of Charles Ives's Fourth Symphony"
Robert Lewis Garner (University of Texas, El Paso)

"Analysis of John Corigliano's Fantasia on an Ostinato"
Tomoko Deguchi (University of Wyoming)

Session II: Music Education

"Learning Theories vs. the College Music Curriculum: Implications for Change"
Charles Boyer (Adams State College)

"Case Studies of Artistic Creativity: How is Creativity Fostered in Music and Dance?"
David Brinkman (University of Wyoming)

"A Proposal to Evaluate the Extent to which Utah Senior High School Band Programs Reflect Aesthetic and Utilitarian Goals"
Thomas Durante (University of Utah)

Session III: Lecture Performances

"Texted Chamber Music for Oboe in the Nineteenth Century"
Julie Combs (University of Wyoming)

"The Samuel Barber Piano Sonata: History, Analysis and Performance"
Zoe Erisman (University of Colorado at Denver)

Session IV: Musicology Session I

"The C. F. Abel Symphony in E-flat, Op. 7. No. 6: A Discussion of Its Mistaken Identity as the Mozart Symphony No. 3, K. 18"
Michael Griffith (University of Wyoming)

"All Arts are Connected to Their Era and Culture: Or, Music Never Lagged Behind the Other Arts"
David King (Front Range Community College)

Session V: American Music

"Women Brass Players in Jazz: 1860 to the Present"
Mary Lazarus Woodbury (Mesa State College)

"Art Music by African-American Composers"
Helen Walker-Hill (University of Wyoming)

"Early American Religious Music: Anthems by American Moravian Composers, John Antes, Johann Bechler, Johann Geisler, Christian Gregor, Johannes Herbst and Johann Peter"
Donna Bogard (University of Colorado at Denver)

Session VI: Musicology Session II

"Rentaro Taki: Japan's Pioneer in Music After the Meiji Restoration"
Hidemi Matsushita

"Cecil Effinger and the Musicwriter"
Larry Worster (Metropolitan State College of Denver)

Session VII: CMS Composers Concert

Distant Voices by James Wintle,
Reminiscences of a Woman's Life in Edo Period Japan by Gary Smart,
Three Songs for Soprano by Stephen Stace,
Series One (1968) by Thomas Brosh,
Spiresongs by Nancy Gunn,
Divertimento for Woodwind Trio by William Stacy,
Three Movements for Solo Saxophone (1966) by Thomas Brosh

South Central

Session I:

"Ancient Influences, Contemporary Composing"
Thomas Clark, University of North Texas Through System

"Lecture Recital: Two of Every Sort Shalt Thou Bring Into the Ark or Past, Present and Future of Team Piano Playing"
Mary Ann Craige and Robert McFadden (SOSU)

Session II: CMS Student Papers

"Great Performers of the Baroque Era: The Castrati and Farnelli"
Christina Leonard (University of Central Arkansas)

"The Similar Music Philosophies and Practices of Plato, The Pythagoreans, Boethius and the Ani Yun Wiya"
Lisa Thomas (University of North Texas)

"Let People Judge Me by My Music: Shostakovitch and the Stalin Years"
Jacqueline Vaughn (University of Central Arkansas)

Session III: CMS/TSMT Joint Technology Session

"Computer-Based Learning Activities for the Music Theory Classroom"
Stefan Kostka (The University of Texas at Austin)

"A Hypermedia Concordance to Pitch-Class Sets in Bartók's Mikrokosmos"
J. Kent Williams (The University of North Carolina at Greensboro)

"IntervalWeaver: A CAI Application for the World-Wide Web"
Jason Myre (University of North Texas)

"Using Max to Develop One's Own Computer-Assisted Instruction"
Charles Menoche (The University of Texas at Austin)

Session IV: CMS Composers' Concert

Trio Italiano by Mary Jeanne van Appledorn,
Three Songs for Soprano by Stephen Stace,
Interpolations by Samuel Magrill,
Sonatine for Trumpet by Stephen Weber,
Hippopotamus by Blaise J. Ferrandino, and
Meditations: Lament of Angels by Roger Price

Session V:

"How Much Institutional Culture is Too Much? or, Who Mentors the Mentors?"
Anne Patterson (University of Central Arkansas)

"Jindrich Feld's Introduzione, Toccata e Fuga Per Flauto Solo"
Dennette Derby McDermott (Northwestern State University, Natchitoches, LA)

Session VI:

"Nena Plant Wideman: Her Life and Work with Student Concerti Performances 1949-1983"
Karen McBee (Panola College)

"Lecture Recital: 'The Mystery and Memory of Sounds:' Henri Dutilleux's Three Preludes for Piano"
Ken Johansen (Dallas, Texas)

Session VII: Concert-CMS Member Composers

Five Etudes for Contrabass by Paul Dickinson,
Mangrove Memoir by Daniel Adams,
This River in Octaves by Greg Hoepfner,
Outpages by Mark Frances,
In His Hand by Kenneth A. Jacobs,
and Aphorisms by Tom Muncy

Session VII: CMS Member Composers Orchestral Reading

Thomas Clark: PTACI and Timothy Kramer: Concerto for Organ and Orchestra


Session I: Teaching Music/Pedagogy

"Musicological Approaches to Teaching Undergraduate History"
Daniel Taddie (Maryville College)

"So You Wanna Teach Music?"
Richard K. Fiese (University of Miami)

CMS Composer Work: Icta Pala, composition for solo guitar by Kari Juusela (Stetson University)

Session II: Technology in Music

"The Theremin: Its History, Design, and Performance Techniques"
Richard Montalto (Mississippi University for Women)

"Virtual Mirrors: Course Materials on the Internet and/or Intranets"
Douglas Knehans (University of Alabama)

CMS Composer Work: Elegy, composition for viola by Thomas McKinley (Harid Conservatory)

CMS Composer Work: Songs of Women by Darlene Mitchell (Tallahassee, Florida)

Session III: Women and Music

"Fanny Mendelssohn-Hensel: A Sesquicentennial Commemoration of an Early Romantic Composer"
Marie A. Tavianini and Pamela Youngdahl Dees (University of Miami)

"A Survey of Flute Compositions by Women Composers"
Karen Garrison and Joseph Stephenson (Auburn University)

"The Piano and Vocal Music of Florence Price"
Joanne Stephenson (University of Central Florida) and Karen Laubengayer (Jackson State University)

"Three Nocturnes by Women Composers"
Penny Thomas (Ocala, Florida)

"Aesthetics, Women, and Music: An Exploration of Several Selected Themes"
Mary J. Reichling (University of Southwestern Louisiana)

Session IV: Concert of works of CMS Composers

Legends for flute and tape by Kenneth Jacobs (University of Tennessee, Knoxville),
Music for Piano No. 1 by Mark Lee (Columbia State College),
To Confront and Ancient Night (tape) by Richard Montalto (Mississippi University for Women),
Trio by Ferdinando DeSena (University of Miami),
and The Dancing King for tuba and tape by Jesse Ayers (Knoxville College)

Session V: Performance Practice

"A Voice Master Class with Mathilde Marchesi through Contemporary Periodicals"
Bonny Miller (University of New Orleans)

"Composing Original Cadenzas"
Gerald J. Farmer (State University of West Georgia)

"Collaborative Themes: The Finzi-Hardy Song"
Thomas A. Gregg and Stacy Rodgers (University of Mississippi), David Schubert (Delta State University)

"Alternate Expressions in Vocal Performance-Music for Voice and Percussion"
Cheryl Boyd-Waddell (Clayton State College)

Session VI: Franz Schubert

"The Graz Compositions of Schubert"
Vicki King (Austin Peay State University)

"The Schubert Lieder Transcriptions of Johann Kaspar Merz (1806-1856)"
Ken Keaton (The Schmidt College of Arts and Letters)

"The Swan Song Cycle?: Franz Schubert on His 200th Birthday"
Thomas King (Austin Peay State University)

Session VII: Music of Latin America and the Caribbean

"Selected Elementary and Intermediate Piano Teaching Repertory by Brazilian Composers"
Maritza Mascarenhas (St. Thomas Catholic School)

"An Introduction to the Folk Music of Argentina"
James N. Anderson (Armstrong Atlantic State University) and Carol Anderson (Windsor Forest High School)

"Afro-Cuban and Afro-Caribbean Rhythmic Influences in the Music of the Beatles"
E. Michael Harrington (Belmont University)

CMS Composer Work: Retablo by Peeter Tammearu (Florida State University)

Session VIII: Outstanding Student Papers

"A Warrior's Plight: The Fanfare in Verdi's Otello"
Amanda Martin (Maryville College)

"The Strange Attractors of John Cage"
Bret Aarden (New College of the University of South Florida)

"Auxiliary Wind Instrument Pedagogy: A Qualitative Examination of Its Relationship to the Standard Instrument Pedagogy"
Richard A. Murry (Auburn University)

Session IX: Concert of Works of CMS Composers

Music for Chamber Ensemble by Orlando Garcia (Florida International University),
Tuatha De Danann by John D. White (Talladega College),
Time by Greg Danner (Tennessee Tech University),
Sur la Memoire by Stella Sung (University of Central Florida),
and Voyages for trumpet & percussion by Roger Vogel (University of Georgia)

Session X: Music in the United States

"Violinists, Singers, Conductors and Huns: Effects of the 'Great War' on the American Homeland"
Robert F. Schmalz (University of Southwestern Louisiana)

"Pioneer American Composers and Their Art Songs"
Margaret H. Daniel (University of Southwestern Louisiana)

"When the Barns Were Burning"
G. B. Lane (University of South Carolina)

CMS Composer Work: Three Pieces for Guitar by Mark Francis (Louisiana School for Math, Science and The Arts)

"Songs for Soprano by Louisiana Composers"
Anne K. Simpson (University of Southwestern Louisiana)

"Jaromir Weinberger: Artist of the Past"
David Kushner (University of Florida)