Great Lakes

Session I: Music in Chicagoland, I

"Marie Bergersen is Trying to Compose"
Stephen Zank (Denison University)

"John Alden Carpenter's Gitanjali: Chicago, 1913"
Robert G. Hall (Laurentian University)

Session II: Synthesis, Culture. and Collaboration

"A Link Between the Liberal Arts and the Professions: Music Education and Technical Communication"
Barbara E. Bowker (William Rainey Harper College)

"A Model for Musical/Poetic Synthesis: If You Can by William Flannagan (Poem by Howard Moss)"
Margaret Kennedy-Dygas (Hope College)

"Charles Hommann: American Composer of German Descent"
Joanne Swenson-Eldridge (Beloit College)

Session III: And Now, Time For a Song . . .

"Collaborations Within and Across Disciplines in the Genesis of the Song Cycle What's for Supper? for Soprano, Viola and Piano by Zae Munn"
Zae Munn (Saint Mary's College)

"Excerpts from Into The Deep, for Bass Voice (amplified and processed), Electronic Tape and Video Projections, by Michael Kallstrom"
Michael Kallstrom (Western Kentucky University)

Session IV: Music in Chicagoland, II

"The Good Soldier Schweik Comes to Cicero: A lecture/recital on The Dance Suite, Op. 29 by Robert Kurka for Piano, Four-Hands"
Ludmila Lazar (Chicago Musical College of Roosevelt University) and Mary Scanlan (Grand Rapids Community College)

"Carl and Anna Troll: Chicago Musicians"
Nelson T. Cleary (Wilmette, Illinois)

"Sound Ideas from Voices of the Past: Radio's Chicago Theatre of the Air (1940-1955) and Opera Appreciation in Today's Classroom"
Michael A. Nealon (Lansing Community College)

Session V: Technology in Music Education and Performance

"Beyond the Lecture: A Studio Approach to Music Appreciation"
John Murphy (Western Illinois University)

"A Multimedia CD-ROM Development for Cesar Franck's Organ Chorale in B Minor-Analysis and Performance"
Suna Chung (Indiana University) and Sam Chung (Indiana University Medical Center)

"Using Web Pages and Music Notation Software in the Aural Skills Classroom"
Bruce Taggart (Michigan State University)

"New Synchronization Techniques for Pianists: Disklavier to the 'MAX'"
Todd Welbourne (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Great Plains

Session I:

"Program and Form in Richard Strauss's 'Macbeth'"
Scott Warfield (Nebraska Wesleyan University)

"Background Structures in Schumann's Frauenliebe und Leben"
Daniel Barnard (University of Kansas)

"A Twentieth-Century Realization of Vocal Virtuosity: John Cage's Aria"
Helen Pridmore (Nebraska Wesleyan University)

Session II:

"A Country Masque for Hodge Trillindle and His Zweet Hort Malkyn: The Masque Elements of Thomas Ravenscroft's 'Enamoring' Section of the Harmonies from A Briefe Discourse, 1614"
Joel Kramme (University of Missouri-Rolla and Viol Consort)

"Félix Fourdrain: One of the Best Kept Secrets in the History of French Song"
Jana Lundberg (Wayne State University)

"On the Brink of Reality: Rachel Portman's Film Scores for Benny and Joon and The Adventures of Pinocchio"
William A. Everett (Washburn University)

Session III:

Contemporary Compositions for Clarinet and Piano by Kansas Composers
Karen Danessa and Lynne Garrett (Pittsburg State University)

Session IV: Composer's Recital

Days: Three Songs for Soprano and Piano by Thomas Ediger (Peru State College),
Sonatina for Clarinet and Piano by Jay C. Batzner (University of Kansas)

Session V:

"Prolongation and Post-Tonal Music: A Schenkerian Approach to Joan Tower's Platinum Spirals"
Andrew M. Bonacci (University of Kansas)

"Influences on Amy Beach's Early Music"
Brent Hugh (University of Missouri, Kansas City)

"Challenges and Solutions to Performing Renaissance Masses in Concert"
James F. Hejduk (University of Nebraska, Lincoln)

Session VI:

"Special Guest Presentation: Musical Instrument Museums: Preserving the Past, Confronting the Future"
André P. Larson (Director, America's Shrine to Music Museum, Vermillion, SD)

"Verdi and the Art of Dramatic Composition"
Roberta M. Marvin, (University of Iowa)

"Musical Treatment of Linking Phrases and Internal Transitions in Richard Cumming's Song Cycle The Crowne"
Robert Jones and Andrew Froelich (North Dakota State University)


Session I:

"A Survey of the Piano Compositions of Louise Talma"
Eunice W. Stackhouse (Montreat College)

"Sound Journey to a Concerto: The Origins of Darius Milhaud's Concerto for Percussion and Small Orchestra"
Laura Phillips (University of North Carolina, Greensboro)

"The Artistic Friendship Between Robert Schumann ad Ludwig Schuncke"
Ruskin Cooper (Salem College)

Session II: CMS Composers Concert

Lyric Fanfare for trombone and piano by David Gaines,
Two Pieces for piano by Kevin McCarter,
Leaves of the Fall for soprano and piano by Sherry Martin Woods,
Scherzo for B flat clarinet and piano by Terry Vosbein,
Three Songs for mezzo-soprano and piano by Stephen Coxe,
You [unfolding] for cello solo by Mark Kilstofte,
Pictures of Autumn for soprano and piano by Michael Sitton,
Voice of the Ephors for brass quintet by Byron W. Petty


Session I: Topics in Latin American Music

"The Choro: Performance Practice of a Brazilian Genre"
Thomas G. Garcia (University of Massachusetts)

"Post Modern Music in Brazil"
Ricardo Tacuchian (Villa-Lobos Institute/University of Rio de Janeiro and SUNY Albany)

"Variations on Nationalism: Piano Music by Boricua (Puerto Rican) Composers"
Max Lifchitz (SUNY Albany)

"Strictly Ballroom? Rumba, Bolero and Cha-cha-chá in Rock 'n Roll"
George Torres (Cornell University)

Session II: Technology, Pedagogy and Curriculum

"So, You want to write a Minuet? Teaching Theory as History"
Stefan Eckert (SUNY Stony Brook)

"World Music History for the 21st Century"
Andrew L Kaye (William Paterson College)

"An Innovative Graduate Curriculum for the Contemporary Musician"
Marianne M. Murawski (Richard Stockton College)

"Too Much Music-Not Enough Time: College Music Curricula in the 21st Century"
Bruce Ronkin (Northeastern University)

"The Making of a Rap Professor: The Progression of an Idea"
Gail Hilson-Woldu (Trinity College)

Session III: Music Education

"Music and Music Education in Ecuador"
Manuel Prestamo (Oklahoma City Community College)

"Massed and Distributed Music Instruction: Children's Tonal Development"
Susan Hatfield (Esther Boyer College of Music)

Session IV: Keynote Address

"Carlos Chávez: A Panoply of Styles"
Robert Parker (University of Miami)

Session V: Lecture/Recitals

"Aspects of Chopin's Late-Period Style Found in Nocturne Op. 62 No. 1 and Nocturne Op.48 No. 1"
Edward C. Bedner (Berklee College of Music)

"Contrasting Personalities in Schumann's Etudes En Forme de Variations"
Anita Chang (Westfield State College)

"Bach's Four Duets for Harpsichord: An Appreciation"
Findlay Cockrell (SUNY Albany)

"African-American Music and Western Art Music: My First Piano Sonata"
Joel LaRue Smith (Tufts University)

"Vers La Flamme: Chiaroscuro in Scriabin's Tone Poem"
Elise H. Yuri (Wellesley College)

"Manuel M. Ponce: 'Variations sur Folia de España et Fugue' for Guitar"
Anton Machleder (Eastman School of Music)

"Folk and Popular Music Influence in Villa-Lobos' Five Preludes for Guitar"
Sten Isachsen (SUNY Albany)

"Teaching Music in the 21st Century: The Creative Arts Laboratory"
Richard Carr and Mike Nord (Teachers College, Columbia University)

Session VI: Renaissance and Baroque Music

"More Wondrous I: Images of the Foreign and the Self in Some Works of Weelkes"
M. Tobin Anderson (Syracuse University)

"Database Evidence of the Development and Sociopolitical Function of the Mass"
Alexis Catalano (Brandeis University)

"Unraveling Superiority by Definition: A Multicultural Perspective on the Baroque Suite"
George Catalano (Syracuse University)

"Davidic Sacred Materials from Weelkes to Billings: Their Literary, Social and Political Context"
David A. Moore (Eastman School of Music)

Session VII: 20th Century Music

"From St. Cecilia to Emma Lou Diemer: Women and the Pipe Organ"
Nelly Maude Case (Crane School of Music, SUNY)

"Touching up the Paint or a Complete Vinyl Residing? Ingham's Second Piano Sonata"
Per F. Broman (University of Gothenburg)

"Toru Takemitsu and the Japanese Garden: Temporal Processes in Fantasma/Cantos"
JoAnn Koh (Boston University)

Session VIII: Concert III CMS-Composers Concert

Music by Mary Ann Joyce-Walter (Manhattanville College), Cort Lippe (SUNY Buffalo), Max Lifchitz (SUNY Albany), Ron Mazurek (New York University), Stephen Stace (Penn State) and Paul Steinberg (Crane School of Music). Guest composers: George Green (Skidmore College) and Ricardo Tacuchian (University of Rio de Janeiro)

Session I:

"New Approaches to Solfeggio"
Christopher Fulkerson

John Hillebrandt (California State University-Stanislaus)

"Technology and its Role in Music-A Composer's View"
Mary Lou Newmark

"Carl Neilsen"
Stephen Thomas (California State University-Stanislaus)

Session II: Concert

Songs on Emily Dickinson texts by Jack Fortner,
Wash Rag by Stanworth Beckler,
Sweet Tea by Anne Deane,
A Few New Tricks by John McGinn,
Double, Double by Deborah Kavasch,
like a hand six poems on e. e. cummings by Eric Wood, and
We Talk as Girls Do by John Marvin

Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest Chapter held its annual meeting at the University of Oregon in March. The chapter met concurrently with the Society for Ethnomusicology; the chapters met jointly in two sessions.

The keynote address was given by Bruno Nettl, Professor Emeritus of the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and author of several books, including Heartland Excursions: Ethnomusicological Reflections on Schools of Music.1 In his address, which he titled "Second Thoughts: Getting in and out of Heartland," Professor Nettl spoke of how he came to write the book, gave a brief summary of it, and talked about issues of ethnomusicology, particularly as they relate to Heartland Excursions.

A panel discussion, with audience participation, on the topic "Mozart, Myths, and Music Schools" followed Professor Nettl's speech. Panel members were Bruno Nettl, Anne Dhu McLucas, Geoffrrey Block, and Michael Coolen. The bases for this discussion were: a) a Blackfoot Indian myth, the myth of the Beaver Man-about the source and nature of music in the Blackfoot culture; b) myths of Mozart and Beethoven, as reported in Heartland Excursions; and c) ways these myths reveal values in their respective cultures. These questions were posed: Do the myths of Mozart and Beethoven still inform the societies comprising schools of music? Are these myths changing? If so, how? How will they change as we enter the 21st century? What are the implications for teachers and administrators in schools of music?

As is common, the chapter meeting reflected the general excellence one finds at the national meetings. There were many fine papers and performances by CMS chapter members.

Moreover, the relaxed ambiance and collegiality of chapter meetings provide excellent opportunity for chapter members to enjoy each other. I urge all CMS members to become active or to remain active in their respective chapters.

Ray Morse, Past President

1 Editor's Note: James Parakilas's review of this book was published in the March 1996 issue of The CMS Newsletter.

Pacific Southern

Session I: New Approaches to Music Teaching

"Facilitating Student-Centered Learning in Music Courses Through Interactive WEB Pages on the Internet"
James P. O'Brien (University of Arizona)

"Teaching Music Theory in a Multimedia Culture"
Beverly Howard (California Baptist College)

Session II: Broadening Perspectives on Music

"Introducing a Philosophy of Music to Undergraduate Music Education Majors"
Stefan Stuber (University of Nebraska at Omaha)

"Musica Mundana-Gravity in Music"
Douglas Dunston (New Mexico Tech)

Session III: World Perspectives on Music

"Music and Music Education in Ecuador"
Manuel Prestamo (Oklahoma City Community College)

"A Study of Orchestral Development in China"
Charles Chen (American Youth Symphony)

Session IV: Contemporary Issues

"Music and Politics in Russia"
Alexander Tentser (Pima Community College, Cochise College)

"A Water Bird Talk by Dominick Argento"
Jeffrey Stevens (Arizona State University)

Session V: Mainstreaming Popular Musics in College Teaching

"Rap in the Classroom"
Gail Hilson Woldu (Trinity College)

"Still 'Sung to Pieces' in the Wilds: Song Text Portioning in 'Revival' Bluegrass Spirituals"
David Brock (Scripps College)

Session VI: Composers Forum Concert

Marshal Bialosky (California State University at Dominguez Hills), Bill Alves (Harvey Mudd College), Rodney Oakes (Los Angeles Harbor College), Mark D. Mantel (FestivaLong Beach), David Ward-Steinman (San Diego State University)

Session VII: Popular Musics Revisited

"Jazz References in Wind Ensemble Repertoire"
Thomas Verrier (California State University at Los Angeles)

"Obliterating Boundaries between Classical and Pop Music"
David Kopplin (University of California, Los Angeles)

Session VIII: Asian Connections

"Toru Takemitsu and the Japanese Garden: Temporal Continuity and Formal Processes in Fantasma/Cantos (1991)"
JoAnn Koh (Boston University)

"Crossing Boundaries: The Instrumental Works of Diasporic Composer Isang Yun"
Jeongmee Kim (University of California, Los Angeles)

Session IX: Alternative Perspectives

"Basque Keyboard Music of the Eighteenth Century: A Study of Its Contribution to the Iberian Repertory"
Estibaliz Gastesi (University of Arizona)

"Of Scherzos and Tricksters: A Narrative for the Scherzo of William Grant Still's Afro-American Symphony"
Catherine Parsons Smith (University of Nevada at Reno)

Rocky Mountain

Session I: Three Musical Perspectives

"Lutoslawski's Jeux Venitiens (1961)"
David Wohl (Colorado State University)

"Toru Takemitsu and the Japanese Garden: Temporal Continuity and Formal Processes in Fantasma/Cantos (1991)"
Jo Ann Koh (Boston University )

"Native American Flute Meets Classical"
James Pellerite (Indiana University)

Session II: World Music Influences

"Politics, Religion and Scholarship: A Need to Re-examine the Islamic Influence on Early Western Music"
Kerry Hart (Adams State College)

"Women Composers of Japanese Anime"
Hidemi Matsushita (Minnesota State University of Akita)

Session III: Issues in Musicology

"Hildegard of Bingen: Renaissance Woman of the Middle Ages"
Patricia Andrews (Metropolitan State College of Denver)

"The Musical World of Hildegard of Bingen"
John White (University of Florida)

"Music History and the New Musicology"
William Kearns (University of Colorado at Boulder)

Session IV: A View From the Past to the Future

"Ludwig of Bavaria and Richard Wagner: An Enigmatic Friendship"
Ann Reagan (United States Air Force Academy)

"Our Legacy for the Children of 2076"
Allen Schantz (Colorado Christian University)

Session V: Lecture-Recital

"Virtuoso Works for the Piano"
John Walker (Adams State College)

Session VI: Music Technology for the Classroom

"ChartMaker: Creating Interactive Listening Charts-A Hands-on Demonstration"
Larry Worster (Metropolitan State College of Denver)

Session VII: Lecture-Recital

"Made in the USA: A Survey of Song"
Christine Keitges (Adams State College)

South Central

Session I:

"Toward a Pedagogy for Teaching Music History"
Barbara Coeyman (Austin Texas)

"Poetry and Music in Italian Opera"
David L. Mancini (Southern Methodist University)

"Rhythmic Continuity and the Fallacy of the Strong Beat"
Ken Johansen (Dallas Texas)

Session II:

"Extended Performance Techniques and External Sonic Resources as Compositional Elements in Selected Timpani Solos by John Beck"
Daniel Adams (Texas Southern University)

"Examining the Role of Linear Migration in Sonic Design"
Blaise Ferrandino (Texas Christian University)

Session III:

"Lecture Recital: A Birthday Tribute to Howard Ferguson"
Linda Holzer (University of Arkansas) and John Krebs (Hendrix College)

"Classroom Materials for the MTV Generation: Combining Text and Music Notation Electronically"
John D. Vander Weg (The University of Texas San Antonio)

"Understanding the Science of Music Through Software Sound Synthesis"
Mark Dal Porto (Texas Women's University)

Session IV: Student Presentations: Contemplating Musicology at the University of North Texas: An Interdisciplinary Investigation of 20th-Century Music by Three Emerging Scholars in Musicology, Composition, and Jazz Studies/Ethnomusicology

"An Open and Closed Case: Earle Brown's Available Forms I and the Influence of Recordings on Indeterminacy"
Brett Boutwell (University of North Texas)

"Juggling the Musical Practices of Two Centuries: Balance and Adherence to Form in Berg's Schilflied"
Kevin Salfen (University of North Texas)

"If the Dancers Like It in Cuba, the Rest Will Follow: Integrations of African and European Elements in the Cuban Danzon"
Aeron Riordon (University of North Texas)

Session V: Student Presentations

"Selected Settings of Veni Creator Spiritus, Medieval to the Present: A Historical and Theoretical Perspective"
Jason Power (Texas Christian University)

"Editorial Issues in Manuscript Transcription: A Study of Selected Works by Sheila Emery Allen"
Mark Feezell (Texas Christian University)

Session VI: Student Presentations

"Salieri, Forgotten Master of Music"
Shane Sanderson (University of Central Arkansas)

"The Woman Singer of the Baroque: An Original Video"
Holly Ruth Gale (University of Central Arkansas)

Session VII: Concert of Works by CMS Member Composers

Fanfare for Tomorrow by Daniel Adams (Texas Southern University),
Notturno by William Heinrichs (University of Tulsa),
Harmonic Tremors by Paul Dickinson (University of Central Arkansas),
Eclecticset by Stephen Weber (University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma)

Session VIII:

"Machaut to Mozart: An Expanded Theory of Renaissance Chord Connection"
Laurdella Foulkes-Levy (University of Mississippi)

"Aspects of Chopin's Late-Period Style Found in Nocturne in B, Opus 62, No. 1 and Nocturne in C Minor, Opus 48, No. 1"
Edward C. Bedner (Berklee College of Music)

Session IX:

"Lecture Recital: Debussy's Six Epigraphes Antiques (1914)-A Distillation of Compositional Techniques"
Mary Ann Craige and Robert McFadden (Southeastern Oklahoma State University)

"Music to Our Ears: Fine Arts and Communication for the Twenty-First Century"
Anne Patterson (University of Central Arkansas)

"Music and Music Education in Ecuador"
Manuel Prestimo (Oklahoma City Community College)

Session X: A Reading Session with the UCA Wind Ensemble of Works by CMS Member Composers

Galactica by Mark Dal Porto (Texas Women's University) and Brass Knuckles by Patrick Clark (Rice University)

Session XI: A Reading Session with the UCA Wind Ensemble of Works by CMS Member Composers

Cycles and Myths by Timothy Kramer (Trinity University),
Fuguing Tune No. 1 by Charles Quinn (University of Central Arkansas),
Sonata by Karen Griebling (Hendrix College)


Session I: Argentine Music

"Washington Castro's Triptico Porteño: An Example of Argentine Art Music of the Twentieth Century"
Michelle Tabor (Tallahassee, Florida)

"The Argentina Tango: A Unique Cultural Development"
James N. Anderson (Armstrong Atlantic State University) and Carol L. Anderson (Windsor Forest High School)

Session II: Piano Music

"The Works for Piano Solo by Toru Takemitsu: A Lecture Recital"
Terry McRoberts (Union University)

"Playing the Piano Correctly: A Master Class with Josef Hofmann"
Bonny H. Miller (Southeastern Louisiana University) and Vicki King (Clarksville, Tennessee)

"The Experimental Piano Solos of Henry Cowell (1911-26)"
George Lucktenberg (Reinhardt College)

Session III: Vocal Music

"The Fisk Jubilee Singers' Role In the Development of the Spiritual"
Toni Passmore Anderson (Morris Brown College)

"Gottschalk Also Wrote Some Songs"
Joseph Stephenson, Mary Josiah Howard, and Karen Garrison (Auburn University)

Session IV: Students Research Papers

"Goethe's Der Erlkönig: A History of Vocal Settings"
Stephanie Smeltzer Poxon (University of Florida)

"Towards an Understanding of the Musical Idea In Schoenberg's Erwartung"
Lorraine D. Sposato-Allen (University of Georgia)

"The National Endowment for the Arts and Beyond: Arts Funding in the Next Millennium"
Patrick M. Tuck (University of Southwestern Louisiana)

Session V: The Music Scene in Germany

"Centers of Music Activity in Germany Today"
Gerald J. Farmer (State University of West Georgia) and Frank Peter (Universität Leipzig)

Session VI: Theory and Analysis

"Beatles, Bali, and Bach: Music Theory in the Progressive Curriculum"
Greg Danner (Tennessee Technological University)

"Harmony and Meaning in Ginastera's Lamentaciones de Jeremias Propheta"
Richard A. Williamson (Anderson College)

"Distinguishing Music Analysis from Music Theory"
Dennis Kam (University of Miami)

Session VII: American Influences

"American Composers of the Indianist Movement"
Penny Thomas (Ocala, Florida)

"Blue Mitchell (1930-1979): Setting the Tone for the Succeeding Trumpeters in Horace Silver's Quintet"
Michael Caldwell (University of South Alabama)

"The Ladies Friday Musicale of Jacksonville and the Birth of the Delius Association of Florida"
Sandra Stewart (Jacksonville University)

Session VIII: Lecture/Recitals

"Suite 1992 by Paul Hindemith: A Lecture Recital"
Karen Fosheim (Delta State University)

"Ervin Schulhoff-His Life and Works for Flute"
Lana Johns and Joel Harrison (Mississippi State University)

Session IX: Clarinet Music

"Melodic Dialogues Between clarinet and Piano in Brahms, Op. 120, No. 1: An Approach for Pedagogy and Performance"
Nancy H. Barry (Auburn University) and James Fairleigh (Jacksonville State University)

"The Contributions of Hyacinthe Klosé to Modern Clarinet Playing"
Keith Koons and Gary Wolf (University of Central Florida)

Session X: CMS Composers Concert I

Three Campian Songs by Sheila Forrester (Florida State University),
Dance Suite by Allen Molineux (Chipola Junior College),
Tragic Suite by Joe L. Alexander (University of Montevallo),
Suite No. 3 for Piano by Kenneth R. Benoit (Miami, Florida),
Je te veux by Wieslaw V. Rentowski (Dallas, Texas),
Three Songs of Robert Frost by Mark Chambers,
The Moons of Jupiter by Gregory Danner (Tennessee Technological University), and
Symphony Number III by William Schirmer (Jacksonville University)

Session XI: CMS Composers Concert II

Ring of Gold by Kenneth Jacobs (University of Tennessee),
Three Songs by Robert L. Donahue (Spelman College),
Five Pieces by Mark Francis (Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts),
Winter Sun by Roger C. Vogel (University of Georgia),
Reflections VI-The Tyger by Dinos Constantinides (Louisiana State University),
Full Circle by Salil Sachdev (New World School of the Arts),
Five Preludes by Dennis Kam (University of Miami),
Sonata by Michael Angell (University of Alabama),
Groupings for Four Flutes by John Carl Johnson (State University of West Georgia),
In My Father's Arms and Through a Baby's Arms by Al Benner (Greenleaf, Wisconsin),
Langston's Lot by Doug McConnell (Mississippi State University), and
Reflections on St. John of the Cross by Darleen Mitchell (Florida State University)

Session XII: Music Education Issues

"Music Teacher Preparation via Multimedia and the Internet"
Kimberly C. Walls (Auburn University)

"Supporting Music Education Goals through the Campus Radio Station"
Susan Cohn Lackman (Rollins College)

"Block Scheduling: Friend or Foe to the Secondary Public School Music Program"
Carl D. King (East Tennessee State University)

Session XIII: Women In Music

"Luise Reichardt, Early 19th Century Feminist Composer"
Margaret Daniel (The University of Southwestern Louisiana)

"Feminist Movements of the Enlightenment: The Emergence of the Classical Sonata Form in Keyboard Works by Women Composers"
Patricia Parker (Jacksonville State University)

Session XIV: Lecture/ Presentations

"The Concept of Open or Universal Tonality and Related Scale Resources"
Wieslaw V. Rentowski (Dallas, Texas)

"Sir Michael Tippett's Palindromes"
John Schuster-Craig (Clayton College and State University)

"Philosophical Issues Concerning Authenticity in Musical Performance"
Carol S. Gould and Ken Keaton (Florida Atlantic University)

Session XV: Lecture Recitals

"Four Songs of Clara Schumann"
Thomas King (Austin Peay State University) and Vicki King (Clarksville, Tennessee)

"On Being a Woman In the Nineteenth Century: Fanny Caecilia Mendelssohn Hensel (1805-1847)"
Vicki D. Wilson (University of Mississippi) and Vicki King (Clarksville, Tennessee)

Session XVI: Lecture Recitals

"Two Solutions to the Problems of Piano Reductions in Instrumental Concerto Accompaniments"
J. David Morris (Valdosta State University)

"Wild Nights with the Lady of the Harbor: Soprano Songs by American Composer Lee Holby"
Marlane Fairleigh (Jacksonville, Alabama) and James Fairleigh (Jacksonville State University)

"Orlando A. Mansfield-an English Composer in Georgia"
Vicki King (Clarksville, Tennessee)

Session XVII: Copyright Issues

"'Oh Sherrie,' Have You Been Infringed: Music Copyright Infringement and the Study of Classical Music Theory-Did the Ford Motor Company Steal a Hit Song?"
E. Michael Harrington (Belmont University)

"Copyright Term Extension-Do We Need It?"
Jack Rush Hicks, Jr. (Middle Tennessee State University)