Great Lakes

Friday, March 26

CONCERT, 8:00 PM, Britton Recital Hall, Moore Building

Mini Overture for Brass Quintet (1982)
by Witold Lutoslawski (1913-1994)
performed by the UM Brass Quintet, William Campbell, Jean Moorehead Libs, trumpets, Soren Hermansson, horn; David Jackson, trombone, and Fritz Kaenzig, tuba

Opposed Directions
by Hye Kyung Lee (Oberlin Conservatory of Music)
performed by Hye Kyung Lee, piano

Night Vision
by Mark Phillips (Ohio University)
performed by Alejandro Cremaschi, piano, and Matthew James, alto saxophone.

Points of Arrival, for violin & electroacoustic sounds
by Chin-Chin Chen (Grand Valley State University)
performed by Linda Hsu, violin


From the First Day of Fall
by Robert Rathmell (Hillsdale College)
performed by Jesse Langen, guitar

by Michael Conti (Michigan State University)
performed by Bryan Jao, soprano saxophone, Wilton Elder, alto saxophone, and Jun Okada, piano

by David Harnish (Bowling Green State University)
performed by the Balinese gamelan Kusuma Sari of Bowling Green University

Saturday, March 27


Irish music and Celtic Myth: A Cross-Disciplinary Adventure
Tina Spencer Dreisbach (Hiram College)

The Transmission of Irish Traditional Music at the Celtic College in Goderich, Ontario, Canada: An Ethnographic Case Study
Janice Waldron (Michigan State University)

8:15--9:15, Session A, Room 2058 POPULAR MUSIC
Session Chair: Barbara E. Bowker, William Rainey Harper College

Teaching Prolongation through Popular Music: A Pedagogical Source for Modern Musicianship
Stuart Folse (Roosevelt University)

The Music of ABBA in the Undergraduate Theory and Aural Skills Curricula
Per F. Broman (Bowling Green State University)

8:15--9:15 Session B, Britton Recital Hall MUSICOLOGYSession Chair: Charmian Tashjian, DePaul University

Hallucinations and Dementia in Russian Opera of the late 1860s: An Analysis of their Musical Language
Cynthia McGregor (Northwestern University)

Music Instruction in Nineteenth-Century American Female Seminaries: A Neglected History of Higher Education (lecture recital)
Jewel Smith (University of Cincinnati)

9:30--11:00 Session A, Room 2058 THEORY & ANALYSIS
Session Chair: Zae Munn, Saint Mary's College

"Are We Expecting Too Much?: The Current Trends Found on Music Theory Placement Exams"
Susan Piagentini (Northwestern University) and Jennifer Sterling (Indiana University-Purdue University)

The Music Composition Assignment as an Aid to the Study of Form
Gary W. Don (University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire)

Large-Scale Continuity in the Music Theory Curriculum: The Use of Four-Voice Writing in the Study of Twentieth-Century Music
Mark Sallmen (University of Toronto)

9:30--11:00 Session B, Britton Recital Hall PROFESSIONAL LIFE
Session Chair: James Perone, Mount Union College

Scenes from a Music Interview: "Things That Go 'Bump' in the Day"
Ed Duling (University of Toledo)

The Faculty Ensemble: Rekindling the Creative Spirit within the Establishment of Academia (lecture recital)
Catherine Verrilli (St. Cloud State University)

An open discussion on this year's plenary topic, "Why does innovation take so long?"
chaired by Carol P. Richardson (University of Michigan)

11:15--12:15, Keynote speech by William Bolcom, "What Does the Term 'Musician' Mean Today?"

1:30--3:00 Session A, Room 2058 ETHNOMUSICOLOGY
Session Chair: Betty Anne Younker, University of Michigan

Expanding the Horizons of the Flute Repertoire: An Examination of Traditional Elements in the Classical Flute Compositions of Haitian Composers (lecture recital)
Mary Procopio (Michigan State University)

Five Concert Etudes, Op. 52 of Alexander Tcherepnin: An Homage to Chinese Musical Styles, Instruments, and Traditions (lecture recital)
Tianshu Wang (Capital University)

44 Children's Pieces on Greek Melodies by Yannis Constantinidis: A Masterpiece of Mikrokosmic Proportions
Petros Vouvaris (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

1:30--3:00 Session B, Britton Recital Hall PERFORMANCE/APPLIED MUSIC
Session Chair: Ludmila Lazar, Roosevelt University

Creativity within Structure in the Applied Studio: Finding a Balance that Works
Stephanie Rea (Murray State University)

Performance Wellness: Fight or Flight versus Stay and Play--Increasing Joy in Performance
Janis Weller (University of Wisconsin-River Falls)

Twentieth-Century American Dance Music for Piano Duet or Duo (lecture recital)
Benita and Jackson Leung (Wright State University)

3:30--5:00 Session A, Room 2058 MUSIC EDUCATION
Session Chair: Cynthia Taggart, Michigan State University

A lived experience of bi-musicality, and the implications for music education
Janice Waldron (Michigan State University)

Research Bifocals: The Relationship of Ethnomusicology and Music Education in Research Today
Lisa Koops (Michigan State University)

Perspectives on Music: A New Student-Centered Music Appreciation Textbook
Donald C. Meyer (Lake Forest College)

3:30--5:00 Session B, Britton Recital Hall CROSS CONNECTIONS
Session Chair: Mark Clague, University of Michigan

Making Art from Analysis: Using Interartistic Media to Express Musical Relationships
Claire Boge (Miami University)

Enhancing the Music Curriculum: Learning in the Dorm
Mary Natvig and Linda Florjancic (Bowling Green State University)

Teaching a "Special Topic" on Music and War
Linda Pohly (Ball State University)

Great Plains

Saturday, March 20


9:00 "Sousa's Band at the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair"
Craig B. Parker, Kansas State University
9:30 "'Gone to Kansas': A Folksong that Didn't Get Left Behind"
Scott Easterday, University of Missouri-Kansas City*
10:00 "My Antonia by Libby Larsen: Musical Depictions of Willa Cather's Book"
S. Diane Fukunaga, Shawnee Mission Public Schools
Assisted by Akiko Imakawa, University of Kansas

Prof. James Ford (Dept. of English, University of Nebraska-Lincoln) on Willa Cather and music

Tower Choir, Northwest Missouri State University, Stephen Town, conductor


1:45 "Observations on the Creative Process of Charles Villiers Stanford"
Stephen Town, Northwest Missouri State University
Assisted by NMSU's Tower Choir
2:15 "The Influence of Derek Bourgeois's Writing for Brass Band on His Euphonium Concerto, op. 120"
Terri L. Knupps, University of Missouri-Kansas City*


3:00 "André Gill and Musicians in Paris in the 1860s and '70s: Caricatures in the Rokahr Family Archive"
Anita Breckbill, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
3:30 "Symbols and Musical Instinct: Relating Analysis and Performance"
Gretchen C. Foley, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


4:15 "Applications of Indian 'Rhythmic Solfege' for Music Education"
Tomm Roland and Melissa Berke, University of Nebraska-Omaha
4:45 "Writing Across the Curriculum: Research and Writing in the Music History Sequence"
Maxine Fawcett-Yeske and Rick Cypert, Nebraska Wesleyan University

Including works by Jason Bahr, Jay C. Batzner, Stephen Coxe, Mara Gibson, Jianjun He, Eric C. Honour, Jr., Darleen Mitchell, and Randall Snyder

Sunday, March 21

Given three wishes, what would you change about your role as a musician/teacher in academe, in your community, and in American society?


10:00 "Bach's Solo Harpsichord Concerti: The Process of Transcription"
Jane Solose, University of Missouri-Kansas City
10:30 "Milestones in the Life of a Composer: George Walker's Lyric for Strings and Lilacs for Voice and Orchestra"
Jennifer Kolterman, Nebraska Wesleyan University*


11:15 "The Art of Receiving: C. S. Lewis and Romantic Music Aesthetics"
Stephanie Miller, University of Missouri-Kansas City*
11:45 "Big Band, Third Stream, and Cool Jazz: Their Contributions to Contemporary Horn Literature"
Melissa Derechailo, Wayne State College
Assisted by Linda Christensen and Peggy Holloway, Wayne State College



Friday, March 19, 2004

2:00-3:30 Session I: Lectures and Lecture Recital (Room 121, Jones Auditorium Building)

"A Tale of Two Symphonies: The Symphonies in E-flat of Anton Eberl and Ludwig van Beethoven."
James A. Grymes, UNC-Charlotte.
"44 Children's Pieces on Greek Melodies" by Yannis Constantinidis: A Masterpiece of Mikrokosmic Proportions."
Petros Vouvaris, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
"Ernst Krenek and the 'One-Part' Invention."
JW Turner, UNC-Greensboro.

4:00-5:00 Session II: Lecture Recitals (Room 121, Jones Auditorium Building)

"Analysis and Performance of Selected Solo Piano Compositions of Glenn Smith."
Linda Apple Monson, George Mason University.
"Vestiges of Twelve-Tone Practice as Compositional Process in Berio's Sequenza I for Solo Flute."
Irna Priore, NC School of the Arts.

8:00 Composers' Concert, David Taddie, Coordinator (Carswell Concert Hall in the Wainwright Music Building)

Saturday, March 20, 2004

8:30-10:00 Session IV: Lecture Recitals (Room 121, Jones Auditorium Building)

"Rhythmic Illusion in Ligeti's Autumn in Warsaw, from Piano Etudes, Bk. I."
Maryon K. Tsong, UNC-Chapel Hill.
"Thematic and Tonal Imagery in the Ballade in D Minor, Op. 10, No. 1, 'Edward,' by Johannes Brahms."
Ellen Rennie Flint, Wilkes University, Wilkes-Barre, PA.
"Old American Songs, First Set by Aaron Copland: An English Perspective."
Christopher Swanson and Lisa Kinzer, Longwood University.

10:30-12:30 Lectures and Plenary Session. "Curricular Innovation in Higher Education: Why Does it Take So Long?" (Room 121, Jones Auditorium Building)

Visual Communicator Demonstration
Timothy Haley, Sandhills Community College.
Writing about Music in the History Sequence: Two Projects
Elizabeth Keathley, UNC-Greensboro.
Plenary Session
Timothy Haley, Elizabeth Keathley and Jonathan Green. Additional panelist(s) TBA.

1:00 Luncheon and Annual Business Meeting (Belk Dining Hall)


Friday, March 19

11:00 am - 12:00 pm - Session 1 - Technically Speaking

"Students' Experience with Internet-based Testing in an Introductory Music Course"
Thomas Smialek (Pennsylvania State University)
"Computer-Aided-Practicing: A Statistical View of Scales"
Michael Toth (Muhlenberg College)

1:00 - 3:30 pm - Session 2 - Inspiration and Instruction

"When the Political becomes the Personal: Musical Responses to Social Injustice"
Deborah Nemko (Bridgewater State College)
"In the Studio of D.L. Herz: Teacher of Ruth Crawford Seeger"
Ronald Squibbs (University of Connecticut)
"Sufi Poetry as set by Johannes Brahms"
M. Rahima Hohlstein (Castleton State College and The College of Saint Rose)
"From Romanticism to Mestizo Modernism: Mexican Piano Music during the First Half of the Twentieth Century"
Max Lifchitz (SUNY-Albany)
"Accompanied Keyboard Sonata in the 18th Century"
Lindsay Weightman (Temple University)
"Musical Globalism: China and the West in Chen Yi's Ba Ban for Piano Solo"
Omri Shimron (Eastman School of Music)

3:45 - 5:30 pm - Session 3 - Methods and Means of Music Education

"Review of Research Regarding Use of Music Composition as an Instructional Tool"
Patricia Riley (SUNY-Potsdam)
"Returning Music Education to the Mainstream: Reconnecting with the Community"
Patrick Jones (University of the Arts)
"The Model of Moravian Musical Education: An Example of Easton Area History"
Pauline Fox (Independent Scholar)
"Yin and Yang of Jazz: Exploring the Relationship between Composing and Improvising"
Tim Newman ( New York University)

5:30 pm - Executive Board Meeting

7:30 pm - CMS Composers' Concert #1

Saturday, March 20

9:00 - 10:15 am - Session 4 - On the Other Hand

" Beatles: A Survey of the Band and their Music on Today's Youth Culture"
Dennis Cole ( Kent State University)
"Many Sides of Both Sides of Now"
John White (Ithaca College)
"What's the Concept: Zappa's Freak Out"
Michael Anklewicz (New England Conservatory)

10:30 am - 12:15 pm - Session 5 - Perception and Pedagogy

"Hearing Music: The Scientific Method and the Listening Experience"
Diane Follet (Muhlenberg College)
"Paul Hindemith: The Teacher"
Paul McGovern (Saint Joseph's College of Maine)
"Visiting the 20th Century: Incorporation of George Crumb's A Little Suite for Christmas, A.D. 1979 in the Undergraduate Theory Curriculum"
Shellie Gregorich (Mansfield University)
"Active Learning Techniques in the Music Theory Classroom"
William Pfaff (Keene State College)

12:30 - 2:00 pm - Business Meeting
Keynote Address by Paul Larsen, Professor Emeritus, Moravian College, and Archivist, Bethlehem Bach Choir

2:15 - 3:00 pm - Panel on the CMS Common Topic - "Given 3 wishes, what would you change about your role as a musician/teacher in academe, in your community and in American society?" (Tayloe Harding, Valdosta State University, CMS National President-Elect; Deborah Nemko, Bridgewater State College, CMS Northeast Vice-President; Douglas Ovens, Muhlenberg College, Chair - Composition Committee

3:15 - 5:30 pm - Session 6 - Sound, Creation and Source

"The Sphinx and the Riddle of the Tri-Chord"
Michael Chikinda (SUNY-Buffalo)
"Psychophysiological Phenomena and Considerations of Tempo in Iannis Xenakis' Psappha"
Ellen Rennie Flint (Wilkes University)
"Schoenberg's Gedanke Manuscripts: the Theoretical Explanation of his 12-tone Method"
Charlotte Cross (Independent Scholar)
"The Jewish Voice: The Story of Jewish Composers in Nazi Europe"
Karen Uslin (Muhlenberg College)
"Joining Discrete Musical Worlds: I. M. Harjito's Sekat for Javanese Gamelan and Scottish Bagpipes"
Mark Nelson (Wesleyan University)

7:30 - CMS Composers' Concert #2

Pacific Central

Monday, May 17

10:00 a.m.—Curt Veeneman -"Bulgaria: Music of the Shop Region"

11:00 a.m.—Hwakyu Lee - "Fractals in the Beethoven Piano Sonata, op. 28, movement 1"

12:00 noon—Business Meeting / Lunch

2:00 p.m.—Florian Conzetti - James Wood's "Rogosanti"

3:00 p.m.—Chenny Gan - Gyorgy Ligeti's "Piano Etudes from Book I"

4:00 p.m.—Rebecca Sorley - "The Months of the Year: Piano Perspectives by Fanny Mendelssohn and Judith Lang Zaimont."

5:00 p.m.—Open rehearsal - The Diablo Valley College Philharmonic Orchestra

8:00 p.m.—The Diablo Valley College Philharmonic Orchestra - "Mom and Apple Pie"
W.A. Mozart - "La ci darem la mano from Don Giovanni" (orch. Jim Hearon - CMS)

Kevin Benoit (CMS) - "Air for Strings"

Camille Saint-Saens - "Cello Concerto No. 1"

Brian Wilson (CMS) -"Buoyancy from Symphony No. 2 ('Modes of Transportation')"

Antonin Dvorak - "Largo from Symphony No. 9" ('From the New World')"

Peter Tchaikovsky -"Symphony No. 5: I"

Aaron Copland - "Gunbattle from Billy the Kid"

Alan Hovhaness - "Andante con moto from Symphony No. 2 ('Mysterious Mountain')"

Modest Mussorgsky - "Great Gate of Kiev from Pictures at an Exhibition" (orch. Ravel)

Alban Berg - "Wozzeck: Act I, Scene 3"

Mark Alburger (CMS) - "March from Symphony No. 6 ('Apathetique')"

Carl Orff - "O Fortuna from Carmina Burana" (Audience Sing-Along!)

Pacific Northwest

Saturday, March 27

Paper Session I (9:00-10:40 a.m.)

"A Perceptual Algorithm for Roughness Threshold Extraction and Sensory Dissonance Evaluation of Chord Spectra"
Jonathan Middleton, Eastern Washington University
"Anton Webern and the Golden Ratio: Temporal Proportions as a Formative Principle in the String Quartet, Op. 28, 1st Movement"
William D. Post, University of Alaska-Fairbanks
"Nationalism and Humanism in Vaughan Williams's Dona Nobis Pacem"
Eric Alman, University of Montana
"Experiencing ELP's Pictures at an Exhibition: Progressive Rock, Susan Sontag, and MTV"
Eric H. Hung, University of Montana

Paper Session II (10:50-noon)

"Mentoring Programs and Music Teachers' Opinions about Mentoring Practices"
Kristin Turner, Ball State University
"Ways of Thinking about Music Online"
Michael L. Samball, Boise State University
"Gods, Humans, and Ghosts: A Survey of the History, Symbolism, and Influences in Daoist Ritual Music" (12:05-12:30)
Chenny Gan, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Lunch and Business Meeting: 12:00 noon-2:00 p.m.

Keynote Presentation: 2:00-3:00 p.m.

NoteAbilityPro Music Notation Software
Keith Hamel, University of British Columbia, software developer

Special Presentation: 3:00-4:00 p.m.

"For Everything There Is a Season: A Musician's Perspective after 35 Years of Teaching and Administration in Higher Education"
Richard Bourassa, Chair, Linfield College

CMS Common Topic Panel Discussion: 4:00-5:00 p.m.

"Given three wishes, what would you change about your role as a musician/teacher in academe, your community, and in American society?"
Richard Bourassa, Linfield College, moderator
Keith Hamel, University of British Columbia
Arthur Houle, Director, The International Festival for Creative Pianists
Eric H. Hung, University of Montana

Evening Recital: 8:00 p.m.

Theme and Variations by Johann Christian Fischer (1733-1800)
Variations on a Theme by Fischer, K. 179 by Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
David Dutton, oboe
Beverly Biggs, piano
Allegro Baroque and Beyond and Eastern Washington University
"Lessons from a 'Lost' String Quartet: A Radical New Version of Beethoven's Piano Sonata in E Major, Op. 14, No. 1"-lecture recital
Arthur Houle, The International Festival for Creative Pianists
Seven Early Songs (1905-1908) by Alban Berg (1885-1935)
Jeanie Darnell, soprano, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Teri Heil, piano, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Three Improvisations for Flute Solo by M. Camargo Guarnieri (1907-1993)
Improvisation No. 1: Tristamente (1941)
Improvisation No. 2: Rítmico (1942)
Improvisation No. 3: Lamentoso (1949)
Merrie Siegel, University of Idaho
Instant Vacation for Solo Alto Saxophone (2001) by Eric C. Honour, Jr.
Eric C. Honour, Jr., Central Missouri State University
Concertpiece "House" for Solo Piano (2002) by Eric C. Honour, Jr.
Mia Hynes, piano
Sonata for Bassoon and Piano (1999) by André Previn (b. 1929)
I. With energy
II. Slowly; Slow waltz tempo
III. Vivace, very rhythmic
Susan Hess, bassoon, University of Idaho
Catherine Schulhauser, piano, University of Idaho

Pacific Southern

March 27

9:00-George Chu: "Minimalistic Poetic Illumination—Schubert's Unity of Word and Music"

9:30-Robert Hodges: "Come On, Grieve With Me Now": Karaoke Pop Laments in Toba Batak (north Sumatra, Indonesia)—Referencing, Reframing, and Re-presenting Grief"

10:00-John Gerhold: "Teaching Tonal Music Through Song"

10:45-Elizabeth Sellers: Challenges in Teaching Theory to Today's College Music Students"

11:15--Michael Millar: "Defining Yourself Through Self-Assessment"

Noon-Lunch (Provided)/Business Meeting

1:15-Panel: Music Theory in the College Curriculum: Is it Relevant?
Dr. Robert Walser (Chair, UCLA Musicology Department); Dr. Irene Girton (Chair, Occidental Music Department); Dr. David Goodman (Santa Monica College)

2:00-Compositions by:
Doug Davis
Douglas Ovens

2:30-Panel: "Given Three Wishes, What Would You Change about Your Role as a Musician/Teacher in Academe, in Your Community and in American Society?"

3:30- African Drumming Workshop: Steve Biondo and Friends

4:30-Sundar Viswanathan: "An analysis of the Jazz Composition and Improvisation from Selected Works taken from the Blue Note Period of Tenor Saxophonist Joe Henderson from 1963-1966"

Rocky Mountain


1:00-2:30 Session I: Musicological Mysteries

Words and Music: Contradictory Messages in Strauss’s Capriccio
Joelle Welling, University of Calgary

Lessons from a “Lost” String Quartet: A Radical New Version of Beethoven’s Piano Sonata in E Major, Op 14, No. 1
Arthur Houle, Founder and Director, International Festival for Creative Pianists

“Using Primary Resources to Create and Re-create Jazz Music”
Michael Lange, University of Wyoming

2:45-3:45 Session II: Spirituals Workshop
Bennie Williams of The Spirituals Project

4:00- 5:00 Session III: Compositional Techniques

Applying Physical Modeling, Set Theory, and Cellular Automata to Create Computer Synthesized Musical Compositions
Sigmund Rothschild, University of Colorado at Denver

Aspects of Toru Takemitsu’s Compositional Style Found in Rain Tree Sketch and Rain Tree Sketch II
Ed Bedner, Berklee College

7:30 Concert of CMS Composers and Performers
David King, Moderator


8:00-9:00 Roundtable Discussion
Connecting With the Community: Education, Advocacy & Outreach

9:00-10:30 Session IV: Issues in Contemporary Music

The String Quartets of James MacMillan
Timothy Brown, Denver Public Schools

Benjamin Britten’s Six Metamorphoses after Ovid, Op 49: A
Tracy Carr, Eastern New Mexico University

Contemporary Music in the Undergraduate Voice Studio: Philosophy, Methodology, and Suggested Resources
Kathryn Boline, University of Colorado at Boulder

10:45-11:45 Session V: Panel Discussion: Given Three Wishes, What Would You Change About Your Role as a Musician/Teacher in Academe, in Your Community and in American Society?
Panel Moderator: Tom Brosh, Community College of Aurora

11:45-1:00 Lunch, Annual Business Meeting and Keynote Address:
Judith Coe, National Board Member for Performance

1:00-2:30 Session VI: Musical Symbolism

Inevitable: Symbolism in Schubert’s der Wegweiser
Sylvia Parker, University of Vermont

Stravinsky’s In Memoriam Dylan Thomas: An Homage to Bartok?
Paul Metz, Colorado State University

Dowland’s Lute Songs and the Cult of Elizabeth
Kristine Hurst-Wasjzczuk, University of Colorado at Boulder

2:45-4:15 Concert of CMS Composers and Performers
David King, Moderator

4:30-5:30 Session VII: Topics in Popular Music

Foster, Work and Hays in Japan: A Cross-cultural Curiosity
Hidemi Matsushita, Arapahoe Community College

Virtual Vaudeville and the Career of Irish Songstress Maggie Cline
Larry Worster, Metropolitan State College of Denver,
assisted by Judith Coe, University of Colorado at Denver

South Central


3:00 p.m. - Session 1: Pedagogy in the Classroom and on the Podium

"Using Technology to Create Meaningful Performance Opportunities for Adult Piano Students"
Dr. Pamela D. Pike (University of Arkansas-Little Rock, AR)
"Chaos Theory and Large Ensemble Conducting: Toward Developing Rehearsal Intuition"
Mr. T. Ray Wheeler (University of North Texas, TX)


4:00 p.m. - Session 2: Music History 1

"Aspects of Romanticism in The Farewell Sonata of Jan Ladislav Dussek (1760-1812)"
Ms. Win Alison Lee (Texas State University, TX)
"Effects of Repeated Listenings on Opinions of Musical Style"
Dr. Charlotte P. Mizener (University of Texas-Pan American, TX)


7:30 p.m. - Concert 1: CMS Performers

Dr. Kevin Chiarizzio, trombone (Baylor University, TX); Dr. Leon W. Couch III, organ (Texas A&M University, TX); Dr. John Krebs, piano (Hendrix College, AR); Dr. David Pickering, organ (McMurry University, TX); Dr. Elvia Puccinelli, piano (Baylor University, TX); Dr. Kathryn Steely, viola (Baylor University, TX); Dr. Leslie Spotz, piano (Tarleton State University, TX); Dr. David Stern, euphonium (Hendrix College); Dr. David F. Wilborn, bass trombone (Texas A&M University)

FRIDAY, MARCH 12, 2004

7:00 – 8:00 a.m. - Concert 2: Solo Piano Music (Early Bird Special)

Dr. Jeri-Mae G. Astolfi, piano (Henderson State University, AR)


9:00 a.m. - Session 3: Performance Theory

"Relieving Melodic Monotony: The Effect of Implied Polyphony on the Perception and Performance of Bach's Solo String Works"
Dr. Stacey Davis (University of Texas at San Antonio, TX)
"Thematic and Tonal Imagery in the Ballade in D Minor, Op. 10, No. 1 ("Edward") by Johannes Brahms"
Dr. Ellen Rennie Flint (Wilkes University, PA)


10:00 a.m. - Session 4: Compositional Studies

"Rhythm and Timbre as Interdependent Structural Elements in Askell Masson's Compositions for Snare Drum"
Dr. Daniel Adams (Texas Southern University, TX)
"Overtone Singing in Contemporary Music"
Dr. Stuart Hinds (Texas Tech University, TX)


11:00 a.m. - Session 5: Panel Discussion 1

CMS Common Panel Topic: "Given Three Wishes, What Would You Change About Your Role as a Musician/Teacher in Academe, in Your Community and in American Society?" Participants TBA


12:00 – 2:00 p.m. - Lunch and Business Meeting


2:00 p.m. - Session 6: Panel Discussion 2

Dr. Nancy H. Barry; Dr. Paula Conlon (University of Oklahoma, OK), Dr. Ed Duling (University of Toledo, OH), "Scenes from an Interview: Dramatizations and Workshop."


3:00 p.m. - Session 7: Ethnomusicology

"Waiting for six o'clock: The quiet performativity of execution vigils in the state of Texas"
Dr. Eileen M. Hayes (University of North Texas, TX)
"Polka in the Plains: Ethnic Identity and the Mainstream"
Ms. Addie deHilster (University of Oklahoma, OK)
"Go East Young Man: A Lecture-Recital exploring the orientalist songs of John Alden Carpenter and Charles Griffes"
Dr. Elvia Puccinelli (Baylor University, TX) and Dr. Rebecca Sherburn (University of Missouri – Kansas City)


7:30 p.m. - Concert 3: CMS Composers Concert

Joe L. Alexander, Jason Bahr, Mark Francis, Patrick Houlihan; Kirk O’Riordan, Mark Dal Porto, Lynn Job, Timothy Kramer, Ken Metz; CMS performers: Dr. Cai Lei, piano (Ouachita Baptist University, AR); Dr. Caroline Taylor, alto saxophone (Ouachita Baptist University, AR)



9:00 a.m. - Session 8: Music and Philosophy

"The Mozart Effect and Other Modern Myths"
Professor Nancy H. Barry (University of Oklahoma, OK)
"Spirituality and Dissonance in the Piano Music of Dane Rudhyar"
Dr. Brian Marks (Baylor University, TX)


10:00 a.m. - Session 9: Pedagogy of Music Theory

"Raising Standards of College-Level Music Theory Instruction By Means of Appropriate Diagnostic Tests, Placement Tests, and Remedial Theory"
Dr. Nico Schüler (Texas State University, TX)
"Theory and Skills Courses: Becoming Transfer Friendly"
Dr. Eileen Meyer Russell (Del Mar College, TX)


11:00 a.m. Session 10: Panel Presentation 3

Professor Nancy Cochran, Chair (Texas Tech University, TX), Dr. Seth Beckman (Florida State University, FL), Dr. Johnny L. Pherigo (Western Michigan University, MI), "College Teaching: Survival Skills for the First Two Years."


1:30 p.m. - Session 11: Lecture-Recitals

"Harpsichord Music from the Monticello Music Collection"
Dr. Kathleen Scheide (Henderson State University, AR)
"The Development of a Jazz Style: Roots of the Musical Style of Red Garland"
Mr. Ryan Davis (Texas State University, TX)
"Techniques of Arranging Orchestral Music for Piano: von Bülow and Wagner's Meistersinger Prelude"
Dr. Kristian Klefstad (Baylor University, TX)


3:00 p.m. - Session 12: Music History 2

"Formal Influences on the Composition of Grieg's Piano Concerto in A Minor"
Dr. Kiyoshi Tamagawa (Southwestern University, TX)
"Composer Madeleine Dring: A Biographical Introduction"
Dr. Richard Davis (University of Texas – Pan American)


4:00 p.m. - Concert 4: Music for Flute, Soprano, and Piano

Dr. Rita Linard, flute; Professor Linda Poetschke, soprano; Professor Christine Debus, piano (University of Texas at San Antonio)


Thursday, February 19


Thematic and Tonal Imagery in the Ballad in D Minor, Op. 10, No. 1 (“Edward”) by Johannes Brahms
Ellen Rennie Flint, Wilkes University
Interpreting Chaos: The Paradigm of Chaotics and New Critical Theory
Ken McLeod, Belmont University
Hearing Serial Music: Webern’s Concerto for Nine Instruments, op. 24
Joe Brumbeloe, University of Southern Mississippi


George Gershwin’s Creative Paradigm: A Paragon for Constructivist Inquiry Regarding His Nationalist Tendencies in Selected Works
David Goldblatt, University of Florida
Charles Ives and his Musical Metaphysics
Christopher Cary, University of Florida
Negro Spirituals and Gospel Music: Is There a Difference?
William Powell, Auburn University


Cécile Chaminade (1857-1944): The Context of Her Music
M. Steele Moegle, Louisiana Tech University
The Changing Role of Orchestration in Richard Strauss’s Compositional Method
Scott Warfield, University of Central Florida
Music for a Virtuous Public in Baroque Venice: Domenico David’s and Carlo Francesco Pallarolo’s La Forza della virtù (The Force of Virtue)
Mary Macklem, University of Central Florida
Lecture-Recital: Development of the Russian Art Song: Tracing Folk Roots in 19th- and 20th-century Russian Romansly
Sherri M. Weiler, Florida State University


Sound Exploration, Multi-Media, and Politics in South Korea: The Art Works of Kim Cecilia Heejeong
John O. Robison, University of South Florida
Harold Laudenslager: His Life and Music
Arthur Jennings, University of Florida
Lecture-Recital: The Solo Piano Works of Judith Lang Zaimont
Elizabeth Moak, Millsaps College
Lecture-Recital: The Piano Sonatas and Sonatinas of Hermann Schroeder
Terry McRoberts, Union University


Friday, February 20


The Works for Guitar and Orchestra of Federico Moreno-Torroba, and his Sonatina in A, as Transcribed for Guitar Quartet
Michael Boyd, Jones County Junior College
Beyond Nationalism: Recent Trends in Brazilian Piano Music
Márcia Bezerra, Palm Beach Atlantic University
Lecture-Recital: Silvestre Revueltas’s Three Pieces for Violin and Piano
Michelle Tabor, Tallahassee, FL
Camilo Acosta, Caracas, Venezuela


Improvisatory Keyboard Skills in the College Curriculum
Kevin Orr, University of Florida
When Students and Teachers Disagree: Implications for Selection of Cooperating Teachers in Music Education Fieldwork Experiences
Patrick Freer, Georgia State University
American Folk Songs in Teacher Education Programs ­ Professors Weigh In On What Should Be Taught, and a Research Study Shows What is Being Taught
Marilyn Ward, University of Florida


Religious Ambiguity in the Life and Music of Ernest Bloch
David Z. Kushner, University of Florida
Lecture-Recital: Native American Flutes ­ Past and Present
Karen Garrison, Auburn University
Jewish Music WHERE?
Susan Cohn Lackman, Rollins College


OnMusic: An Integrated, Web-Based Approach to Music Teaching and Learning
Carlos Maldonado, Reston, VA
Online and In Time: Models for Web-Based, Synchronous, Multi-User Instruction in Music Theory
Eugene Montague, University of Central Florida
Music Computer Models and Music Education
John Latartara, University of Mississippi

12:15 PM - LUNCHEON: University Commons, Rooms A, B, & C
Keynote Speaker: John Buccheri, Northwestern University


Lecture-Recital: “Everything Old is New Again”: Handhorn in the Twenty-First Century
Kristine M. Coreil, Northwestern State University of Louisiana
The Romantic Trumpet: An Introduction to the Orchestral Trumpet in Low F, Its Traditions, Timbre and Literature
Timothy W. Justus, University of South Alabama


Understanding Noise-Induced Hearing Loss
David M. Royse, University of Tennessee
Involuntary Grimace: A Semiotic Morphology of Facial Gesticulation in Jazz Performance Practice
Ross Feller, Georgia College and State University




Saturday, February 21



Learning Music, Conducting, and Large-Scale Meter
John Buccheri, Northwestern University


Lecture-Recital: The Black Decameron
David Histing, University of Southern Mississippi
Szymanowska: Marriage of Music and Literature
Christina Reitz, University of Florida
Towards a Better Understanding of the Emotions Underlying Musical Performance Anxiety ­ An Affective Neuroscientific Perspective
Maluh G. De Felice, University of Miami


“The Waves of Life”: William Sterndale Bennett and his Symphonic Works
Aaron Keebaugh, University of Florida
Il Crociato in Egitto: The Opera that Defies Rossini’s Monopoly of Italian Operatic Stage
Ilka Vasconcelos Araujo, University of Florida
Mr. Riddle’s Readings: Music and Elocution in Nineteenth-Century Concert Life
Marian Wilson Kimber, University of Southern Mississippi


*CMS Composers and Performers include:

Joe Alexander, Floyd Ashley, Al Benner, Kenneth Benoit, Marcio Bezerra, Scott Brickman, James R. Carlson, Dinos Constantinides, David Z. Durant, Mark Francis, Ryan Garber, Estibaliz Gastesi, Paul Geraci, Lawrence Goldman, Tayloe Harding, Sanford Hinderlie, Ian Hominick, Kenneth Jacobs, Melissa Kraut, Susan Lackman, Chihchun Chi-Sun Lee, Jonathan McNair, Margaret Olson, Kevin Orr, Paul Osterfield, Melissa Pausina, William Price, Scott Roberts, David W. Rogers, William Schirmer, Michael Sidney Timpson, Michael Walsh, George Weremchuk, Roger C. Vogel.