Engagement with Higher Education

pike pamela headshotPamela Pike, Louisiana State University
Chair, Committee on Engagement with Higher Education

During 2015 the committee met via online video conferencing and email to discuss pressing and emerging topics in contemporary higher education. The goal was to continue to discuss how we value our musical work within the academy. 

Two committee members (Jennifer Snow and Pamela Pike) participated in the 2015 CMS international conference. Visiting music schools, interacting with colleagues, and hearing performers from Scandinavia framed some of the discussion among the larger committee upon return to the United States. Three of the committee members (Jeffrey Stannard, Jennifer Snow, and Pamela Pike) prepared and held a panel presentation at the 2015 National Conference in Indianapolis which continued to explore the roles of music units in higher education and how we define and place value on what we do, both within the academy and outside (within our larger communities. 

Based on themes that emerged in preparation for, during, and after this presentation, throughout 2016 the committee would like to engage more members across the entire CMS community in the following ways:

1. Host a webinar, with 2-3 committee members to highlight broad issues of value within institutions and to encourage faculty and students to engage within their larger communities in meaningful ways. Some best practices in higher music education and professional development could be highlighted here.

2. Present several successful case studies of effective programs that engage music students in important real-world musical experiences, which might include teaching, music advocacy, and service-learning on the CMS Group Discussion board for Music in Higher Education.

3. Encourage discussion among CMS members from various disciplines and from various types/sizes of institutions (i.e. conservatories, public comprehensive universities, smaller liberal arts institutions, etc.) to share stories of success. The committee will curate an online presentation of these best practices so that we might learn from one another.

4. Share these success stories and explore potential implications in other ways, such as at the National Conference or through additional webinars. 

Finally, due to the broad, over-arching nature of our committee (music in higher education) we believe that we might collaborate on projects, initiatives, or writing with other CMS engagement committees. In particular, we would like to explore potential collaborations with the committee on international initiatives and with the Community Engagement Committee during 2016.