Great Lakes

Session I

Musical Portrayal of Pochahontas with Carol Gramm

Session II: Technology in the Music Classroom I

"Introduction to Music Theory and Aural Skills: An Interactive Internet Course for Learning Music Fundamentals"
John Steffa (Murray State University)

"Teaching Methodology, Traditional and Computer-Assisted Methods of Music Analysis"
Nico Schuler (Michigan State University)

"On-Line Class Discussion: Talk Around the Clock"
William Lake (Bowling Green State University)

Session III: The Influence of Native American Cultures on Composition

"Chief Red Hawk and the Pleasant Hill Shakers"
Vicki Bell (Asbury College)

"To Invoke the Clouds"
Deana Mathews (University of Illinois)

"Ko no he tlv nv hi ye Tsi squa; ka no he tlv nv hi ye U no le; Ka no he tlv nv hi ye Gv nv i (Songs of the Birds; Songs of the Wind; Songs of Life)"
Edward Mallett (Hope College)

Session IV:Church Music in America

"Defining Church Music in America: The Interaction of Belief and Practice"
Barbara Resch, Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne

"Music as Metaphor in the Pentecostal Church"
Larry Ward (Central Michigan University)

Session V: Issues in Academia

"From the Inside Out: Integrating Music and the Arts in an Interdisciplinary Humanities Core Curriculum"
Drue Fergison (St. Mary's University of Minnesota)

"Pop-Music Copyright Permission and Clearance: The Academician's Nightmare"
Linda Pohly (Ball State University)

Session VI:Technology in the Music Classroom II

"Exploring New Directions for Music Theory Software"
Gene Trantham (Bowling Green State University) and Timothy Nord (Ithaca College)

"Web-Enhanced Learning in the Music Education Methods Class"
William Bauer (Ball State University)

Great Plains

Session I:

"Yujö Kilpinen: Songs in the Shadow of Giants"
Richard Davis and Lynne Garrett (Pittsburg State University)

"Chamber Music for Piano, Voice and Obbligato Instrument"
R. Joseph Dieker, Carol Mathieson, Thomas Polett, and Anda Zimitis (Culver-Stockton College)

"Use of Palindrome in Early Polyphony"
Craig R. Miller (University of Missouri, Kansas City)

Session II:

"The Flute Music of Indian Composer Vanraj Bhatia"
Patricia Shinehouse (Drake University)

"American Music Abroad: The Institutionalization of the Jazz Festival"
Paul Laird (University of Kansas, Lawrence)

"Women Brass Players in Jazz: 1860 to 1995"
Mary Woodbury (Central Methodist College)

Session III: Composer's Recital

String Quartet No. 3 by Andrew List,
A View from the Tower by Warren Gooch (Truman State University),
Epitaph by Ian Coleman (Manhattan Christian College),
Mimos by Warren Gooch,
Nine Etudes for Piano by Raymond Songayllo (Indianola, IA),
Monodies, In Memory of My Father by Warren Gooch,
Makrokosmos 1, Zodiac Pieces for Amplified Piano by George Crumb, performed by Richard Reber (University of Kansas, Lawrence)

Session IV:

"The Use of Fanfares in the Symphonies of Ralph Vaughan Williams"
Jay Martin (University of Missouri, Kansas City)

"Gustav Holst's Hammersmith: A Perfect Fit Between Medium and Message?"
Jeff Jordan (University of Missouri,Kansas City)

Session V:

Special Guest Presentation: "Distinctive Latin American Contributions to Western Choral Modernism"
Carmen Téllez (Indiana University)

"Playing Rachmaninov Like Rachmaninov Played?"
Xiao-Li Ding (Washburn University)

"Chromatic Motion as Structural Determinant in Ligeti's Etudes pour piano, Book 1, No. 6, 'Automne à Varsovie'"
Matthew Groves (Truman State University)

"Nihon No Kodomo by Michio Mamiya"
Richard Reber (University of Kansas, Lawrence)


Session I: Papers/Presentations

"Music Theory Pedagogy: Product and Process"
Bruce Kelley (Shepherd College)

"Analytical Fictions: What Teaching Set Theory Teaches about the Music"
John D. Vander Weg (University of Texas, San Antonio)

Session II: Plenary Session

"Classical Art Music, Cultural Aspirations, and Their Effects in American Higher Education"
Panel Participants: Christopher Wilkinson (West Virginia University), Terry Vosbein (Washington and Lee University), George Parish (Radford University), and John D. Vander Weg (University of Texas, San Antonio)

Session III: Lecture-Recitals

"Music and Art as Inspiration for One Another: A Multi-Media Performance of George Crumb's Little Suite for Christmas, A. D. 1979"
David Shaffer-Gottschalk and Shirley Dort (Virginia State University)

"The Solo Piano Music of Lukas Foss"
Susan Nichols Thompson (Armstrong Atlantic State University)

"The Influence of Music on Spanish Poet Federico Garcia Lorca: Songs for Voice and Guitar"
Catherine Verrilli (St. Mary's College of Maryland)

Session IV: CMS Composer's Concert

Five Miniatures for Clarinet and Piano by Kevin McCarter,
Piano Sonata No. 1 by Peter Knell,
Uncertainty Principle by Keith Kramer,
Desperate Measures by Jonathan Green,
Six Emily Dickinson Poems by Terry Vosbein


Session I: Music Education and Interdisciplinary Topics

"Music Knowledge Construction in Our Higher Institutions"
Akosua Obuo Addo (University of Connecticut)

"A Creativity-Based Model for Music-Integrated Interdisciplinarity"
Michael B. Nord (Teachers College, Columbia University)

"The Secret Initiation Rite of Modernism: Schoenberg and Mythological Thought"
Victoria Adamenko (Rutgers University)

"Mikalojus Ciurlionis and his Pedagogical Methods"
Frances Covalesky (Randolph Township, NJ)

Session II: Communicating Cultures

"Musical Transculturalism: Africanizing the Twelve-Tone Row"
Christopher Bakriges (York University)

"Popular Song Becomes Jazz Composition"
Michele Caniato (Boston University)

"Popular Music as Analogy"
James A. Davis and Jeremy Smith (SUNY Fredonia)

"Historia de un amor: Interpretations of Piel canela since 1953"
George Torres (St. Lawrence University)

"The Guitar and the Devil"
Jose Lezcano (Keene State College)

Session III: Rewriting Music History
Stephen Johnson, Chair

"The Wind Harmonie, a Forgotten Genre"
Richard Hornsby (University of New Brunswick)

"Magic Music from the Telharmonium"
Reynold Weidenaar (William Paterson University)

Session IV: Lecture Recitals

"Works for Guitar by Women Composers"
Douglas Rubio (SUNY Potsdam)

"The Miniatures of Louis Vierne"
Steven Young (Bridgewater State University)

Session V: Music since 1950

"New Music for Wind Synthesizer and Piano"
Bruce Ronkin (Northeastern University)

"Six Portraits and Metaphorical Fugue"
Robert J. Chaboro (Millersville University)

"Recent American Piano Music: A Post Modern Visage"
Max Lifchitz (SUNY Albany)

"New Music for Voice/Piano Duo"
Sally Todd and Lorena Guillen (SUNY Buffalo)

"Tradition Revisited: Piano Ensemble Works by John Corigliano & Ned Rorem"
Arianna Goldina (French-American Conservatory of Music & Moravian College)

Session VI: Miscellaneous Topics

"Words and Music in William Walton's 'Old Sir Faulk'"
Dana Livingston Collins (University of Puerto Rico)

"A Pragmatic Approach to Carter's Sketches"
Guy Capuzzo (Eastman School of Music & William Paterson University)

"Text Setting in Judith Weir's 'The Consolations of Scholarship'"
Barbara Ann White (Princeton University)

"Aspects of the Chopin Ballade Genre: Ballade in F Minor, Opus 52"
Edward C. Bedner (Berklee College of Music)

"Musical Narrative in Schumann's Kreisleriana"
David R. Kosutic (Indiana University)

Pacific Northwest

Session I

"The Past as Present in Public School Music Case—Study of an Arts Integration Project"
Elizabeth Gould (Boise State University)

"Songs Without Words Meaning and Structure in Non-Texted Vocal Music"
Carol L. Matthews (Boise State University)

"Power, Secrecy and Loss in a Ghanaian Drumming Tradition"
Alexander Gelfand (Portland, Oregon)

"A Rediscovery of Two Women Composers Madame de Villeblanch and Marie Bigot"
Susan Chan (Washington State University)

Session II: Performances

"Three Fairy Tales, for Soprano, Oboe and Piano—text and music by Marcia Kraus"
Carol Albrecht (University of Idaho)

"Two works for saxophone solo, by Todd Barton; one for sax and piano, by P. Peter Sacco"
Both works commissioned and performed by Rhett Bender (Southern Oregon University)

"Three songs for soprano and piano"
Bernard Scherr (University of Oregon)

"Sonata for flute and piano by Caesar Franck"
Ann Yasinitsky and Susan Chan (Washington State University)

Pacific Southern

Session I: 1st Paper Session (General Topics)

"Zelter's Erlkönig: Dropping out of the 'Second Berlin School'"
Stephanie Campbell

"Radie Britain and Women in Music Literature"
Oliva Carter Mather

"The Effect of Italian Futurist Painting on French Piano Music of the 1920s"
Barbara E. Scheidker

Session II: 2nd Paper Session (Theory)

"Structures of Timbre: Teaching an Empirically-based Theory of Music"
John Hajda

"A Classification of Musical Rhythm: Towards an Analytical System"
Eric Nedelman

"Multiple Time Frames in Contemporary Music: Postulating a Phenomenology of Perception"
Arlan N. Schultz

Session III: Lecture -Recitals

"Souvenir of the Caribbean, 1898"
Nohema Fernàndez

"Musical Language and Politics in Spain 1900-1950"
Dena Kay Jones

"Multiculturalism and Gender Issues: Korean Art Music for the Piano"
Ramona Sohn Allen

"A forgotten fantasy: An examination of Beethoven's Fantasy for Piano, Op. 77"
Sean Schulze

Session IV: World Music

"Musical Offering to Taikoh: European 16th Century Japan"
Hiroyuki Minamino

"The Study of Pacific Music: See What You've Been Missing"
Robert Engle

"Composing on the Spot: Negotiating the Raga"
David Trasoff

Session V: Compositions by CMS Composers

Continuum I by James E. Whitsitt,
MEMORIES II of Chief Joseph by Greg A Steinke,
Soliloquy for guitar, MIDI trombone, and MIDI alp horn by Rodney Oakes,
CyberLife by Momilani Ramstram, and
The Egg and the Seed by Peter Yates

Session VI: Composers' Workshop

"Fiddling the Cello: Applying Folk Music Techniques to a Contemporary Compositional Context"
James Harley

"Native American and Eastern European Influences on a Compositional Process"
Greg A Steinke

"Dancing Through the Walls"
Ed Bland

"Two-Dimensional Keyboards for the 21st Century"
Geary S. Thompson

"The Accordion Revisited: The Ultimate MIDI Controller"
James P. O'Brien

Session VII: Multimedia in Education, "Smart Classroom"

"Basic Layer Analysis: Computer-Based Rhythmic Reduction in the Undergraduate Theory Sequence"
William P. Clemmons Jr.

"Internet Classes at SDSU"
Jack Logan

Rocky Mountain

Session I: Creativity and Influence

"On Creativity: A Lyric Perspective"
Thomas D. Brosh

"Hibari Misora (1937-89): The Woman Who Changed the Course of Japanese Popular Music"
Hidemi Matsushita

Session II: Cultural Perspectives

"Cross Cultural Pollination in Contemporary New Zealand Music: Compositional Approaches from the Nuclear Free Zone"
Paul Rudy

"African-American Art Song by Women Composers"
Jaime Kearney

Session III: Lecture Recital

"Musical Treatment of Linking Phrases and Internal Transitions in Richard Cummings' Song Cycle The Crowne"
Robert Jones/Andrew Froelich

"Aspects of the Chopin Ballade Genre: Ballade in F Minor, Opus 52"
Edward C. Bedner

"The Original Concert Fantasia for Guitar Solo by Johann Caspar Mertz (1806-1856)"
Kevin Garry

Session IV: Composer-Performer Collaboration

Panel: John D. White, Composer-Cellist, Chair; James Pellerite, Native American Flute; Richard Toensing, Composer

Workshop: "Mental Rehearsal, Learning Music, and The Theory Classroom"
John Buccheri (National Board Member for Theory)

Session V: Vocal Technique and Works

"Lip Trills and Raspberries: 'High Spit Factor' Alternatives to the Nasal Continuant Consonants"
John Nix

"Birth of a Website: Creation of the Diction Domain"
Yvonne R. Dechance and Candace A. Magner

"Michel-Richard de Lalande De Profundis"
Elizabeth R. Schauer

Session VI: Theoretical Perspectives

"Copland, Barber, and Corigliano Piano Concerti"
Tomoko Deguchi

"The Transition in Classical Sonata Form"
Paul Metz

"Lowell Liebermann: His Compositional Style as Found in the Instrumental Works with Special Attention to His Use of the Flute"
Lisa R. McArthur

Session VII: Concert

Cecil Effinger's Rondino for Horn by Worster/Kearns/Asquith,
Four Songs on Chinese Poems by Andrew Froelich,
New Music for Clarinet Inspired by the Desert Southwest by Michael Dean,
John Glen by Travis Hardaway,
Iraja e Urupiara - A Different Perspective of Brazilian Folk Music by Marcia Marchesi,
Face on the Barrroom Floor by Judith Diana

South Central

Session I

"Digital Audio Sequencers: The Ideal Tool for Musical Creativity"
Mark Dal Porto (Texas Women's University)

"Mental Practice: Strategies and Benefits for Learning and Performance"
Terry Lynn Hudson (Baylor University)

"Experimental Piano Recital: New Ways of Engaging a Diverse Audience"
Ludim Pedroza (Texas Tech University)

Session II

"Aspects of the Chopin Ballade Genre: Ballade in F Minor"
Edward C. Bedner (Berklee School of Music)

"Water Images in the Humanities"
Karen McBee (Panola College)

"Alberto Ginastera's 12 American Preludes
Gustavo A. Tolosa (Abilene Christian University)

Session III

"A Pedagogical Resource for the Introduction of Serial Techniques"
Mark Richardson (University of Oklahoma)

"Four 18th-Century Settings of 'The Beauty of Israel is Slain': Biblical Allegory and Themes of Reconciliation in English and American Settings of II Samuel 1:17-2 7"
David A. Moore (University of Tulsa)

"The Solo Timpani in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century"
Daniel Adams (Texas Southern University)

Session IV

"Music of China"
Shuhua Zhu (Guiyang, China)

"Handel's Samson: Turning an Oratorio into an Opera"
Kay Creed and Carveth Osterhaus (University of Central Oklahoma)

Session V: Concert of Works by CMS Member Composers

Three Songs by Steven Weber (University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma),
Sonata for violin and piano, III by Joseph Rivers (University of Tulsa),
Procession by Mark Dal Porto (Texas Women's University),
Opposed Directions by HyeKyung Lee (Austin, Texas),
Dedication #2 by Jonathan Stahlke (Concordia College), and
Two Movements for Marimba by Scott Robbins (Converse College)

Session VI:

"Analytical Fictions: What Teaching Set Theory Teaches about the Music"
John D. Vander Weg (University of Texas at San Antonio)

"Deeds in Music Made Visible: Tonal Drama in Wagner's Late Operas"
Marshall Tuttle (Langston University)

"Music Literature in the Music History Curriculum"
Michael Fink (University of Texas at San Antonio)

Session VII:

"The Piano-Violin Works of Aaron Copland"
Andrew Cooperstock (University of Oklahoma) and William Terwilliger (University of Toledo)

"Irreconcilable Conflict in Thomas Hardy's 'At Casterbridge Fair': Musical Responses of J. Frederic Goossen (1952)"
Robert J. Jones (North Dakota State University), Meryl Mantione (University of Oklahoma), and Samuel Porter (Norman, Oklahoma)

Session VIII:

"An Investigation of Selected Compositions of Julian Cassander Work: A Twentieth Century, African American Composer of Wind Band Literature"
Paxton M. Girtmon (Texas Southern University)

"Learning to Think Musically: Bach's Inventions as a Musical Dialectic"
John E. Crotty (West Virginia University)

"Rasamela (1993) for Clarinet and Tambura by Lewis Phelps"
Chris Bade (Oklahoma Baptist University)

Session IX: Concert of Works by CMS Member Composers

Two Songs of Spring by Paul Dickinson (University of Central Arkansas),
Zymurgy by Robert Frank (Southern Methodist University),
Xiangyin by Shuhua Zhu (Guiyang, China),
"Tess" Variations by Samuel Magrill (University of Central Oklahoma),
La Nave del Deleite by David Moore (University of Tulsa), and
Firmament Etudes by Timothy Kramer (Trinity University)


Session I: Piano Music

"Henriëtte Bosmans: Pianist and Composer"
Juanita Becker (Truman State University)

"The Experimental Piano Music of Henry Cowell"
George Lucktenberg (Reinhardt College)

"Walter Gieseking: The Pianist As Composer"
Karen Haid (Florida State University)

Session II: Research Papers

"Cousins and Other Relatives: The Music of Sousa's Soloists"
Robert Schmalz (University of Southwestern Louisiana)

"In Pursuit of Change in the Undergraduate Core Music Curriculum"
Giacomo M. Oliva (University of Florida)

"Proses Lyrique-Claude Debussy, The Poet Within"
Cheryl Boyd-Waddell and Michiko Otaki (Clayton College and State University)

Session III: Music Theory

"The Major-Third System in Russian Music of the Late 19th- and Early 20th-Centuries"
John Schuster-Craig (Clayton College and State University)

"Approaches for Integrating Non-Western Music in the College Music Theory Curriculum"
Greg Danner (Tennessee Tech University)

"Garth Brooks, Lee Roy Parnell, Joe Diffie and Country Music in the 1990's: Why Beethoven and Nashville are Becoming So Much Alike"
E. Michael Harrington (Belmont University)

Session IV: Music Theory

"The Efficacy of a Computer Program to Teach Voice Leading"
Jennifer Sterling (University of Tennessee)

"Phrasing in 18th Century Music: A Contemporary View"
Richard A. Williamson (Anderson College)

"Cyclicism and Other Unifying Features in the War Sonatas of Sergei Prokofiev"
William H. Chapman Nyaho (University of Southwestern Louisiana)

Session V: Lecture/Recitals

"Music for Marimba and Piano"
Kenneth Broadway (University of Florida)

Joan Epstein (Eckerd College)

"Twenty-four Greatest Italian Hits"
Thomas King and Vicki King (Austin Peay State University)

Session VI: Lecture-Recitals

"The Piano Improvisations of Francis Poulenc"
Vicki King (Austin Peay State University)

"Vanessa and Lizzie: Anguished Sopranos in Contemporary American Opera"
Marlane Fairleigh (Jacksonville, Alabama) and James P. Fairleigh (Jacksonville State University)

"Parallel Developments: The Trumpet and Double Bass Through Four Centuries"
James Barket and Kenneth Kirk (Valdosta State University)

Session VII: Musicology

"George Sand, the Muse of Musset, Liszt and Chopin"
Charles Michael Carroll (St. Petersburg, Florida)

"The Music of Jean Coulthard"
Linda M. Black (University of Florida)

"The Orlando-UCF Shakespeare Festival: Ten Years of Live Music"
Keith Koons (University of Central Florida)

Session VIII: Musicology

"Wagner and the Gifted Non-Music Major: Interdisciplinary Approaches to The Ring of the Nibelung"
Michael Braz (Georgia Southern University)

"Cultural Diversity in the Music of William Grant Still"
David Z. Kushner (University of Florida)

"Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Die Entführung aus dem Serail: Determining the Authorship of an Anonymous Transcription for Harmoniemusik"
Stephanie Smeltzer Poxon (University of Central Florida)

Session IX: Performance Practice

"Stating the Case Clearly and Convincingly for the Symphonies of Robert Schumann through Proper Style Interpretation: Suggestions for Performance of the Timpani Parts to the Four Symphonies"
J. David Morris (Valdosta State University)

"Conflicting Structural Analyses of Brahms's Warum: Implications for Performance"
Richard O'Brien (Gordon College)

"The Essential Role of Improvisation in Musical Performance"
Carol S. Gould and Ken Keaton (Florida Atlantic University)

Session X: South America

"The Avant-Garde in Argentina, As Exemplified in Hilda Dianda's Ludus I for Orchestra"
Michelle Tabor (Tallahassee, Florida)

"The Argentina Tango: Coming of Age in the Last Quarter of the Twentieth Century"
James N. Anderson (Armstrong Atlantic State University)

"Popular or Classical?: The Guitar Music of Heitor Villa-Lobos"
Thomas George Caracas Garcia (State University of West Georgia)

Session XI: Afro-American Roots

"From Eucalyptus to Astroturf: A Critique and Demonstration of the American Sound-Sculpture"
Mark Applebaum (Mississippi State University)

"Cajun Folksongs in Paul Hayden's Grand Mamou for Flute and Piano"
Lana K. Johns and Joel Harrison (Mississippi State University) and Diane Stahl (Florida Southern College)

Session XII: Pedagogy

"What Are You Listening to?: Students' Musical Tastes and Music in Theory Classes"
Barb Murphy (University of Tennessee)

"A Critical View of the Canon According to Music Appreciation"
Edmund LeRoy (Rollins College)

"Practice Makes Perfect—But What Makes Perfect Practice? Current Trends in Practice Research: Issues and Implications for Musicians"
Nancy H. Barry (Auburn University)

Session XIII: Student Papers

"Elias Lönnrot: Physician, Folklorist, and Nationalist"
Frederick Key Smith (University of Florida)

"Folksong Usage in the Symphonic Works of Roy Harris"
Sarah Satterfield (University of Florida)

Session XIV: Student Papers/Musicology

"Smells Like Creative Spirit: 'Nirvana' and Ernst von Dohnányi's Compositional Process"
James A. Grymes (Florida State University)

"Integration of the Arts in K-12 General Education: An Historical Perspective"
Viktoria L. Truesdail (University of Florida)

"From Halle to Hall of Fame: G. F. Handel's Rise to 'Superstar' Status"
Gerald J. Farmer (State University of West Georgia)